Saturday, May 31, 2008

Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations to all the local High School Graduates as they finish their regular schooling and on to the next phase of their lives. Some will move on to jobs and careers, so will go to Technical School and some will be heading to the college of their choice this fall.

University High will be graduating two people of interest today. Danielle Mascioli and Amanda Paugh will be taking their walks this morning.

I'll be heading to Pittsburgh for Steelers trivia this morning, but Michelle will be there to cheer them both on in my absence.

Thanks to Rich for allowing me to borrow his Terrible Towel. Let's see if I can win a TV this weekend.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Ole Hairy Friday

It is once again that time of the week that we all look forward to, the time when the labors of the week cease and we sit back and once again enjoy the fruits of our labors, it is a Big Ole Hairy Friday and the start of yet another weekend.

I found a cute little entertaining toy today, it was an idiot test and to be honest with you it starts off very easy and gets harder. You can beat it, as I have but it may take a few times and if you mess up you will have to start over from the beginning.

For those of you looking for a little free entertainment tonight, BOPARC will be showing the movie Shrek 3 at the Hazel Ruby McQuain amphitheater tonight. Bring a law chair and your favorite food and beverage and sit down to a nice movie under the stars.

I on the other hand will not be under the stars, I will be at home getting drilled by Michelle (the good kind too if I'm lucky) on Steelers trivia. This is the weekend that I go to Pittsburgh and we tape the Steelers trivia show that will play later in the summer. I can't say any of the results or where we place, so if you are curious you'll just have to tune in later this summer to KDKA =)

I heartfelt congratulations goes out to Danielle and Michelle's niece Amanda who will be closing one book of their lives tomorrow and getting ready to write another one when they both Graduate from High School. I would like to congratulate all area High School students and wish them a safe, happy weekend and good luck in their future endeavors.

Mike Garrison has called an emergency meeting later today with the WVU Board of Governors. Hopefully Mike will show a little integrity and step down like everyone else thinks he should before WVU loses any more professors like they have these past few weeks.

Weather looks like it is going to be good once again this weekend, so take some time out and get out and enjoy the nice weather.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tomorrow's BLOG

OK, I woke up this morning and took the easy way out on blogging. I googled up a youtube video and posted it, so I have to apologize to all my readers who were in any way, size, shape and or form, for such a quick and horrible decision. Michelle got on me for taking the easy way out, so I am doing this secondary blog to make up for this morning's blunder.

Michelle did however remind me that tomorrow it will be a big ole hairy Friday though, so I guess there is some good news this morning.

So without further ado, here once again is a few dancing monkeys.

2008 Mountianeers

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rainout last night

We were scheduled to play a softball game last night at 6:00, but the umpires were as cooperative as mother natures. The two teams did manage to scrimmage a few innings in the muddy field while it was raining and thundering. Once the lightning hit though, we decided to call it an evening. It was semi-hilarious watching people running and sliding in the mud.

After the mudfest, Michelle and I came back to my place and went over the Steelers trivia again to help me prepare for this weekend.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great Weekend

It's back to work today after a nice, long and relaxing four day weekend. I can't say I sat around bored this weekend, we found eight caches, and drove all around the tri-county area.

Yesterday afternoon Michelle and I went over to Chris's for a nice BBQ and a little bit of study time for this weekends filming of the Steeler's Trivia Challenge. Michelle was drilling me with trivia questions all weekend, so I was semi-ready. Chris is a walking, talking ball of steelers knowledge.

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's back to work I go. Its also off to to visit my new office today. I'll be moving into it in a few weeks and I have to go and get all of the security information taken care of so it will be ready when we are to move.

Have a good day.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Michelle is a Great Aunt.

A little after 9:00 last night, Michelle became a great aunt when her Nephew Jimmy and his wife Dreama had a 7 pound 7 oz baby boy. They named him Aiden James Paugh.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A little more geocaching

Yesterday Michelle, Hayley and Myself took a nice day to drive around and try to find a couple more easy caches and spend some relaxing time together. The day started out with a trip to Prickett's Fort to feed the hungry fowl that were in the area. It's a place that is somewhat populated with Donald and Daffy's distant cousins. We took a couple loaves of bread and made sure our fowl friends were fed.

