Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes it is once again that time of the week that we all look forward to, when we take a little bit of needed and earned time out and cease our labors for the week and take a little bit of time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors. It is the dawn of yet another weekend and another Big Ole Hairy Friday.

If you are looking for a little bit of free entertainment for the evening, Madagascar 2 is playing down at the Hazel Ruby McQuain Amphitheater on the river. It's a good way for a little cheap or free entertainment for the kids on the evening, just bring your favorite place to park your hind end, your favorite beverage (Non alcoholic) and something to snack on and enjoy a free movie on the big screen under the stars.

Michelle is planning a "Ladies Night Out" with a few girls from work this evening. I think they are going out to dinner and then on to see a Chic Flic. Not sure how many will be going, but she thinks it will be a nice turnout.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a better weekend.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Subsititute BLOG

The plans for my original BLOG story have changed, so it is up to my the author to create some kind of a distraction. With that being said, enjoy the Dancing Monkey.

Move along, nothing to read here today.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua Nicholson

Late afternoon BLOG, my stupidity that I forgot to wish Joshua Nicholson a very Happy 3rd Birthday today.

Val had a birthday party for both Josh and his sister Erica a few weeks ago. I meant to do a BLOG earlier today, but it slipped my mind until my sweetheart reminded me on the way home that despite all of my electronic alerts, I forgot to post a blog for Josh.

Make sure that if you see Joshy today, to wish him a Very Happy Birthday on this very special day for him.

Hump Day

Well we have managed to make it to the middle of the week, just a couple of more days until another fun filled weekend.

I got home from work last night and got the opportunity to talk to Moke a little bit on facebook, he was sitting in a starbucks in Kuwait in the early AM so he could get a chance to talk to his girlfriend Ang. She was coming home from doing a few things and he wanted to talk to her from halfway around this big rock that we reside upon.

Hey have you heard the Brett Favre news? He is going to stay retired this time unlike the last two seasons when he came out of retirement to play one more year...again. This year he was considering on being a Minnesota Viking after being a New york Jet last year. Anyone think we haven't heard the last of this?

Enjoy your hump day, it's all downhill after today.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Season is Over

Another season has come and another season has gone. The 2009 MiHALEY'S softball season is almost now officially behind us and we look towards the 2010 campaign.

It is a sad time of the year for me, because it is the dawn of fall and football season that is just about to be upon us, as if that is a bad thing. It was a good year filled with its ups and downs, the feast and famine time periods with our bats as a team.

This culminates my 25th season of playing softball, I started way back in the summer of 1984 with Smitty's Fun Quads team (what ever a Fun Quad is). I'm sure there are numerous other seasons that could count if you included the times I played Fall League, but I was never too fond about going out in 20 degree weather 2 weeks after the World Series was over with and still trying to play.

I've made numerous friends through the years playing on a wide variety of teams. It's always the time of the year that I get most excited about, the time I look forward to when the snow is on the ground and you really can't have much fun outside. Another season has come, and another season has been placed into my memory bank forever.

Monday, July 27, 2009


* I have a few things say, and I thought a tidbits would be nice.

* First to the love of my life, thank you for the last 500 days since you have come into my life. It was 500 days ago that I took you to that god awful movie and I'm still trying to make it up to you. LOL Here is to the next 500 days.

* Softball season will officially end the regular season tonight. We're still on the playoff bubble for tonight's double header, but we are playing with a skeleton crew and it may be rough.

* We now have 93 geocaches found. Seven more and we will reach that 100 milestone. I have to say that I have enjoyed each and every one of them, no matter how challenging.

* WVMountainfest is now behind us. Despite less than favorable weather it appeared to once again be very successful for the area.

* Michelle and I are thinking about buying some bulk beef this fall. We are just putting a feeler out to see if anyone else may be interested in joining in and buying some local beef.

* Why are weekends so short and the work week so long? I even had an extended weekend. (sigh)Hi Ho Hi Ho....

Happy Birthday Daniel Bell

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Nephew Daniel Edwin Bell a very happy 25th Birthday. Wow, has it been 25 years? Where has the time gone. Daniel is a grown man now and living in Kentucky.

