Thursday, March 31, 2005

Survivor Night

OK, I have to confess I will be channel surfing tonight. Survivor is one, the WVU Womens basketball team is playing for the WNIT Championship tonight at the same time period against SW Missouri State.

Ok, before the show starts I checked some of the popularity poll results, and with no surprise Tom Westman is still in front and Stephenie LaGrossa has moved into a close second. Checking in on the "Who's Next" poll, Ibrehem Rahman is tops among survivor fans.

I think the biggest question I have going into tonights episode is whether Ulong can ever win an immunity challenge from a yet to be sent to tribal council (other than the episode when both had to go) Koror tribe.

The show starts out with Tom showing maybe he's a better fisherman than Rupert Boneham was by beating up a shark and pulling him in for food. This is AFTER they got a big Giant Clam to feed everyone. (WVU women winning 8-2)

On day 17 is the next reward challenge the two tribes were told to build a SOS signal, Koror could only use three members because they have an 8-3 advantage. Of course Koror never tends to lose and won the rewards challenge and won three bottles of Red Wine, fighing equipment and many more supplies. (WVU women up 20-18) You know this had to almost crush the three person Ulong tribe.

On day 18 there was another immunity challenge, only this time in the tree mail they were given a puzzle to solve for practice on the immunity challenge. With Coby Archa calling for Koror, they kept the streak alive and sent the three member Ulong tribe back to tribal council once again to eliminate their tribe down to two members compared to Koror's eight member tribe.

Tribal council came down to Bobby Jon Drinkard, Stephenie LaGrossa and Ibrehem Rahman having to vote one of the three off (WVU Women up 36-35 at the half I think). Not knowing how the two person alliances were going to fall, it appears that Bobby Jon was the swing vote even though he was a horrible caller for the immunity challenge. The vote went 2-1 to send Ibrehem home.

The game is now down to ten players and something tells me that the merge will happen next week.

When it rains, it pours

As everyone reading my BLOG knows, I have accepted a job and start this Monday with a company called VARGIS. Thye were the first to offer and I really like what I see there. I think it has a lot of potential and it's a growing compoany that I want to be a part of.

AS everyone knows I graduated last May and had put out numerous applications in hope for employment. I had one interview last fall with the WV GIS Tech Center for a job, but ultimately did not get the job. I had been talking to Dewberry for months and was actually scheduled to interview with them in DC tomorrow, but I cancelled the interview being happy with the offer from VARGIS.

After all this inactivity, Caliper called me and wanted to schedule an interview with me. Obviuosly I declined the invitation, but I thought it was kind of ironic that there is a lot of activity for my services as of late.

I never thought I would see the day when I turned down 2 jobs in a pay range more than I had ever made in my life in one year in the same week. Life is pretty good right now for me.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

One More

With the WVU Men's basketball season coming to an end this past Friday Night, the WVU Women had a chance to extend their season one additional game last night.

Playing in the Women's NIT Final 4 last night at Kentucky, the Mountaineers handed the Kentucky Women their first non-conference Home loss of the season and defeated the Wildcats 80-75 in Double Overtime.

ESPN has a nice little write up on the game.

The win advances the women to the Womens NIT Championship this Friday. We were hoping for a home game, but we are going to have to travel to Southwest Missouri State and kick their butts out there to bring home the Championship. I have complete faith that this team will bring this Championship home.

Good Luck Ladies!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Welcome Home Part III

Last night, for the third Sunday in a row I went to the coliseum and welcomed our team home again. I didn't want this team to come home and no one be there for them. The past two weeks was in support, the season is over now and the fair weather fans may have dropped off and a smaller crowd than the 1,000 that were there last week would have showed up. WOW was I surprised when I found out it was 5,000 of us there to welcome them home.

A video of the teams entrance that I found on the net.

Chris aka Hector from the WVAQ morning show.

The crowd about an hour BEFORE the team arived.






Sunday, March 27, 2005

Thank You Coach Beilein.

Our season ended last night with a 85-93 Overtime loss to the Louisville Cardinals. We gave this great team everything we had including shooting .667 from three point land in hitting a School record and NCAA Tournament record 18 three pointers.