After that we did a couple small geocaches in Fairmont and then we headed to Grafton to look for a couple more. Neither of which ironically we could find. We did manage to stop by at Tygart Lake and relax for a little while. As you can see it is a big beautiful lake and there were quite a few boaters out and about the lake. It was very relaxing and a very scenic view.

Earlier we had stopped at the Maple Ave Park in Grafton. Hillary Clinton spoke across the street from the park on Mother's day this year. After a nice relaxing day, we called it a day.

For more pictures of our adventures, check HERE

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Michelle is home and a little geocaching

Michelle was released from the Hospital yesterday morning and was tired of being couped up and wanted to get out for a little bit.

I suggested doing a couple cache's (VERY easy ones) just to get her out and about. Two of the tree we could drive to within a couple feet of the cache, but we ended up doing three yesterday.

The first cache of the day was named Obezag, I think the hardest part about this cache was selecting the right road to drive on to get to it. If you are looking for a hint to this one, spell the name backwards and it may give you a little indication where it was Hidden.

The second cache of the day had us driving back and forth between two spots (see third cache) to find this one. It is called NW3-See and was a pretty easy find....for Michelle. I was looking everywhere and she just started standing still. She found it.

The last cache was sending us all over the area to find, of course I need to mention I got the largest ice cream cone in my life (honestly about a foot above the cone) at Dairy Creme Corner in Fairmont.

Anyways the third and final cache of the day was a place we had been at multiple times that day. It was called Catch a Wave and was also in Fairmont. The name alone should give you an indication of where it was located, if you are at all familiar with Fairmont. However we kept driving every insignificant road to get to it. We did drop the geocoin that we were holding in there for the next cacher to grab.

I don't think I pushed Michelle too hard, but she was in a little bit of pain from the bumping around in the car. She took a few Aleve and it seemed to ease her pain and make it bearable to an extent, considering that she had just had surgery. She appeared to have a great time and enjoy herself.

Today, I told her to get together with Hayley and decide what they would like to do. Don;t know what today holds, but I can bet it wont be sitting in front of a computer on a nice holiday weekend. =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes reader, it is once again that time when the work for the week ceases and we sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors. It is once again the weekend.

For me, it is the start of a four day weekend as I am off today and Monday. Woo Hoo!!

Update on Michelle, she was feeling much better yesterday and was getting up and around, she should be heading home this morning and she is feeling much better. She was happy yesterday that she was finally able to drink her coffee and get up and walk around.

Trish is finally on the internet and has a Myspace page. Welcome back to the wonderful world of the World Wide Web.

If you are looking for things to do this weekend, they are a plentiful.

The WV Three Rivers Festival is in Fairmont this weekend.

BOPARC is starting it's summer movie series under the stars with Surf's Up tonight at the Hazel Ruby McQuain Ampitheatre, price of admission is fair, it's free.

Mayhem on the Mountain
is this weekend at Indian Meadows Campground.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Speechless

I post at a website called Blue and Gold News. It is WVU's largest online community and arguably the best source of information about WVU athletics. Every year we among ourselves and our community bestow honors among posters. I have been nominated for numerous awards before, and up until this year I had never won an award.

Last week, I was bestowed my first honor when I was selected from amongst my roughly 25,000 peers as the Most Under Rated Poster. I had been nominated for awards numerous times, but never won one.

My biggest honor came today. Once a year they name a single poster into the Hall of Fame. On a site where I have seen upwards of 10,000+ posters online at one time, I was the lone inductee into the 2008 Hall of fame, making me only the sixth member of this club. One is deceased, one never posts there anymore and the other two are long time online friends and a site administrator.

I was inducted by fellow Hall of Famer Mustang65 in this thread.

I am speechless to be named a member of the Hall of fame in West Virginia Universities largest online community.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Michelle's Surgery

Michelle had her gall bladder removed this evening, she went in for surgery around 6:00 and they finally took her back and she was in and out in no time. According to the surgeon everything went OK and she should recover quickly.

Happy Birthday Pam

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my sister Pam a very Happy Birthday today. I'm not sure if Pam is working today or not, but make sure you take some time out and wish a very loving and deserving person a very happy Birthday.

For sale, one Gall Bladder

Well, we found out yesterday that Michelle is going to have to have her gall bladder removed. They called her yesterday and she went home and packed a bag and and got herself admitted into Mon General.