Kamey no longer appears to have her Myspace page, so my ability to keep up with what is going on in his life on a daily basis (either good or bad) has been extremely limited.

I would like to take this moment and wish Daniel a Very Happy Birthday.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day of some Firsts

I woke Michelle up early yesterday, it was the first Saturday where nothing was planned for a while and we decided to do a little bit of Geocaching.

Our first first of the day was Michelle's first trip to Apple Annies in Point Marion. Wouldn't you know there is a Geocache hidden there. I think she was impressed witht the delicious home cooked food. They were starting to bring their pies out as we were finishing up eating.

From there it was on on to Friendship Hill and me giving Albert Gallatin a little bit of advice on the art of reading a compass and geocaching. It was the first time either of us had been there and I have to say if you have never visited this historic site, take a few hours out and pay a visit.

From there it was on to Uniontown looking for caches and Michelle's first ever trip to the Uniontown Mall. It had been some time since I was last there, too many years to recall for me, but the last time I was there Value City was still located there.

We did pull into the parking lot of Sonic, a restaurant neither Michelle or I had ever been to and that we are getting two of in Morgantown. It's an old fashioned drive in with people on roller skates. I eagerly anticipate it coming to Morgantown.

After that is was back to Morgantown and both Mine and Michelle's first visit to Damon's for dinner.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Morning

Me and Hayley and both up and at em this morning. She went on about two hours of sleep and is already out the door assisting a friend on a party they are having this afternoon.

I'm contemplating waking my sweetheart up and doing a little bit of geocaching this morning. I twas thinking that I might like to spend the day in the Uniontown area doing some geocaches. It's a city we haven't really looked at, plus I would imagine there are a few up in that region that we should be able to find.

I've got Michelle's Coffee set and ready to start, maybe I'll wake her up once it's done and we can get a good start.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes it is once again that time of the week that we all look forward to. That time of the week when we cease our labors for the week and take a little needed time out to enjoy the fruits of our labors. It is once again the dawn of yet another weekend and a Big Ole Hairy Friday!!!

Today is going to be a very short day for me, I'm going into the office a couple of hours and I'm done for the week. All my files are on the network and they are physically moving the servers starting last night.

No Free movies tonight on the Mon, but there is plenty to do. There is the 85th anniversary of the Metropolitan Theater tonight at the met. There is also Mountainfest running all weekend in the Morgantown area.

For me and Michelle, probably a few Geocaches and staying around home this weekend. It's our first open weekend in a while and we might just take advantage of it.

Have a great day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taco Bell Chihuahua Dies

By Rennie Dyball

Originally posted Wednesday July 22, 2009 11:40 AM EDT
Gidget Photo by: Sue Chipperton / www.tailsticks.comTaco Bell Chihuahua Dies
She charmed millions without ever saying a word, and managed to make fast food tacos adorable. Gidget, the Chihuahua best known for her Taco Bell ad campaign, died from a stroke on Tuesday night at age 15.

"She made so many people happy," says Gidget's trainer, Sue Chipperton. PEOPLE met both Gidget and Sue at a Hollywood animals photo shoot in February, where the pup was a consummate pro and delighted the crew with her playful nature.

The mostly retired actor lived out her days lying in the sun – "I like to joke that it's like looking after a plant," says Chipperton – and entertaining at shoots when her trainer brought her along. "Gidget," says Chipperton, "always knew where the camera was.",,20293002,00.html

Thursday Tidbits

* Alright Bill, you asked for them, here are the tidbits.

* It has been 496 days since Michelle and I had our first date. Next Monday will be 500 days and we're still together. I must have her fooled into really liking me.

* Nothing planned this weekend, but Michelle and I have two weddings we are planning on attending the next two weekends.

* Hayley has been working the past couple of weeks at McDonalds in Westover. Michelle and I are both extremely proud of her, she has worked a crazy schedule and is learning some valuable life lessons at 16.

* Kim and Michelle are going to have lunch together today, hopefully they don't chastise me too much.

