Monday, October 31, 2005


Tonight was Halloween and everyone managed to go up to Jean's for dinner and to take the kids trick or treating. This is a safe environment to take the kids out, and everyone seems to know this. Jean prepared 400 Candy bars to give out from 5:30 to 7:30 for the trick or treaters. Well, like I said everyone comes up for this and at 7:10 we gave the last candy bar away. That is 400 Trick or Treaters, minus the one or two that a few of us grabbed, but we had to turn the lights out prior to the 7:30 shut off time.

Everyone seemed to have a very good time, Rich's identical twin sister Richina made it for the evening as you can tell.

I think all of the kids managed to make out like bandits. Everyone seems to have a really good time. We managed to see both young and old and princesses and scary people coming to the door. The were many unique costumes that I saw tonight, surprisingly there was no really stand out theme or costume like in years past.

Pam did the duty of handing out the candy this year and did a great job at it. Almost to the point of a true professional.

It was a good evening.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


* It's been a while, maybe I need to do a little tidbits to catch up on everything.

* I was supposed to play in a Texas Hold'em tournament this weekend at Kim's, but I went to work Saturday and came home and tried to take a nap. Yeah right, I was done for the night.LOL

* Gary and Renee have moved this weekend. They now have Renee's dad's old house up here on 119 just past Nick and Terri's.

* This past week has been a bad one. We got an unexpected storm Monday that dropped a foot of wet snow on the area. The leaves hadn't fallen off the trees as of yet and weighted the trees down and caused them to fall. I was without electric for 27 hours. Val and Amy were both out for a couple days as was Terri. Things are slowly getting back to normal though.

* I did get a chance to talk to Terri for a couple minutes this week, it was when I was going and picking up Farida and taking her to a place where she could be warm during the power outage.

* I was talking to Mark Devault friday night at the Mohawk Bowl, He's organizing his sites and is in the process of moving his databases to to keep things a little more organized.

* Speaking of the Mohawk Bowl, I sat at the game with a long time friend and former teammate Smitty. It was good to see him and Emily, I swear I'm getting old she's in 9th grade now.

* Let's see, the Mohigans played and won Friday night, the Mountaineers will play this Wed and the Steelers play on MOndayNight Football this week. Talk about a slow week for football for me.

Have a good week.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Survivor Guatemala

First, let me say that I'm glad to have my electric back after losing it due to the snow storm a few days ago. I know a few others who still do not have it back, hang in there order will soon be restored and everyone will have electric and water again. I spoke with Val earlier today and neither her nor Amy have electric or water and my sister Terri still does not have electric.

This weeks show starts out with a little reminder of who needs to go. Make your own interpretation as to who I think deserves to be the next survivor that needs to be voted off and sent home packing. The popularity poll sees Steph retaining her lead among viewers of the most popular survivor, but her numbers have dropped about 10% points from last week. Her numbers are probably down a little because she has teamed up with the nutcase with A.D.D.

The show starts right off with a rewards challenge. Each team starts with a member who has to wrap 30' of cloth around their body, then they and the next person go and THEY wrap 30' of material around both of them and so on and so on, once all four members have all the cloth wrapped around them, they then need to do the exact opposite and unwind all the material around the polls one by one. Five members from each team participate with one helping to wind and the other four wrapping themselves. The reward was for Chocolate that just happened to be initially discovered on the isle of Guatemala and a tour of the island. Yaxha won the reward challenge by a large distance. They had all five members across the finish line before Nakum got two across. A.D.D. boy didn't participate for Nakum. Have I ever mentioned what survivor I don't like?

After they received their reward, Yaxha traveled to Nakum's tribe so they could invite them to a pool party back at Yaxha and they also shared some of their extra chocolate that they had brought back with them from the rewards challenge. They enjoyed their little visit, but Jamie didn't seem to want to stay for too long.

At the immunity challenge the teams had to break into two teams of five. Three members from each tribe had to run out one at a time to find one of twelve large puzzle pieces. Once all twelve pieces were returned, the remaining two survivors had to assemble a large puzzle. The first tribe to re-assemble their puzzle would win immunity. Nakum was the first team to get their puzzle assembled, sending Yaxha back to tribal council to vote off another member. This will drop Yaxha down to their final four members and will leave ten survivors left in the game. Could next week be the merge?