This is the best coached team that I have ever seen in Morgantown. They have far exceeded any expectations that I had for them. We almost went to the Final Four for the first time since we lost the NCAA Championship in 1959. These guys have made me proud to be a Mountaineer fan and Alumni.

A little story about Coach Beilein. I was walking around the coliseum before class last year. I had seen someone whom I used to work with at Sterling Faucet years ago and was talking to him. Out of the Blue, here comes this guy who puts his hand on my shoulder and gives me a little wink and introduces himself. Charlie knows him pretty well but I didn't. He left a strong impression on me as someone who represents the University very well. When I walked away from that conversation I remember saying to myself "I don't know if he'll ever win a National Championship here, but I have a feeling he is going to take us to the Final Four." A little over a year later, he almost did it.

I think we have the best coach in the country here in Morgantown. I'm not saying that in support of the fact that I am a Mountaineer fan, I'm saying it because I think it's a true statement.

Thank You Coach Beilein, your coaching staff and this team for a great season. You allowed every Mountaineer to see the future of this program. I think when it is all said and done, the John Beilein era may be the best era to be a Mountaineer fan. Once again thank you. I will be there for the third straight week when this team returns for a hero's welcome these guys deserve it.

Friday, March 25, 2005

What a Night!!!!!!

Congratulations to both the WVU Men's and Women's Basketball teams. It was a glorious night to be a Mountaineer fan.

The WVU Women started off the night by advancing to the Women's NIT Final 4 by beating Wake Forest 65-52. Meg Bulger led the way for the WVU Women with 18 points. They advance to the semi-final game at Kentucky Monday evening. If they win that game, there is a strong possibility that they will host the WNIT Championship game right here in Morgantown. Way to go ladies!!!

The night finished off with John Beilein completing a twenty-six year old promise to his wife when he told her he would some day coach against Legendary Coach Bobby Knight.

The Mountaineers beat Texas Tech 65-60 to advance to the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight for the first time since 1959. It was a great game, but it was also a game where I must have lost ten pounds from pacing. I guess you can say Bobby Knight was "Pittsnogled" as Kevin Pittsnogle pumped in 22 leading the Mountaineers to victory.

WVU plays Louisville Saturday in the Regional Finals and a spot in the NCAA Final 4. I'll be glued to the television again for this game.

Good luck to both teams.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Survivor Night

It's Wednesday Night and a special night for Survivor. Coming into tonight, I took a look at the CBS popularity poll, and with little to no surprise Tom Westman has been voted as the most popular survivor with Ian Rosenberger starting to close the gap.

The one's who appear to be the top two from each tribe to be voted off next are Caryn Groedel from the still yet to lose a tribal council Koror tribe and James Miller from Ulong. Personally I think it's Ibrehem Rahman that is the next one to go, but that's my personal opinion. I have noticed that Stephenie LaGrossa has voted every week so far for the person going home.

The show starts off with the Ulong tribe having some internal troubles, knowing that they have yet to win an immunity challenge and are in danger of becoming extinct.

At the reward challenge was a sharp shooting challenge with an airgun where they had to break plates. Stephenie was an absolute sharpshooter and won the reward. The reward was Pringles, Mai Tai's and a boat trip to Jellyfish Lake and the change to scuba dive with literally millions of Jellyfish. A much needed chance to relax for the Ulong tribe, which finally won something.

The scuba diving was perfectly safe, because these jellyfish were in fresh water and had lost their sting. They were able to swim amongst millions of beautiful jellyfish for what has to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was actually a little jealous and would loved to have been there with them.

The immunity challenge started out with some tree-mail with a footlocker, a flag and a rope. They had to tie their rope into a knot and secure the flag in their footlocker and then had to bring the footlocker. The survivors had to swim out and retrieve loads of wood. They then had twenty minutes to build a fortress around their footlocker and protect it from the other tribe who at the end of the twenty minutes changed sides and had to break the other teams fortress and retrieve their flag from the footlocker and run it up the flag pole. Koror won their fifth straight immunity challenge against no losses and sent Ulong back to tribal council once again to vote their dwindling tribe down from four members to three members to Koror's eight members.