* Morgantown will be invaded with Harley's this weekend, it's Mountainfest weekend here in Morgantown. I anticipate a little bit of T-R-O-U-B-L-E as Travis Tritt is the headlining Musical act for the weekend.

* One of the cats has been in heat this week and there has been a cat outside of the house for a couple days now just waiting for her to be let out. I wonder if any of the local Chinese Restaurants would like him? LOL

* Tomorrow will definitely be a short day for me at work, they are moving one of our servers that I connect to, so my license won't be available. Oh woah is me, what should I do (go home)...LOL

* A statement that I have lived my life by for years is "Adversity Builds Integrity". It is a saying I have always said, I feel that troubled times builds ones character. I actually googled the Phrase and it got TWO results. One of which was mine posting on the Scout message board. I modified the old statement "A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner" and started using this phrase years ago. Being that there were two results and I am one of them, I have to wonder if I am the originator of that Phrase.

* Have a Great Thursday.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Part of Week Over

This has been a very busy week so far at work, I had to attend a workshop the past few days for the NATCARB workgroup. It was nice to be able to go back to WVU's Department of Geography and Geology. This was the first time that I have had a chance to go back to not only my Alma Mater, but to the Department where I studied for the first time since they have relocated from the old White Hall to the newly remodeled building at Brooks Hall.

I got a chance to see the new GIS Tech Center since they moved along with the department. They have built a virtual reality cave that I know Dr. Harris was working on when I was attending there, but it is now reality and fully functional and housed at Brooks Hall.

Now my week starts to slow down a little bit, the deadlines have been met, the meetings have all been attended with the exception of just one.

I have one project winding down as we are starting to gear up for the one I was initially hired for. The rest of the week should be pretty smooth, we are shutting our internal network down on Friday to move it over to the new building, so that may be a very short day for me as this move is made.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Planet Earth

This has top be one of my favorite DVD's series. Last night Michelle and I watched Caves, The Desert and the Arctic (one DVD of I think 5) of The Planet Earth. Being a Geographer I love this series, the camera work is nothing short of phenomenal and is a definite must see series.

The Discovery Channel pays the series that was shot over a few years by the BBC. It's a must see series for the entire family. I'm still working my way through the series, but we are in no rush to see this once on a lifetime documentary.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Michelle Not Up to Par This Morning

Well Michelle woke up this morning not feeling very well, running a fever,sore throat, coughing, eyes are a little on the swollen side and she is congested, she made the comment that she felt like her face could just pop off. She headed back to bed for some much needed rest. I will check on her later on and see how she is feeling.

Has it been 10 years?

Sometimes you have to take a moment and reflect upon your life and those who have been influential on who you are and what you have become.

It was ten short years ago that seems like just yesterday that one of the most influential men in my life passed away. Ten years since that fateful evening when you left us.

Dad we have all grown up in the last ten years, you became a great grandfather three times. All of these kids you can see you in, a tiny reflection of a man who moved on and the legacy that you left.

You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten, even 10 years later.

A Dat at the Zoo

Our planned day at the Zoo went rather well, despite the two groups showing up at different times and everyone being separated.

I know I had a great time, this is only my third trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo, hopefully I don;t wait 25 years until my next visit.

Of course we took a bunch of pictures from this weekend that I have hosted on my site.

For those who were able to make it, a big thank you. For those who weren't able to make it hopefully with my pictures you can enjoy our day with us.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The 28 toed cat

Michelle's sister suckered her Dad into one of her cats yesterday. A cat with 7 toes on each paw for a grand total of 28 toes.

I wonder if the fact that they live from a nuclear power plant had anything at all to do with this.

When I first saw the cat all I could think about was blinky, the three eyed fish from the simpsons.

Dave, Michelle's dad did become quite attached to the cat and took it home with him.

A Day at the Zoo

It is Z-Day, meaning "Zoo Day" and Michelle and I are in Pittsburgh. Last night we at dinner at Primanti Brothers, which coincidently happpens to be a few feet from our hotel we are staying at.