At Tribal council, Amy O'Hara was sent home. At Tribal council, Jeff added a new twist by sending the surviving Yaxha member to the Nakum Tribe's camp rather than their own. The game just went to the merge with it's final ten members.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Weekend Wrapup

* Survivor Toyland was an interesting read. Someone has a very interesting imagination. Needless to say that I was surfing the net and saw this.

* Mokie took his ACT this weekend. I was talking to him Saturday after he took it and he thinks he did well. It was a 5 hour examination and you could tell he was exhausted. He has a lot of motivation and drive, I'm looking foreword to the day he graduates from college.

Brittany had her homecoming dance this weekend. Kim and Mom drove up to Linsley so they could do her hair for the homecoming dance. I know she was very excited about being asked to go to the dance.

* Congratulations first go out to Michael Toth and his girlfriend. They are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy Christopher Michael Toth.

* Congratulations also go out to JD and Crissy Lewis for their little bundle of joy they received Saturday. They are the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl, Kara Danielle Lewis.

* The Morgantown High Mohigans ran their record to 9-0 on the season, WVU was cancelled because of Hurricane Katrina and the Pittsburgh Steelers manhandled the pathetic first place Cincinnati Bengals 27-13. The score was closer than the game.

* Weather has been rather bad all weekend, it's been rainy and dreary all weekend. This is the kind of weekend that you stay home and watch movies.

* Have a good week.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Survivor Guatemala

It's once again Thursday night, and it is once again time for Survivor. In the preshow it should be no surprise that Stephenie LaGrossa still once again has a very large lead in the favorite survivor poll.

As I recall from the previews last week, I think that a couple survivors actually got into a fight on this weeks show. However, I'll have to wait till the show starts to be able to see this.

The show starts with a little talk about what happened last week. Then comes the reward challenge, and Jeff announces that both tribes will be going to tribal council tonight. That means one member from Yaxha and one from Nakum would be going home tonight. In the battle of the women Yahxa wins a push of war. In the Men's battle Nakum won, and in the tie-breaker where it was one man and one woman Nakum takes a 2-1 lead. Then women going on women again, it was tied 2-2. In the final matchup Nakum wins the final one.

This also sends Yahxa to an individual immunity challenge where one player wasn;t going home tonight. The individual immunity challenge was a race for puzzle pieces to form a two word sentence. Rafe Judkins won the individual immunity challenge and is safe tonight at Tribal Council. Of course he had a little help from Judd who revealed to him the phrase was "Ancient Ruins". I think they should kick him off the game for helping someone out in an immunity challenge. Send him packing is my opinion.

Rafe does have another advantage tonight, not only will he sit in Nakum's Tribal Council, he has the opportunity to sit in on Yaxha's challenge.

At Nakum's Tribal Council, Judd was the complete ass that I said he was a few weeks ago. Unfortuantely, WVU Grad Margaret was sent packing. Personally, I would like to kick that loud mouth piece of shit Judd square in the nuts and choke the worthless piece of shit. If he makes it to the Merge, I'll boycott the show the rest of the way out. Attogant piece of Shit New York Doorman. His 15 minutes of fame are over with, get rid of him.

At Yaxha's Tribal Coouncil, Rafe was able to give immunity to one member of the yaxha tribe. His choice for immunity will remain a secret until the votes are cast. After the votes were cast, Brian Corridan was voted off.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Brittany

Today is October 16th and it is my Neice Brittany's 15th Birthday. I don't know where the time has gone, but it seems like just yesterday they wheeled her out of the birthing room and she laid there as a newborn.

Talk about a little girl who just captures your heart, she is one that just being around her makes you forget your days troubles.

She is in town this weekend and I called her this mornign to wish her a Happy Birthday, but she was still catching some Z's and sleeping. Kim said that she would have her call me when she wakes up.

