Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey day everyone. I hope that everyone has a pleasant day and has the opportunity to increase their waist size an inch or two on this day.

For anyone who would like a brief description of the Thanksgiving Story, I found a site that is rather well written and gets to the point. I was going to cut and paste it here, but it's copywrited and I don't want to tick off the author, so I linked it for everyone.

My plans today are to go to Jean's and eat Thanksgiving dinner and then later tonight I am going to miss my favorite TV show Survivor so that I can watch WVU beat Pitt's ass in the Backyard Brawl.

I'm making sue my batteries are charged up, so I will try to take a few pictures of today for everyone to enjoy. I might even take my tripod up and try to get a few family portraits of everyone.

Some tidbits and information for everone. Kim was back in the hospital the past week to have her stent removed and there were some minor complications. She is going to have another surgery next week. She spent last weekend in the hospital and I know she hates it with a passion. She's getting better and was released to go home Monday. So she will be enjoying the holiday form home.

I still haven't spoken with Terri in some time. From my understanding they are going to close the Country Inn and are trying to open another establishment on Rt. 73 where the building overhead is not such a burden on them. I'll provide more details when I get them. Jean said that they will be at the Country Inn tonight for the last performance by the Chicken Pickers.

This will be the first year in some time that everyone will not be goign Bowling this evening, however we're playing a sold out football game on ESPN tonight at the same time period, so we are taking a year off from bowling.

Gain a few pounds.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Survivor Guatemala

Once again it is that time of the week. The weekend is a day away and it must be time for Survivor. Prayers go out to my sister Kim who will be watching tonight's episode from the hospital once again. She should be going home tomorrow, but tonight she has to watch Judd get voted off from the Hospital.

As you will recall, last weeks show had a nice little twist involved to it. The survivors were ready to vote out former NFL QB Gary Hogeboom, but this seasons show hid an immunity idol somewhere in the deep dark reaches of the forest. Gary, knowing he would have been voted off, found the immunity idol and threw a monkey wrench into the whole strategy.

I noticed in the preshow Popularity Vote that Bobby Jon has surpassed Steph as the most popular survivor. She has managed to have a deathgrip on that top position, amazing that she no longer holds the top spot. Probably because of her alliance with the shipdit that I want to see voted off next.

The rewards challenge was when our eight survivors were broken down into two team of two men and two women each. It was an obstacle course through some knee deep mud to grab a large pot full of corn. They had to maneuver back and dump their pot of corn into a larger pot. The first team of four to fill their pot won the rewards challenge.

The reward for the four winning team members was a chance to stay overnight in a luxury home with all the comforts of home and a chance to relax and get ready for the final run to the million dollars.

Something that has been strongly presented over the past two weeks has been Jamie acting like a complete idiot. He's just trying to pick fights with everyone and isn't making any friends.

For the immunity challenge, it was another obstacle course of untying a large series of knots and manuvering yourself to the end. Rafe was the first to finish the challenge and managed to win himself immunity.

At Tribal Council, hothead Jamie was eliminated.

What is it you do for a living

GIS is a very big and broad field. I've explained it as the worlds best database with geo-referenced pictures. There are so many things that you can do with it and once the data is created, it's interchangeable with other datasets.

Working for VARGIS, I have done some photogrammatry work on planametric data, but mostly I have been doing GIS projects.

Today I was introduced to a site that is pretty close to what we are doing. This is the end result of the data in an IMS system. It's merely one parcel (not one we did), but the client specs look very similar to a project we are currently working on for Western Maryland.

This is a very user friendly end product for everyone to get an idea of what I do. I basically assemble all these datasets in a geodatabase. Everything you would see in the window, is what I do.

Have fun and enjoy

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Survivor Guatemala

Once again it's Wed night and it's Survivor night. Going to keep it brief tonight, got a few other things going on behind the scenes so my attention is limited for tonight.

In the rewards challenge, shipdit Judd won the challenge where they had to throw an arrow to see who was the closest to throw an arrow to a Target. Everyone wins a meal, but since Judd was closest, he wins a Steak and Lobster dinner.

At the immunity challenge, the survivors had to navigate through a three part obstacle course with four survivors going to the second part, two survivors going to the finals and one survivor left standing after navigating through the robe bridge at the final. Jamie Newton was the immunity winner tonight.