Today we as well as Pam, George and Calvin who will be joined by Erica and Josh will be joining us and Michelle's sister Chris and Jim, their daughter Amanda, and four of ftheir grandchildren as well as Michelle's Nephew Johnny and his wife Laura will all be joining up at the Pittsburgh Zoo together.

I'm going to see if they will allow me to wrestle a polar bear, I hear the odds favor the bear though.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Going out of Town

Michelle and I will be heading to the Burgh for the weekend. Today we will be going to Michelle's Sisters in Pittsburgh for a graduation party. I'm sure there might even be a geocache or two this weekend.

Tomorrow we are heading to the Pittsburgh Zoo. I'm ready to get out of town for a weekend.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes it is once again that time of the week that we all look forward to, when we get to cease our labors for teh week and take a little bit of time out to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors. It is the dawn of yet another weekend and another Big Ole Hairy Friday!!!!!

It's Friday night and if you are looking for a little cheap or free family entertainment, BOPARC's movie on the Mon tonight is The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie. Grab your favorite beverage and snacks and get something for your rear end to sit down on and enjoy the movie.

We'll about 99% chance be out of town this weekend. We're going to Michelle's Nephew's graduation party on Saturday and planning on the Pittsburgh Zoo on Sunday unless a Hurricane develops in the Gulf of Mexico.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Thursday Funnies (Thanks Michelle)

Very rarely do I find and e-mail that I would share on a blog, yesterday however Michelle sent me one that I think we all can get a good laugh out of.

Maybe this is the excuse I can use. I have a nmetal place in my head and I am always drawn to the Fridge.

Maybe I need to hit the trails a little more often.

Anyone know where she is eating, I like these kind of restaurants

I can understand this reasoning. Michelle said it reminds her of me, I swear you count one double greasy cheeseburger as a

I have also come to this exact same conclusion on my research. The donut hole is very healthy, you just have to eat the other parts to get to it.

This is me.

I'm not quite there yet, but I am no longer in such a hurry to get there.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hump Day Blog

Man is this week just flying by, could be that after a couple long days at work and a couple softball games right after that, that my days have been long and there has been little time to think about anything else.

However after work tonight I'll actually have a chance to relax after work as I won't have anymore softball games for two weeks when we have a double headers and close out the season. We had made a strong late midseason push to make the playoffs, but it doesn't appear as if we will make them in 2009.

Dinner last night (and every night) was awesome. Michelle made some steaks with Mushrooms, green peppers and onions sauteed over them and some nice fresh sweet corn on the cob. I'm a very lucky guy to have her.

Hi Ho Hi Ho

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is it Football Yet

The summer is past the 4th of July and there are a few weeks remaining until the NFL teams report for Summer Camp and High School Football players don the pads for the first time in the season. Soon there will; be two a day workouts and the sounds of pads cracking into each other through out the year.

Softball season is starting to wind down for us. We play tonight and two games in a double header in two weeks and that will be the season. It's closing earlier than it ever has for us this year. They are all caught up on rain outs and it is almost time to turn our attention to the Gridiron once again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Erica and Josh's Birthday Party

As you can tell, Gary was up to his old hijinx yesterday at Erica and Josh's Birthday party. A children's birthday party that of course included trick candles and at least one person getting a little bit of cake on their face.

I uploaded some of the pictures from yesterday to my General Pics of 2009 Album on my site. The software was having trouble reading a few of the files, I'll have to see if I can get that issue resolved.

Unlike any of Val's previous birthday parties, it was not 100 degrees outside nor were we in a torrential downpour during the party. Weather was nice and cooperative and I think everyone in attendance had a pretty good time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Seven Caches Dowm. Double Birthday Party

Yesterday Michelle and I decided to get out of town and do a little bit of GeoCaching for the day. We ended up doing seven of them between Morgantown and Clarksburg WE did three in Fairmont, Two in Clarksburg, one more in Fairmont on our way back and one final one in Morgantown before returning home for the day.

This morning we have our weekly grocery shopping on the agenda. Same as we do every Sunday Morning. Our freezers are pretty much full, so may be a lot of Fresh Produce today.