Before tribal council, Steph admitted to the camera that she voted for Bobby Jon Drinkard, even though the survivor site said she voted for Angie last week.

At Tribal council James Miller and Ibrehem Rahman each received two votes each. On the second vote for the tie breaker, Stephanie changed her vote and chose to vote out James.

Life is good

Every once in a while we all need to take time out to ourselves and reflect on things. Things we need to change or just simply what direction our lives are going in and do we need to alter them.

Yesterday after work, I took a nice long stroll on Rails to Trails here in Morgantown. It was a semi-warm day and the weather was absolutely beautiful. Many people were out on the trails enjoying life. Just about everyone looking up in passing as if to say hello, great day.

I had my portable CD player and was playing probably my favorite album, Van Halen's Right Here, Right Now. Great live album that I love to listen to. I'm sure on my travels to Frostburg I will be listening to it quite often.

While walking I stopped at one point in the trail to just look at the river near the dam. To me in my lifetime, water has always been my serenity. Whether it be a stream or a waterfall or a river or lake, being around water always helps me reflect.

I started thinking about the last eight years of my life. Since Helmick shut down I have found and lost someone I loved very much. Was re-introduced to someone whom I hold very dearly. I decided to completely re-shape my life, I knew society was changing and I had to adapt to those changes. I lost everything I possessed. Retirement, my car and even my apartment that I had for over ten years. I was forced to swallow my pride and ask my father for assistance. I made the decision to go to college while I briefly lived with him. I lost him less than thirty days before I entered WVU. I lived with my younger sister until I could get on my own feet and did so. I've seen silly family feuds come and go. I saw five years of college in what at times appeared to be an endless journey. I saw myself accomplish a lifetimes dream. I saw a change in jobs and learning new skills to coincide with my major. I saw Deans lists and made some great friends. I did all of this hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Not only did I see the light, I'm at the open door and walking in. I'm getting ready to start a portion of my life that I have worked the last eight years for. I have to reflect back and thank everyone who has helped me reach this point of my life. It's a realization that if you work hard enough, dreams do in fact come true.

Anyways, I was reflecting upon my life, past, present and future and I could only come to one conclusion. Life is good.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Live Weather Feed

Saturday I drove my mom to Frostburg to show her the city and where I'll be working. She pointed out something to me that I thought was a nice little feature. Frostburg State has a weather cam running on campus.

Frostburg State Weather Cam

Welcome Home, Part II

Last Sunday I joined roughly 400 other Mountaineer fans welcoming back or Big East runners-up basketball team. They had went from a bubble team to an NCAA team and we wanted to show them our appreciation.

Yesterday, for the second week in a row we met the team again, only this time we met the team that had just advanced to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament. I can't really estimate how many were there yesterday, but I would say easily twice as many as last week. It could very well have been 1,000 fans there greeting them yesterday.

The Man, the Legend. BIG CAT

Hopefully we can do this again next Sunday.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

What a game

WOW, what a game last night. Our team that was a bubble team two weeks ago and managed to make it to the Big East Championship, received a bid to the NCAA Tournament. We played ourselves from a bubble team to a #7 seed in that tournament.

Last night, we showed out invitation was not a fluke by beating pre-season #2 ranked, and the team that was ranked #1 for two weeks in December. Wake Forest was upset they did not receive a #1 seed in the tournament and had to settle for a #2 seed.

Lat night they jumped out to a 13 point 40-27 haltime lead. Key the drama. West Virginia managed to pick away at that lead the entire second half and took the lead late in the game. Wake managed to tie it and send it into overtime.

During the first overtime I thought we were going to win it, we dominated the scoring in the overtime period, but once again Wake Forest hit a big 3 pointer late in the OT period and we had a failed drive at the end to send it to a second overtime.