They are going to try to get her into surgery this morning, or this afternoon and tomorrow morning at the very latest. They are going to try to remove it lapriscopically to reduce the amount of recovery time.

Keep her in your prayers and dreams as she goes through this surgery today.

On the lighter side of things we're taking bids for the gall bladder, it is slightly used so we don;t expect the full black market price. =)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vote for David Archuletta

I need to win a pizza, so I am suggesting stuffing the American idol ballot box for me tonight. Diane and I have a pizza riding on this, Boo David Cook, Yeah David Archuletta. =)

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Kim is going to walk in the American Cancer Societies Relay for Life. She is helping raise money for cancer and needs your sponsorship. You can Sponsor her on HER PAGE for the event. It's a good cause.

* The WVU Board of Governors had a surprise executive Emergency meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss the future of WVU's Lying worthless piece of shit University President Mike Garrison, but no actions have been taken as of yet. Hopefully they will give the piece of shit a map to the door since the asshole doesn't want to do the honorable thing for the university. I am however slightly biased on this situation. I feel if you bring into question the integrity of my school, you can NEVER regain my trust or respect, as if he ever had it to begin with.

* I'm going to try to work four ten hour shifts this week and have a four day weekend.

* Joe Manchin released a statement yesterday on the whole Heather Bresche / Mike Garrison / Bogus Degree issue that is putting WVU in the negative spotlight. I agree with his statement and I have fully supported Joe during his entire time as Governor, but I'm not going to vote for him this fall. To suggest that your daughter did not known the extent of her degree, well that just insults the common intelligence of West Virginias. Show me one kid at any school past pr present who does not or did not know EXACTLY how far they were from obtaining their degree. Joe you have lost my vote, even though I think you have done a great job.

* I have always held onto the believe that if something looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quack like a duck, it is probably a duck.

* Speaking of geocaching (LOL) I have called in some help to try to bring down a VERY Challenging Cache called Cache on the Mon. Evidently there are numerous geocachers trying to bring this quest home. People are actually even the internet for resources to break the clue. I called Kelly yesterday to recruit her help. This cache will be brought down.

* I have run into a Morgantown Geocachers Forum this past weekend that can be helpful.

* In a few weeks, I will be spending the weekend in Pittsburgh for the Steelers Trivia Show. I found the footage of my team from last year. I will be replacing Chris's Dad on Uncleated Steam. HERE is their record setting round last year. We will be called "Poised to Strike" this year.

Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Trish

yesterday Michelle, Hayley and myself stopped over to see Trish, she was having a birthday cookout and invited many friends and family to come over. Michelle and Hayley got a chance to meet some of Trish's family and enjoy a little bit of conversation. Unfortunately I was starting to have a minor health problem and needed to leave. Nothing to be alarmed about, but something that needed attention and a little bit of rest.

Layla was looking as pretty as ever, she has to be the world's best looking four month old. You would love to see the look of joy that little girl gives Trish and her Mom Pat. You can tell this child is definitely loved.

After leaving Trish's last night, I came home and found out that the Pittsburgh Penguin Hockey Team has advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals with a 6-0 win over the cross state rival Flyers. This is the third time in franchise history that the penguins have advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals, they won their two previous chances and won the Stanley Cup both times. I guess it is time for me to start watching a little hockey. Go Pens!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Huggins signs a potential one and doner

What a one and doner is HS basketball player who enters college and will only play one year before most likely entering the NBA draft. Over the past few months, All American Devin Ebanks is a recruit who uncommitted from Indiana and was granted his release opening his recruiting back up.

I've always said never count Bob Huggin's out on any recruit, he signed his letter of intent to play at WVU today. Welcome aboard HS All-American Devin Ebanks.

A great day of geocaching.

Yesterday Michelle and I set out to find a few geocaches, we decided to pick a few with a less challenging terrain and more challenging to find. We managed to find six yesterday and have a challenge for another one.

We started out with Dent's Run Covered Bridge. This was a fairly easy find and a time to reflect at an old covered bridge still in Morgantown. If anyone would like to try to find this cache on your own to see what we do, I will tell you where it is located, just contact me. It will give everyone an introduction into what we do. We dropped off the Travel Bug Dog Tag at this cache.