This afternoon Val is having Erica and Josh's birthday party at her house. The party is scheduled for 2:00 and I'll have my camera in tow.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A plan of doing doing some Geocaching Today

I think Michelle and I are going to possibly head south today to partake in a little bit of Geocaching probably South of Morgantown today. It's been a while since I have done any and I need to do a few of them. I am suffering from GDS (Geocaching Deficiency Syndrome). Hey, maybe I should copyright that phrase...LOL

I think we are at a go for next weekend and the Pittsburgh Zoo. Michelle and I will be going up Saturday for her Nephew's Graduation Party and will probably stay overnight in Pittsburgh and then head to the Zoo to meet up with anyone who wants to go. Pam, George and Calvin are also planning on going and I know some others have expressed interest in going. Call me or Michelle this week and let us know you are wanting to go.

A Special Thank You to my sister Pam for going out of her way to bring Michelle some cabbage Rolls. It was a pleasant surprise when she woke up.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes it is once again that time of the week that I know that I love. It is that time when you cease your labors for the week and take a little bit of time for yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labors. It is once again tge dawn of another weekend and another Bog Ole Hairy Friday!!!!!!!!

For those of you inquiring about tonight's Movie on the Mon, it's Kit Kitteredge: An American Girl. Grab your lawn chair, your favorite snack food and favorite beverages (NON-ALCOHOLIC I might want to specify) and head down tho the amphitheater for a free movie under the stars.

I got a chance to talk to Moke last night, he was in Shannon Airport in Ireland for a layover to his first destination. Me, Pam, Angela, Michelle, Moke and I think a couple of others were on the phone talking to him.

View Larger Map

He would love to hear from people. His e-mail address is for anyone who would like to send him an e-mail. He'll be halfway around this rock and I'm sure he will want to hear from everyone.

Sunday Val is having Erica and Josh's Birthday Party. I think she told me it will be at 2:00 PM, and Michelle and I will be there with Camera in hand.

I'm only working half a day today, enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

I need to Geocache

Last weekend the geocaching website was completely down, it wasn't working at all not even the side applications that also call on it like the Google Earth KMZ file. I think that since I have a birthday party this weekend, I might talk to Michelle and see if we can search a few others.

We are talking about going to the Pittsburgh zoo the following weekend, so I'm sure we can find a random on or two along the way. My GPS is feeling lonely and my iPhone just had a Geocaching 1.4 application upgrade.

I'm ready to go caching.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Midweek Tidbits

* I am sitting here trying to think about what to write and I am drawing a blank. Late night softball game and a short night of sleep causes the brain to not work as well in the early AM.

* Michelle is targeting a date of July 19th to take a trip to the zoo. We will be in Pittsburgh the night before to go to her Nephew's HS graduation and we are contemplating heading to the zoo the next day.

* I guess I am being called a fuddy duddy in a conversation between Michelle and Jane. Sheesh, I even plead the fifth and I get no love....LOL

* I wonder if there will be a Michael Jackson Funeral II, the return considering how popular this one has been.

* Moke is leaving today, not supposed to say where he is going other than he is leaving.

* I knew it, the new iPhone 3GS was just released and Kim had to have it. Why is that one bit of a surprise. Wait till she realizes we will get 4G before we get 3 G here in Morgantown.

* Ho Ho Hi Ho....I'm tired and off to work I go.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Nice Evening.

After a nice hard fought loss tonight on the softball field, we all ran over to MiHALEY'S for some good company, story telling and some great food.

It was a hard fought game, a game we lost 16-17 once again on a game ending play at the plate that saw us come up a little bit short. I think both teams agreed the Home Plate Umpire was horrible. The League President and Head Umpire played for the other team against us (he wasn't umping) and he thought the guy was horrible. Oh well, we'll do it again tonight in a late game.

Michelle and I had dinner at MiHALEY'S. I had a Hit Sausage Hoagie and she had steak. Mine was perfect as usual, but for the first time she didn't care for hers. The normal cook and manager didn't look at be at the bar this evening.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Back to Work

I had a nice three day weekend, but it is now back to reality and putting my nose back to the grindstone for the week. The three day weekend is now behind me and nothing anymore than a memory.