We dominated the second ovetime sending Wake Forest home and advancing ourselves to the Sweet 16. This may have been the best basketball game I have ever watched WVU play.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


* My niece Brittany worked as a page in Charleston on St. Patricks Day. Kim has put a few Media Files up the days event up on her website. I'm very proud of her, she looked very professional.

* I bought another car yesterday, I traded the Corsica in on a Cavalier RS. The Cavalier I think is a solid deal, Gerald managed to put me in a car that will actually be a pleasure to drive two hours a day in. It has a 3.1 Liter engine 5-speed for a small car, so it has a good bit of "Get Up and Go."

* Jean and I went to the Country Inn last night for some of Nick's wings and to visit everyone.

* Nick bought a Toyota Tacoma truck the day before I bought my car. We took a little ride in, it looks like a real sweet truck that's easier on gas mileage than his old truck.

* Amy is going to take an eighteen day vacation to Chicago. She is going to fly out of Pittsburgh to Chicago April 5th to visit her Aunt Samira. I have a feeling she is going to love Chicago.

* Congratulations are extended to JD and Chrissy Lewis, Terri told me last night that Chrissy in the early stages of pregnancy and will be expecting a little Lewis running around in a few months.

* I need to send Randy an e-mail today, I keep intending to but never seem to manage to do it.
Subject: Cadet Hamrick

* I'm planning on going and visiting Mom today, we have more pictures to scan and maybe add a few pictures to the albums.

* As I'm writing this, I'm also chatting on MSN with Guangzheng Hu in Beijing, China. He's stil trying to talk me into coming to Beijing. For the record, I only pretend to speak Chinese.

* I think the snow is done for the year!! Did I ever mention I hate snow?

* P.S. Since I posted this, I finally sent Randy an e-mail. Hopefully a few others can follow up and do the same, this is a heck of an accomplishment he's in the middle of doing.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Why Couldn't I have been this smart

Take a look at the bottom, he has made $18.462.12 of his $50,000 before paypal cut him off.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Just wanting to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day. I also want to wish me niece Brittany as she spends today working as a page in Charleston.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Survivor Night

Well, because the NCAA Basketball Tournament will dominate the TV tomorrow, Survivor will be broadcast on Wed Night this week.

I have started a Survivor Thread on my forum for those who wish to discuss, complain or just gather and say something about the show. I welcome everyone's comments, if you have not already done so please sign up for an account.

This weeks episode starts off by showing how bad the survivors at the Ulong tribe. After tribal council, they managed to get lost in the woods and the weather didn't help much. When they made it back to their shelter they ended up sleeping in a bunch of mud.

For the rewards challenge, Jeff told them that the winners of the rewards challenge was going to eat that night, only it would be at Tribal Council. Both tribes will be forced tonight to visit tribal Council and vote a member out. The challenge was a swimming obstacle course where you had to work as a team to retrieveSaki Bottles at the bottom of the beach and had to gather a total of six of them to win the rewards challenge. Ian Rosenberger showed he was a very strong swimmer and gave the victory to Koror.

At Koror's very first tribal council, Willard Smith was the first member of the tribe to be voted off the game. After tribal Council, Willard gave everyone a word of encouragement before everyone crossed over to the Jury side to eat stewed bread and rootbeer while Ulong sat through for their tribal council.

At Ulong's tribal council, you could see that they were all getting very frustrated having to watch Koror eat while they continued their losing streak and had to vote yet another member of the tribe out. They all seemed to be blaming everyone else. Before the Vote, Koror voted once again, this time they were allowed to vote who from Ulong was to be given immunity from the vote. They voted to give Ibrehem Rahman, who ironically was who I thought the Ulong tribe was going to vote out, but instead he has been given immunity fior this vote.

When it was Ulong's turn to vote, they voted to a tie with Bobby Jon Drinkard and Angie Jakusz. The remaining three players voted again and voted off Angie, who was king of my darkhorse favorite. She was the last player chosen from the tribe, but was one of it's strongest players.

A side note, the show is on next Wed Night once again because of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.



Job Offer

Yesterday afternoon was filled with a good bit of excitement for me, I officially received a job offer from VARGIS to go work for them in Frostburg, Maryland. I interviewed there last week and felt real good about coming out of the interview.