To say that watching this little girl grow up into a young beautiful woman is an understatement. She has managed to achieve academically and make the honor roll numerous times, and now she is enrolled at a very good prep school at Linsley.

Kim said she is going to go with John and Rita in a little while and they she won't see her much today. I'm sure Ed and his parents have a big day planned for this little treasure.

I just want to take these few minutes and wish Brittany the happiest of birthdays. I'll try to get her school e-mail address, but I think her home e-mail is but I'm not sure how often she checks that address. Updtae, her e-mail address is

Happy 15th Birthday Brittany Dae Cummings.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

WOW, what a game

Wow what a game. 19th Ranked Louisville came into Morgantown in a battle for Big East Conference supremacy. WVU ws behind 24-7 in the 4th quarter and that set up the stage for a great comeback. We managed to push the game into overtime and managed to win it 46-44 in TRIPLE OVERTIME!!!!!

I have a funny feeling that some excess furniture might be burned in Morgantown tonight.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Once again Survivor fans, it's Thursday night and you know what that means. It's time for the Steph-a-holics to unite for your weekly ritual once again and tune into CBS and enjoy the best reality show on television. You have to love this as a lead in to a new weekend.

On the pre-show poll watch, the sexy Stephenie LaGrossa once again enjoys a very large lead in the most popular survivor poll. She's pulling in 45% of the vote compared to second place Bobby Jon's10%.

At the start of the show, the great Margaret was discussing the shipdits Judd's betrayal of his original tribe last week at tribal council. Obviously he doesn'tr understand the power of the WVU alum and turned his back on it once again. Personally zI think the man should be dipped in honey and fed to bears.

For the rewards challenge they were playing for dinnner and a floating crocodile proof swimming cage. Yaxha and Nakum battled through a short obstacle course to obtain four handles. Once the four handles were obtained they were to be given to four other tribe members where they formed a big crank and pulled in a big wooden cart and to the finish line. Yahxa had one of the biggest margins of victory in any challenge that I think I have seen since I started watching survivor. Jamie Newton couild not manage to complete the first part of the rewards challenge obstacle by pounding a sharp rock through a rope.

This had to be a crushing blow to our heroine Steph, who just can't seem to have any luck at any rewards challenges or immunity challenges.

Once they returned from the immunity challenge, Judd was mouthing off to everyone and I think they need to assasinate his New Jersey rear end at dawn. I think he must be a Pitt fan, becasue he really is an arrogant pigs rectum. I never have liked hima nd will enjoy the day he is gone.

At the immunity challenge, the two tribes breaks into two groups of three survivors and basically play a big game of catch with a catapult and a net. The object was to fire a ball from the catapult and try to it. This looks a like a challenge where your team needs to work as a team to accomplish this feat. At the challenge Lydia Morales came up HUGE for Yaxha and allowed them to claim immunity. This will be only the second tribal council since Steph started playing the game last round that she will NOT be taking part in! Woo Hoo, we get Steph for another week.

Now that Nakum's winning streak is over with, they now have to make a trip to tribal council. If you ask me who I think will be going hime prior to council, I would have to say Frat Boy Blake Towsley, however they don;t have the numbers to vote him off, so this could be interesting to see who goes home.

At Tribal Council I was a little surprised to see that previous trival alliances didn't really matter and Frat "Golden Boy" Blake was voted off by a 4-3 vote.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

OK, I'm guilty

I laid down last night about 7:00 and made the mistake of putting the TV on ABC. The Pittsburgh Steelers played on Monday Night Football. I guess there is something in the subconscience that says the Steelers game is on...WAKE UP.

I couldn't deny that inner voice and my body woke up and just wanted to check the progress of the game and I was going back to sleep....Right.

Next thing I know it's 1:00 and I'm trying to catch up on Big Ben's knee injury. I tried to lay down and go to sleep, but when I woke up and started watching the game I was done.

My alarm was supposed to go off a half an hour ago, but I'm still wide awake. So, I called the guy who rides with me and sent an e-mail to my boss, I'm taking a personal day and realxing.

It's a long stretch between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, and we are basically right in the middle of that stretch, so I guess now is as good as a time as ever to just take a day off.