Then it was on to our third Cache, Micro at the Lair. This cache is somewhat challenging, but findable. It is a 1" by 1/2" micro cache container that merely fits a piece of paper for the log.

After finding this one, it was off to find cache fourth for the day in Smithtown called BarbieGirl's Quick Cache. Once again this was an easy find and only a couple miles down the road from Terri's Bar and right along the road surface. It was a very quick and very easy find.

Then it was off to Pricketts Fort to find WVWarlok's 1st Stash. I have to say that the walk out to the cache was pretty easy and very scenic. For the second time today we cached at a historical place with a nice little story behind it. Prickett's Fort is a very educational place and an enjoyment to visit. Ironically as I told Michelle yesterday, this was the location of me catching my first fish, on our Nation's Bicentennial.

With four down it was off to cache number five for the day at Almost Nashville. This cache was located at Sagebrush RoundupSupport Our Troops 19 Geocide Geocoin and will rehide it on our next journey geocaching. Also in this location was a very funny travel bug that we did not take. It's called Key to my Ex's Car. This travel bug was absolutely hilarious. A guy stole his wife's car key and made a travel bug out of it. On the paper it says if there are any keys you want to get rid of, feel free to add them to the keychain. There were roughly 15 keys on that chain, I added one of my old keys to that cache for enjoyment. This cache started in Portland and so date as traveled 9,282.7 miles. I am watching the progress of this bug.

After finding our first five, we accepted a very challenging cache that we will continue to try to find. Cache on the Mon is one that is driving local geocachers batty. To date, it has been thirty-one weeks and this cache has not been found yet. Even the very experienced cahers are having a tough time with this one, I'll get it eventually though. We DID NOT find this cache.

However then it was off to find cache number six for the day called The Lion's Den. Michelle found this micro cache very quickly for our sixth and final find of the day.

On my side bar if you can see it, I have added a geocaching widget with my history as a geocacher.

This was a great weekend.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Is it going to be nice today?

Of course I have loaded a few Geocaches up on my GPS in hopes that we may have some nice weather today. No big runs like over the past few weeks, maybe one that is not such a tough terrain and just a little more challenging more than anything. I do have a travel bug I need to drop off in one cache or another today.

Friday, May 16, 2008

NOW it is a Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes fans, it is once again that time when we cease our labors for the week and sit back and take a chance to enjoy the fruits of of labors, it is once again the weekend.

Had a little scare yesterday afternoon, Michelle was in the Emergency Room at Mon General. Minor health problem, everything is going to be fine. I took her and Hayley out to dinner last night after we left the Hospital.

I'm sure if weather permits, Michelle and I and maybe Hayley will get out and do a little bit of geocaching. Maybe do some more local stuff this week, looking into maybe Valley Falls in Fairmont and that region.

I'll be the only one in the office today, just me upstairs as everyone else is either working remote or going fishing for the weekend. I am thinking about working four, ten hour shifts next week and take Friday off. That will give me a four day weekend with Memorial Day the following Monday.

Trish is having her birthday party this weekend with a cookout at her place. Gotta stop by and wish her a very happy birthday.

There are two anniversaries today, the first is the 31st Anniversary of Grandpa Hall's passing. The second is that this is the fourth anniversary of me Graduating College. Man how time flies.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's a Big Ole Hairy.....

OK, I'm kidding and it is not Friday yet.

I guess the big news of yesterday was that 569 WVU Professors voted that President Mike Garrison do the right thing and resign because of the Heather Bresch scandal, but Garrison is going to end to make the directors at this school continue to give it bad publicity by not stepping down.

There is a petition our started by the faculty to have Garrison resign that includes faculty, staff, students, alumni, former students and friends of West Virginia University. My sister Kim sent it to me yesterday morning, and both she and I have added our signatures calling for Garrison to step down.

Mike, do the right thing. The only fix for this situation and have any attempt at returning to academic integrity is without the current, never qualified to begin with President. Step down and resign.

Mountaineers for Integrity and Responsibility

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Product Review: Magic Jack

I have recently purchased a product called Magic Jack, what Magic Jack is a portable VOIP that runs off of a jump drive and uses a normal telephone with all the features such as call waiting, three way calling, call forwarding, caller ID, Voicemail and unlimited usage.

Start up costs were minimal, it was $39.95 and that includes the first years service, and $19.95 for each year you may want after that and that is it.

