Sunday, July 01, 2018


Here I sit yet once again in a quiet household, I'm up early or late for me which ever way you want to call it, and collecting my thoughts for the day. Nothing is playing on the TV behind me and I'm still trying to wake up.

It is the start of the third quarter for working on the SAMHSA Study for RTI. This will be my tenth quarter working on this study (two and a half years) and it all starts over again today. It is a study that I do believe in, and enjoy doing, as I get to get to go out and meet people rather than being in an office. Field work at its finest and the best part is we're doing something for our communities and trying to give people cash if they are chosen to participate. No I don't get to choose where I go or who gets selected, that is all done by a statistical model based on the needed demographics.

I'm going to be facing two big battles today, stairs and the heat. I worked this section last summer and when I was in St. Louis they asked us what our biggest challenge of the year was and I simply said stairs. These buildings are all like ovens (being in the 90's today is not going to help) and there are no elevators. The apartments are cool, the main areas are not cooled and are quite uncomfortable. It's going to be a challenge.

Michelle and I are going to be doing our typical shopping this morning, the morning should be our routine morning. We are so

Have yourselves a great day today, hopefully I can get a few interviews and be in air conditioning.
Hi ho hi ho.

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