Yesterday those feelings were justified when I received the official offer that I am accepting. It's just a small matter of dotting the i's and crossing the t's. I was having server problems yesterday as were they, so it should be finalized this morning. The entire employment package has already been discussed and negotiated where it is feasible for me to accept this offer.

In more than one way, I feel like I won something. Not so much the job, but I have stayed the path and tried to get a job in my particular field of study that I have worked four years in college getting some great hands on experience from some of the best teachers anyone could ever wanted to have had. Many college graduates never work in their field of study, to me this is what I wanted to do and have not been distracted looking for employment in other fields.

My official start date is Monday April 4th.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Welcome Home

To the Big East Tournament runners-up West Virginia Mountaineers.

Sunday Mornings

I tend to love the early morning hours. A time when the rest of the world is sleeping and I am wide awake.

Today should be a nice relaxing Sunday that starts out as all my Sunday mornings do with a nice little grocery shopping trip to Super Wal-Mart in Grafton. I go there every Sunday and I think I enjoy the nice little peaceful twenty minute drive along an old country road the most.

It's a time you can just tune in the radio. I really enjoy the Sunday Morning program when they pick a year and dedicate the entire hour to music dedicate to that year during that time slot.

I did manage to get everyone's pages completed yesterday for my website and I also switched the new design to the main directory so that it is now the page that loads when you use my George-Hall.Net name. I already had the formatting for each page done and the script to change the pictures when you revisit. I'll add additional pictures for everyone eventually, but I used a format when everyone has a picture of them displayed at the top of the page and then I tried to write a little something about each person. It's currently set up where everyone has two images that load with their page, that way theoretically it looks different every time you visit. If you want to see an example, just hit "F5" on your keyboard and it will reload the page.

I think navigation should be a little easier for everyone and can even help you understand who is who and who has what kids just by using the navigation.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday Morning Tidbits

* I love the weekends, it gives me achance to relax and reflect upon the week that has passed. I think I'm going to wotk on my website a little more today.

* Congrats to the WVU Men's basketball team.

* I am changing this into a tidbits post now because I have some additional things to say.

* I have taken my new website live now, It's not completely done, but it's at a point where I can publish it and add on to it from here. I have the skeleton of all immediate family members web pages up, just got to do the write-ups of everyone. I think the stumbling block is writing about people that are still alive. Sheeesh. I'll get it though.

* I have made a few changes to the Forum, I have added a few sections and am going to try to generate a little bit of traffic for the site. It's a great tool and should be a great way for everyone to keep in touch with each other and discuss a few common topics. Kim, Pam, George, and Mark have all signed up today. I have started a TV thread for us survivor lovers to discuss and a Humor section to post jokes or funny websites.

* I still haven't got the links sorted out, but I will get it eventually. If you want to see my old links page it is still HERE in case there is a link you want to go to.

* I also created my own unique Logo for the forum, I showed Kim how to do it a few weeks ago and wanted to do one for myself.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Nice long nap

Yesterday after I got home from my interview with VARGIS I ate a quick dinner and laid down on the couch to relax. I was half way tempted to go to take a walk on rails to trails, it was a semi-nice say and I was full of energy. So I thought.

next thing I know it's like 2:00 AM and I had missed survivor. I can't believe it, I missed my favorite television show.

My day started off pretty nice, Jean and I went to Frostburg a little early to drive around and get a look at the city. It's a small town of about 8,000 people. We drove around the Frostburg State campus. It was a beautiful campus and very nicely laid out.

The city is very small, but I think he word that first comes to mind in serene. It was a beautiful place and I felt very relaxing. I'll keep everyone updated.

I can't believe I missed Survivor though. For anyone wanting an update as to what happened on the show Look Here to get a recap.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mid-Week Tidbits

* Mother Nature has not been kind to me, kind of teasing me with some nice warm 60 degree weather before she plummets another storm upon us. Spring is right around the corner and it's getting time to hit the softball field before long.