It works much the same way Skype would like a normal phone, but other than your yearly fee there are no other costs associated with Magic jack.

There are no WV numbers, but there will be in the future just not at this time, so I selected a Uniontown PA exchange. If anyone without a cell phone or Comcasts phone would call this number, it would be a toll call for you being that it would be long distance, so please continue to use my cell phone number to contact me.

My new Home (yes my cell is still the same) phone number using the Magic Jack is 724-550-1328. If you see that number come up on your teller ID, it's me.

It's very portable and easy to use, so if you have a broadband internet connection and need to make a long distance phone call, feel free to ask to borrow it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

Even though it will be going on nine years this summer since my Dad passed, I can't forget to point out that today, May 13th, is the day that would have been his 63rd birthday.

He was a very influential person in my life as well about anyone and everyone he came into contact with. For some reason a lot of the conversations about him also include the word feast, because that is what you ate any time you sat down and ate a dinner that he had prepared. He always seemed to cut his finger three times making the Macaroni or Potato Salad too. =)

Happy Birthday George Edward Hall Sr, you are missed.

Election Day

Alright West Virginian's, this is one of the few times that your voice can and will be heard. It is election day here in West Virginia. Today is when you get to select and choose who your leaders are going to be over the next few years, or at least get to select who your party names as it's representative in the general election this November.

If you are not registered to vote or don't have your voters registration up to date, do yourself a favor and get it all up to date before the general election this fall so that you have a voice.

Have a good election day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's back to work

Yeah, I know. I hate Mondays too. I spent most of the day yesterday running around doing errands and visiting family for Mother's Day or helping someone out with a computer related issue.

Oh well, then fun for the weekend is over with and now it's back to putting the nose to the grindstone and start another week of work. I had a great weekend, so I guess to have another great weekend I have to work for the week, maybe that's what makes the weekends so great.

For Mother's day yesterday, Democratic Presidential Candidate and former First lady Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea made a campaign stop in the town that Mother's day originated in, Grafton WV.

Have a great day.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A day geocaching.

Yesterday was a day of geocaching for me, Michelle, her daughter Hayley and her boyfriend Wyatt. The day started off with us taking our travel bug from the previous week, All Smiles and Hugs, and dropping it off at another location. We dropped it off at our first cache of the day, Cooper's Rock TB Dropoff where we dropped off that travel bug and found multiple other ones at that location. So, we left ours and removed the Melvin the Christmas Martian Travel Bug to place it at another location.

Our second stop of the day was a really easy cache in Deep Creek Lake called Run Cabin, Run. This would be a great cache for anyone who has never geocached before to start with. Very simple, easy to get to and pretty easy to find. I did manage to drop my camera at this cache and didn't realize it until we were a few miles down the road. So, we were parked at the Honi Honi Bar in Deep Creek and realized I lost my camera back at the previous cache. After backtracking to the previous cache, we found the camera and it was off to thee next cache.

Our third Cache of the day was called Deep Creek Lake View and was high atop the mountain beside Deep Creek Lake. I knew this would be a tough terrain, so we limited tough terrains caches for the day to one and this was the one we selected because of our proximity to the previous Cache. When we arrived at that cache, we dropped off Melvin the Christmas Martian and picked up another travel Bug called Travel Bug Dog Tag and took it with us to place at another cache (at a later date, we still have it).

After finding this cache it was a long hike back down the Mountain back to the car and a chance for everyone to enjoy a little bit of time at Deep Creek Lake. This was the first time Michelle or Hayley had ever been there, so it made me feel pretty good for being able to introduce them to a place of such serenity and peacefulness. I think they had a great time.

After leaving Deep Creek, I treated everyone to dinner at Smiley's Pizza before we took off to Springs PA to try to get Kim's Cereal before or if the Springs Store was open. We were not that fortunate, the store was closed by the time we had reached it.

Then it was off for our fourth Cache of the Day, the FSU Micro located at Frostburg State University. This was the smallest cache I have seen, most are ammo boxes, this was a 35 MM film container, but it was an easy location and Michelle beat Wyatt, he had found the previous three, at finding this micro cache.

After four successful cache finds, it was back to Morgantown after a long and successful day of geocaching. Last night I purchased a few Tags to create our own travel bugs that we will make and place in caches in the near future. This will allow us to track the travel of our own persoanlized travel bugs.