I do have a couple softball games this week, one tonight at 6:00 and one tomorrow night at 10:00. I don't mind the late games, I tend to play better when it is a little cooler out and I have had a little bit of time to rest.

Oh well...Hi Ho Hi Ho...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sunday Morning

Boy is this weekend just flying by, here we are again on Sunday Morning. Back to my normal routine of shopping and running errands for the day.

Yesterday was OK, we went to the Rosiak party again and managed to partake in yet another epic water battle. All I have to say is that the water was cold and the temps were a little lower than normal this year.

I did get a few pictures, but they are still on my camera.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July

After a great start to a 4th of July weekend last night with some karaoke at MiHaley's with the softball team celebrating Lisa Barnes's birthday, it is on to today and the annual Rosiak 4th of July Pic Nic at Trish's Mom and Dad's. I counted up how many of these that I have been to, and this I think will be my twelfth one in a row that I have attended.

I have my giant Super Soaker that I bought for my first one ready to go again for the annual water battle. If you have never seen one of these water battles I will just say they are merciless. If there is a dry spot on you anywhere, you're getting not only wet, but drenched and drenched again just to make sure there are no dry spots. You can run, and you can try to hide, but this tactic is usually not very successful as everyone targets you.

Later tonight we may attend the fireworks, at either Cheat Lake or downtown we are not sure yet. I'll bring my camera as I try to do every year so as I can add to the album.

Have a great and Happy 4th of July.

Pay attention to your news today, there may be a large fireworks explosion over the pacific today if the little sawed off North Korean runt is as stupid as expected.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes it is once again that favorite part of the week when we cease the labors for the week and take a little time out to just enjoy the fruits of our labors. Even though mine and Michelle's and probably a lot of other peoples have already started but it is the start of the weekend and another Big Ole Hairy Friday!!!!!

There will be plenty to do today. If you are looking for a little cheap (free) entertainment, movies on the Mon will be playing The Tale of Despereaux this evening at the Hazel Ruby McQuain Amphitheater. Bring your favorite beverage, some snacks and something soft to park your rear end on and enjoy a movies night out.

Michelle and I will be going to MiHALEY'S for a friend of ours birthday party this evening. Dan Barnes used to have Lisa's birthday party at his house, but has decided to move it to MiHALEY'S this year.

Enjoy your weekend, we will.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Getting there

Can I write a Big Ole Hairy Friday on a Thursday? This is my last day this week before a nice 4th of July weekend. I have a very time sensitive project that I have been working on the past 6 months that will be wrapping up pretty soon as we start to enter Hurricane Season. This will open up my work schedule for the Emergency Response and give me a little bit of a break. Staring at Tiny vectors all day and attributing them can wear your eyes out a little.

Michelle is talking about planning a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo sometime soon. It will probably be a weekend, so if anyone else would be interested, Maybe in the next couple of weeks we can get a schedule together and see who would like to go. Ticket's are $12.00 for adults and $10.00 for kids. More details to follow if we pick a date and see who all would like to go.

It should be a very busy and eventful weekend coming up for us, so I would look for me to put up some more pictures over the next few days.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hump Day Tidbits

* I think I am overdue for a tidbits, so let me bring one.

* Pam called Monday and said Moke got off fine, he should be in Wisconsin before heading to New York and then Germany.

* Me and Michelle will be busy both of the next two weekends. Birthday party for a Friend Friday Night and a yearly water battle this Saturday.

* Two weeks from now Val is going to have Erica and Josh's birthday party on the same day.

* No more softball games this week, but we will return to action Monday and Tuesday nights.

* Hayley has now got her first job, she has been training at the Evansdale McDonalds and will be put on the schedule for the Westover McDonalds after Thursday/ Both Michelle and I are very proud of her, she decided she wanted a job and bugged the until they hired her. Not an ounce of coaxing from either me or Michelle, we are very proud of her.

* Two work days down, two to go until my extended three day weekend.

* Kim, Robert, Brittany and Lynn are on their way back from Disney World. Leave it to Kim to find an iPod vending machine.

* Let's get this day over with, I'm ready for the weekend.