At Tribal Council, former NFL QB Gary Hogeboom found the other immunity idol and was also given immunity. Nice twist to the game considering he was going home tonight. However, after the vote, former survivor player Bobby Jon Drinkard was the next player voted out and was the first member of the jury.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Congrats Moke

As I was getting off work yesterday and walking to my car, I noticed that I had a message on my phone and it was from Pam and Georges number. So, I called back before checking my message to see what was up. What was up was my Nephew Mokie had accomplished a goal that he set out for himself over the summer. Last year, he barely missed the honor role and was determined to make it this year.

The news was good, he just found out yesterday that he made the Honor Roll at Clay Battelle High School. While I was talking to him I could tell he was on cloud nine and felt very proud of him accomplishment. Now he has his eyes set on something that I could never achieve, he's going to try and pull off a 4.0 GPA. I think he can do it.

He went off to a camp this spring that prepares High School students for college life and I think this has been a big inspiration to him. He's already taken his ACT and is waiting on those results. He's wanting to attend He says he plans to go into Engineering at WVU.

I think he's finally realized his potential and he sees that the sky is the limit.

Congrats Moke!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

A New Multi-Media File

I decided to do another multi-media file. I knew it was about time that I produce another one and was looking for ideas. I was looking through my music and saw a song that I felt I could do a file to, and incorporate old family video footage rather than my traditional photos.

So, dedicated readers, here is another viseo. I hope you like it.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Hmm, just surfing and found this

first rank and of left on the right
Yohann Gregorzick, Eric Dohm, Sabine Vain, Eric..., Anjoushree Nandi, Valerie Poncin, Nathalie Nightingale.
second rank
Nihat Rehmani, David Heneuse..., Philippe Leonard, Vincent Jadin, St├ęphane Luca, Picardy Lydia.
third rank
Eric Tshilembe, Lionel Deneys, Eric Bednarzick, Patricia Feys, Christel..., Yolande Van Potelsbergh, Mrs Clepkens

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Survivor Guatemala

Once again it's survivor night. On an ironic note I am watching a football game between Pitt and Louisville before the start of survivor. It's 7-7 0:25 seconds into the game and there hasn't been a snap taken yet. Wow, that's going to be a game. Speaking of games, on to Survivor.

On the Game's pre-show, I checked the popularity poll and with no surprise Steph is tops in the popularity poll. Last week after tribal council, Jeff through a big surprise and announced that the merge was taking place right then and there. So no more Yaxha or Nakum tribes and there will be a new united tribe and no more tribal immunity, now everyone plays for individual immunity.

At the start of the show, Jeff threw another monkey wrench into the equation and that was the fact that in the somewhere hidden in the jungle, there was hidden a six inch immunity idol that would allow the person who found it a chance to use it at anytime through throughout the rest of the game. It could be used this week or it could be used as strategy to help secure themselves a spot in the final two later in the game, provided they last that long. The only deal is that they have to announce prior to the tribal council that they want to use it, that they are in fact going to use it. I think it adds a new and unique twist to the game. Kudos to Jeff for keeping the game interesting. If Judd finds it, he should be shot at dawn though.

On day 20, the merged tribe came up with a new name for the tribe. They came up with the name Xhakum by merging the names of the two tribes together. Although you could see that the remaining members of the two tribes still had alliances with each other. There are the five people and one asshole that make up the Nakum tribe against the four remaining member of Yaxha.

At the immunity challenge, Jeff threw another monkey wrench into the game. Everyone showed up and had a choice, if they did not want to take part in the immunity challenge and felt they would not be voted off, they didn't have to. They would be allowed to take part in a big feast. However, if they felt they could be going home, they could take part in the immunity challenge, however they would not be allowed to take place in the feast of food. The immunity challenge was basically standing on a log with a pot on their heads for the longest period of time. At the end of one hour, there was a tie breaker, they had to put the pot on their head and had to climb the pyramid without breaking their pot. At the tie-breaker, former NFL Quarterback Gary Hogeboom won the immunity challenge tie breaker and won the individual immunity.

At tribal council, Brandon Bellinger was voted out by a 6-4 vote.

Testing a new feature

This is a test using an old Video file Mom did last year.