Have a good day.

Happy Mother's Day

Today is a special day, it is a holiday that it is celebrated around the entire world, but it's origins are right here in West Virginia. It is Mother's Day here and everywhere else. Mother's day was started by Anna Jarvis in Grafton West Virginia when she first celebrated it in 1907.

I would like to take this opportunity to say happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there who may be reading this. Mother's are very special people, enjoy your day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're going to try geocaching today.

Michelle, Hayley, her boyfriend Wyatt and I are going to be taking as trip east this morning and doing a little bit of geocaching in the Western Maryland area. I have quite a few cache's loaded up on my GPS (not that we will get to them all) that we are going to see how many we can find today. A couple are pretty easy on the way to Deep Creek Lake or Swallow Falls near there. I have loaded one cache up that is on FSU in case we make it over that far east.

I'll be taking my camera with me today (of course) so I will try to get a few pictures of the trip. and hopefully a few pics of the caches we find. We also have our beloved Travel Bug All Smiles and Hugs that we have to do something with today. last week we bought a few plastic spiders to change into the cache, but Michelle and I are talking about doing our own specialty item to leave.

It should be a memorable one today!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Price of Hops is starting to skyrocket

My sister Kim called me last night and asked if I had talked to Terri. It seems that there is a world wide shortage on Hops, a key ingredient in the brewing of beer. The price of Hops has went up 400% in some cases, and in some cases twice that. Hops was being sold at $4.27 a pound in February and the price is currently $12.96 a pound. Some sellers are selling it for as much as $22.00 to $25.00 a pound.

I did a Google Search and found numerous articles talking about the increase in this. With rising fuel costs, and the exponential rising cost of hops, expect to see a drastic rise across the board in beer prices in the very near future.

If I were a bar owner, stocking up now might be a smart move.

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes readers, it is once again that time of the week when the labors for the week cease, and we take time to enjoy the fruits of our labors. It it once again the start of the weekend and another Big Ole Hairy Friday!!! That one day of the workweek that we all anticipate and look forward to.

Once agin, it looks like the weather forecast is calling for rain this weekend, but if this is anything like the past two weeks it will only rain when I am far away from my car and deep into the woods doing a geocache.

Michelle, Hayley, her boyfriend Wyatt and I will be going to hide the travel bug that Michelle and I managed to come across last weekend. We have discussed about traveling to Deep Creek Lake and going to Swallow Falls to see if there are any geocaches up in that area. I did find a nice little KML TOOL that you can load into Google Earth and it shows you all the geocaches and links to them in your extent.

I finally had my new Employee Orientation Yesterday. Just went over everything and filled out a few forms for my insurance, life insurance, etc. It seems like a pretty good plan, and is actually free to me. I originally thought my insurance with Infotech was better, but after doing a little research that could now be debatable.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, the WVU baseball team will be playing the University of Louisville Saturday in a double header. Go out and cheer the Mountaineers, I'll be geocaching.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Something new I ordered

Recently there has been an increase in VOIP broadband type phones. Over the past few years with the inventing of Vonage and Skype and more recently Comcast haws started offering their own brand of VOIP that many of my family members have tried and like.

Today, I found one that I think I may like and I have ordered it to give it a try. It's something a little different, it's called Magic Jack and I heard about it at work yesterday from Chad. He has a friend who has been using it for two years now and loves it and swears by it.

It's very economical, only $19.95 a year after the initial start of cost of roughly $39.95 which includes the first years service. It offers call waiting, three way calling, call forwarding, voice mail, and teller ID all included in the yearly price. You can call anywhere in the US with this device, you just plug the small portable USB device into a Computer's USB port and long as it has a high speed connection and then just plug your regular phone into the other end.

I'll give everyone an update once I try it out.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A walk on the trails

Yesterday Michelle and Hayley decided to get me off my fat lazy rear end and get me out and exercise a little bit. In the evening we all met at Aldi and took a nice little stroll along the rails to trails. Needless to say it has been a while since I have been on the trails and let's just say I am feeling the extra weight I put on over the winter.

It was great to get out though, back on the scenic view of the trails where there is much less traffic and less undesirable people that you may have to encounter than you would have going through the main section of the trails.