* Just a little reminder for Randy. I'm sure he loves getting everyone's e-mails. Reminder to myself, write him when I finish this BLOG entry.
Subject: Cadet Hamrick

* I have been working on the formatting of my new design for my website, I've made a few changes from my original template that I had up. A lot of it has to do with easy of navigation for the visitor. A friend of mine at work showed me a nice JavaScript for the menu. Having this in there makes it look better and easier to navigate. Of course I'm doing a lot more pages, basically one for everyone in the immediate family. HERE it is, but it is still in the design and construction phase, so please be patient. Mark showed me a nice little variable for displaying pictures that I'm going to implement on all the family pages. Itg gives each page a little variety and allows me to easily add things to each page.

* Wish me luck tomorrow, I have an interview with Vargis, I'll keep everyone updated as to how well it went.

* WVU Mens basketball team enters the Big East basketball tournament tonight. We need to beat Providence and try to pull the upset and send top seeded Boston College a rude goodbye from the Big East.

* Kim has been under the weather a little bit this week, I' want to wish her a speedy recovery and hope she feels better.

* Speaking of Kim, she got her Mary Kay
buisness off and running this past weekend. She seems to feel she's off to a good start, wishing her luck.

* Mark Devault has entered the world of Blogging. It should be a nice little tie in to his databases.

* My next door neighbor and co worker John Robards wrecked his Jeep on his way to work a couple dasys ago. He's fine, but his Jeep is going to need a little bit of work.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Wish me luck

I have an interview this Thursday in Frostberg, Maryland. I really don't know a whole lot about the company other than what I learned over the internet and a brief phone call. The company is called Vargis and the position will be doing some photogrammertry work. I don't have a whole lot of experiance in it, but I have played with it a little.

Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Site overhaul

My website has sat dormant long enough and I felt that it was time to update and change it. I think I have the general shell of it up, but not completely. It still has a lot of tweaking and fine tuning to do to it before I make it the primary set of pages for George-Hall.Net.

In the last coupe of years everything I have done for my sites has been done in Frames. It was a nw litle trick I had learned a few years ago, but most people that I talk to tend to not like frames, so I am redoing my site with a completely different theme and no frames.

I have to send a thank you to Mark Devault for writing the code I needed for my startup page. It's been a trick that he has used for years on a lot of his pages that he designs where you have an image, or a set of images that are variables. Everytime the page loads or is refreshed there is a different image that is displayed. I liked the trick and feel it offers a little variety to the page.

I haven't completely finished the new site as of yet and I've just started to re-do the links page (talk about a complete mess) and start to publish it, but the majority of the site is at a Temporary Location for right now, or at least until I get done tweaking it to how I want it to look.

I have made a half dozen attempts to redo the site over the past few months, but have never got this close to completion as I have on this new design. There always seemed to be something along the line to make me scratch the project at some point or the other.

I'll keep everyone updated as to when I actually publish the new site, remember this is a temporary location. I have a lot of tweaking to to and may even add a few PHP features while trying to teach myself to write PHP.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Daniel and Kamey are now married

Got a little bit of a surprise announcement yesterday when my nephew Daniel and his Fiancee' Kamey made a surprise announcement that they were married yesterday.

Congratulations to both Daniel and his new wife Kamey as they begin their life's journey together.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Survivor Night

Once again, it is Thursday night and time for Survivor again. This is the third week of the show for this series. It's time again for the Ulong Tribe and the Koror Tribe do once again do battle and try to send the other tribe to tribal council while maintaining all the members of your tribe.

I checked the early poll results before the show and people are saying that Tom Westman is the early voters favorite to be the sole survivor.

The reward challenge was a swimming battle obstacle course free for all where teams were trying to swim out, retrieve a lifesaver and try to put the lifesaver onto a floating pole, while preventing the other team from putting their lifesaver up on their pole. Ulong dominated the challenge and won all three rounds of the free for all. For the second week in a row, Angie Jakusz, who was the final player chosen in week one when teams were decided, dominated the event and put on a dunking exhibition of the opposing players in the water during the challenge. Reward was some extra clothes and some sewing materials.

