About Me

Well I am not sure what I can say about myself that my BLOG doesn't already reveal. I started writing a BLOG on September 11, 2004 because I had heard of this new thing called Blogging.

My sister Kim had done something similar to this when she used to design web pages, back in the day when HTML was the in thing and not just a small portion of the code. I found it interesting to read her thoughts and liked what she created. Soon afterwards I discovered BLOGGER and George's Journal was born.

By trade I am a GIS Analyst, it is what I do and it is who I am. I am also a Blogger. I don't particularly address any specific subject matter and it's more of my own documented journal of things going on in my own boring little life. I have tried to write on at least a daily basis since probably early 2007 and I can't recall too many if any days that I have either failed to write a blog or had a guest writer write for me.

My BLOG is also published on a few other sites including Facebook, and Feedburner as well as a few side websites that I had set up through the years.