I owe both Michelle and Hayley a big debt of gratitude for getting me away from the computer and out into the world a little during the week. Of course we'll be looking for and another geocache this weekend, we also have to hide the travel bug.

I did get a nice little present from the girls, a thing of Silly Putty. =)

Oh and a Congratulations are in order for Michelle's niece, Amanda Paugh, was named Valedictorian at University High yesterday. Congratulations on a very honorable and memorable academic achievement.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No Confidence

The West Virginian University Faculty Senate met last night and gave a 77-19 no confidence vote in President Mike Garrison as a result of the Heather Bresch scandal where she was awarded a Masters Degree that she did not earn.

Garrison has indicated he will not step down because he loves WVU, but I say if he truly loved this School and this state, he would do the right thing and resign the office of the Presidency. West Virginia University is taking a hit on it's integrity as long as this man who was never qualified to hold the position to begin with sits behind the desk of the President.

As an Alumnus of West Virginian University, I am also calling for Mike Garrison to do the right thing and step down so that WVU can recover and move in the right direction. I don;t care if you are sorry, or if you made a mistake, do the right thing.

First loss of the season

Last night we played a good game against REM, but it just wasn't quite enough as we dropped an 18-14 game for our fist loss of the young softball season to pull our record even at 1-1.

It was a hard fought game that we fought from behind the entire game as REM seemed to hit about anything we were putting across the plate regardless of location. Needless to say that they are a very good team and also beat us last season, but they were just the better team last night.

We'll regroup next Monday and play Morgantown Surgical next Monday at 9:00 on Whiston Field.

Monday, May 05, 2008

It's Monday already?

Where did the weekend go, it seems like it was just Friday and I was getting ready for the weekend. The weekend is now over and it's back to work, argh.

The WVU baseball team lost the third of a three game series (got swept) against league leader St. Johns yesterday. WVU was leading 5-2 going into the bottom of the 9th and gave up 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th to let the lead slip away into a 6-5 loss.

Are you ready for a "What is happening here?" type of story. Whitnall High School in Milwaukee is going to issue random alcohol breathalyser tests at their prom . Imagine that, kids going to a prom and drinking a beer. What a concept, some school administrators don't need to be administrators. I sometimes wonder how society even developed from us straight laced, walk 10 miles to school in 3' of snow uphill both ways generation ever even developed. Society gets a little stupid sometimes.

Have a great Monday.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Weekend Tidbits

* I knew I had to do more than one post this morning, the one where I found the geocache and uploaded a series of pictures needed it's own post, so I guess I will address the est of the things in a Weekend tidbits.

* Mom passed word to me yesterday morning that Wilma Newbraugh (She was married to my Grandfather up he until he passed) had passed away yesterday morning. Viewings will be from 3-5 and 7-9 On Monday and the Funeral will be Tuesday at 11:00 at McCulla Funeral Home. Uncle Jr Koon will be officiating. Her obituary is posted online at the McCulla website. RIP Wilma.

* Gary and Renee took a trip yesterday to the Pittsburgh and to the Carnegie Science Center yesterday. I had went there earlier this year and Gary and Renee were supposed to make it the same day,but some of us aren;t afraid of a little inclemate weather and made the trip that day.

* Of course Gary took my advice and no trip to Pittsburgh is complete without a trip to Primanti Brothers where Gary took Renee and Joey yesterday after they were done at the Museum.

* I do have to say that after yesterday's excursion, my body is very, very sore. It was well worth it though, I can use the exercise. I feel sore, but I feel great if that makes any sense.

* We have a softball game tomorrow at 6:00 on Ogden field against REM. If this is the same REM team as last year, MVP Paintball is going to have to be on top of our game.

* Slinky's are great to play with. OK, I am a big kid =)

* Trish said that Arron has a makeup game this afternoon at 3:00. I may try to get my lazy butt up and go down and try to watch.

* Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo for any of you looking for a good excuse to drink a beer. It's a Mexican Holiday, but we celebrate it here in the US. Look for drink specials at your local watering hole tomorrow.