After the reward challenge, the camera went back to the Ulong tribe, and did a little piece on Bobby Jon Drinkard, who seemed to be doing all the day to day work at the camp that it needs to make it habitable.

Koror got a little bit of love from the cameras when they showed a little piece of when they killed a snake and hung it over a tree dangling over the water. Next thing you know there are a few sharks circling the dead carcass. They never did manage to get a shark, but the thought of a nice shark steak was on their minds.

For the immunity challenge, each tribe was clipped together, each tribe member had to carry an extra twenty pound back with them. If a tribe member can't go on, they must unclip, but their additional weight had to be carried by another tribe member. The two tribes ran around in a circle in the water until one tribe could manage to catch the other tribe. Led by a strong showing from fan favorite Tom Westman Koror won their third straight (out of three) immunity Challenge sending Ulong back to Tribal Council for the third consecutive week. This win give Koror a 9-6 advantage in tribe members over Ulong, Koror members still have not had to light their torches yet.

When Ulong got back to the beach, Jeff Wilson volunteered to be the one sent home. He had sprained his ankle the night before and still couldn't put any weight on it. Other members didn't want to vote for Jeff and made Kimberly Mullen a potential tribe mate to be voted out.

At tribal council and after the voting, Jeff was given his wish and was the third person from Ulong and the fifth overall member voted out of the game.

Tom Westman

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


* Every once in a while, I feel the need to do a tidbits post, considering tomorrow is survivor night I'll do one today.

* First off, Randy has went back to Mountaineer Challenge acadamy a week ago and I've already sent him my first e-mail Sunday. His address is:
Subject: Cadet Hamrick

* We were supposed to get hammered in snow this week, but we have managed to get just a small portion of what was initially predicted to get. OK, I'm ready for spring.

* Mom had to re-start her BLOG. Seems like she was having some password trouble and just restarted everything.

* My sister Kim changed around the formatting at her BLOG. It changed around all the sidebar information. I guess I was wrong last October when I thought I was Hacked, when in fact it was me who accidentily re-set the account simply by changing the formatting. oops.

* I did manage to get a few older pictures scanned this past weekend, no big surprises but I did manage to get 46 pictures scanned, uploaded and hosted.

* Gary contacted me and asked if there was anything I could do to help his computer. It seems to have become infested with massive amounts of spyware. I gave him three pieces of advice.
  1. Go to his administrative tools and turn off his Messenger Service. It's a network feature that can be used to send "Netsend" messages through an internal network. Easily exploitable by hackers.
  2. I then advised him to go and download Ad-Aware and immunize his system from any spyware that may already exist on his computer.
  3. I then asked him if he was running IE as his browser, (I already knew the answer) and advised him to go and download Mozilla's Firefox. These three things should easily fix his spyware problem.

* Depending on how tired I feel when I get off of work today, I may stop over at Mom's and try to get some more older pictures scanned.

* Lat week, Kim brought me some items that she had canned. I finally broke one of them open trying the salsa, I will honestly say that this is the best Salsa I have ever eaten. Remember I used to be a Potato Chip vendor at one time also.

* I finally got my copy of Morgantown Mahem and was actually won the Autographed Adam "Pac Man" Jones copy of the DVD. Scroll down to the bottom to see that I am the first winner!! Woo Hoo. I guess that makes me forget about the snow for a while. This gives me a regular copy and an unopened autographed copy of a guy predicted to go High first round this spring in the NFL draft. Great little reminder of my time spent at West Virginia University.

* It is over the hump day, we are half-way to the weekend!!!

* I'm getting ready to head to work, did I ever mention to anyone I Hate Snow.

* One post note, I have decided to play another year of softball if I am still in Morgantown all summer. I have thought about it all winter and have decided to leave Heiskell and King/Judies Lounge/Sports Page/Judies/Recourse/Walnut Lane and play with a new team this season. The old team has just had too many faces change and too much inconsistancy for me. I just want to have fun again. I'll be playing for Prime Thyme this summer and returning to playing with a group of guys who have slowly left our core of players we have had for years.