*Weekends are great, but they all have to come to an end. =(

Pedlar's Glory

Yesterday my better half, Michelle, and I decided to take another day and do a little bit more geocaching. I let her pick and choose a few and she found three and we randomly chose one of them. It was called Pedlar's Glory and was actually about 1/3 of a mile from Pam's or so, and that is as the bird flies not the path you had to go. Needless to say it was about a 400' difference in elevation from Google Earth and about 500' climb in elevation according to the Topo Map of the location. This rise in elevation came in 8/10ths of a mile.

We searched for the cache and then found it, and much to our surprise it had a travel bug contained within it. What a travel bug is is a marked object that has an identification number. If you remove the travel bug, you are supposed to go to the internet and log where you found and removed it and once again when you re-hide it for the next person to find and take with them. The little yellow man off to my side is the travel bug that we removed. The one we found was called All Smiles and Hugs and I have logged that we have found it and will be trying to find a place to hide it this week. This bug was placed in it's current location in January. It has been From Ohio, To PA to Ontario to West Virginia. So far it has traveled 406.7 miles, of course that will go up when we rehide it.

As we were walking out, I told Michelle I was going to look over the other side of the Hill and see how close it was to Pam's house. As you can see by this picture, it was a direct shot to her house, only with a little bit of elevation. I called her and spoke to George. I told him he would never guess where I was at, I don't know how, but he did in one guess if you believe that. He must be psychic.

We took our time before we left to enjoy the scenery that we had worked so hard to get to. This picture is the route we walked back, but we walked up though the woods. Needless to say the view was breathtaking. What a great day.

We parked where the pond is located, if it looks like I am standing on top of something, I wasn't standing on top of anything but the hill. It just was almost straight up to where I was standing until you see the ground at the bottom of the picture.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Layla Rosiak Part II

Last night after my news, Michelle and I stopped over to visit Trish so we could see the "Wee One", Layla. Of course I took my camera with me and grabbed a shot or two.

A great invitation

Last night Michelle and I were sitting down and eating dinner at Wings Ole when my phone rang. Last year Chris, Randy Page and Chris's dad took part in the Steelers trivia challenge and set the single round record for points. They should have won the whole tournament, but they missed a question late in the semi-finals and were eliminated. This year Chris, Randy and another Softball team member Chewy were going to participate, but they moved the date of the taping and Chewy had to drop out. Last night I was invited to take part in this years competition that will be taped in about a month but won't air until about the time the Steelers Pre-season starts. I'll let everyone knows when it will air. We'll tape it May 31, June 1 and maybe June 2 if we advance far enough.

Needless to say I was pretty excited when I found this out. I may have to go up May 13 for an interview at KDKA prior to the taping. Michelle and I were originally planning on going up and watching them, now it seems like I will be a participant. We need a cheering section, anyone interested?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes readers it is once again that time of the week when the labors for the week cease and we take time out to enjoy the fruits of our labors, it is once again the start of the weekend! It's that one day of the week that we all look forward to with great anticipation.

Weather is calling for it to be sunny and 80 today, 74 tomorrow with thundershowers and 63 Sunday. Hopefully we can have nice weather like we had last weekend considering they called for it to rain last weekend.

WVU baseball is playing away at St. Johns this weekend. They are going to play a three game series with Big East Leader St. Johns, let's hope coach Van Zandt can bring home two or three victories over the weekend.

Boparc has released their Under the Stars schedule for the summer. This is when on Friday Nights oat Hazel Ruby McQuain Park you bring a blanket or lawn chair, your own food and drinks and enjoy a free movie under the starts on the portable outdoor big screen.

May 30th – Shrek the Third

June 6th – Surf’s Up
June 13th – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
June 27th – Nancy Drew

July 11th – Unaccompanied Minors
July 18th – Evan Almighty

August 1st – Bee Movie
August 8th – Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
August 15th – Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Not sure what Michelle and I are going to be getting into, we have a few geocache's picked out and may go seek a few of them. It all depends on how cooperative the weather is.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

After Work Today

This afternoon I am going to go over and help Trish hook up her computer to the internet. She recently go a computer for Arron to use for his school work, so we'll help her get online at home with her PC. I'll take my camera with me and get a few new pictures of Layla.

Trish, don't forget your disc tonight when you get off work. =)

I stopped down at the bar last night for the weekly drawing. No carry over this week, as someone's number was pulled and he was there to take the entire jackpot.

Is it Friday yet? I've told Michelle to find a few good geocaches that we can go and try to find this weekend.