Steelers Won!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Back to work

The weekend is over and it was back to work in Frostburg. It was a fairly uneventful weekend for me, however I did manage to have a good day at work. I'm writing this program at work that's going to reduce some serious manhours on a very large project that we have.

It's called an AML (Arc Macro Language) and I have written a few smaller ones, but never one with so many variables that needed to be called. I'm not really a programmer like a few I know. I was quite happy with how this is developing.

Tonight may be a late night, the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to hammer the San Diego Wannabes tonight on Monday Night Football.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Survivor Night

Yes Blog readers, it is once again Thursday night and time for another episode of SURVIVOR!!!

In the preshow I checked out the popularity poll and Steph is winning by a large margin over a distant secondBobby Jon and third place Gary Hogeboom. Not really many surprises in the polls though other than the fact that the WVU Grad Margaret isn't winning the polls. You would think that people would realize that since Margaret graduated from WVU that she obviously deserves to win the popularity polls, and the Million Dollars. I guess that since no one is going to roll over and give her the win that she'll just have to beat everyone.

In the rewards challenge which was right after the start of the show, it turned out to be a trivia type thing when people on your tribe voted for specific things. They asked who needed the most nourishment, and the two tribe member who won were given some food. They asked who was the smelliest tribe member and they were given a shower. They then asked who was most deserving of a picnic, one man and one woman from each tribe. Then it was asked who had the most tribal pride, the most loyal member remained with their tribe and remaining survivors switched tribes. It's early in the game, but that was a nice little switch to throw at them, but I personally thought it was a little early in the game to pull a move like this.

During the pic nic, Margaret asked Gary once again if he was a former football player, and he once again denied that he is a retired NFL Quarterback and tried to play off that he is a landscaper.

I think if there were one survivor I would want to punch in the nose, it would have to be that sneaky snake in grass Judd, I don't know what it is about him, but I really don't like him even though he has sort of made an alliance with Steph.

For the Immunity Challenge the tribes had to paddle out and gather three bags that were full of clubs and then paddle back in to shore. They then had to throw the clubs at three targets that were 40, 50 and 60 yards away. No single tribe member could hit more than one target. You would think that an NFL QB would be the ace in the hole in this challenge. Nakum was the first tribe to reach the beach then followed by Yaxha. However Yaxha won immunity and sending Steph and Nakum back to tribal council yet again. You would winder though why Yaxha didn't have Gary throw? Man she has to be tired of going

Prior to tribal council the old Yaxha members and the old Nakum tribes who are now Nakum were trying to position for strategy. It was just announced Steph is 4 for 21 in challenges. However, the tribes are currently tied at 4 members from each other tribe and both sides were trying to jocky for position. I think that butthead Judd is the key to how this vote goes tonight, if he is stupid enough to join the old Yaxha members, he may eliminate a few of his team matess, but he would have sealed his fate for teh game by putting his tribe down on the numbers.

When all the votes were read, Brooke Struck was voted off.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Big Bear Lake

Jean and I went up to Big Bear Lake last night. It's the first time that I have been to Patty's campground, and I do have to say that I am very impressed with all the work that Mickey has mananged to do up their this summer. He's doen a great job. It was nice sitting around the camp fire and talking about my days living down in the Valley and actually having the opportunity to catch up with Patty and Judy on what is new in the Valley and what everyone has been up to.

I managed to come home last night so I can get back to my normal routine of shopping, laundry and cleaning under way. However siing arounf the campsite that was right on the lake I felt like I was sitting ina corona comercial on the beach. It was a VERY peaceful and serene setting and I really enjoyed myself. It's a campsite, but it is far from roughing it, it was actually very comfortable.

Oh Well, I'm off to start my Sunday. The Pittsburgh Steelers are off this weekend.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Weekend

Hey everyone I hope that everyone has had a good weekend so far. Mine has been pretty good. I woke up early this morning and Jean and I went to Clarksburg. We made a little side trip stopping and talking to her brother Mickey in Bridgeport, then it was on to Ryan's Steakhouse in Clarksburg. WOW, was I ever impressed with the place. We caught them in between serving their weekend breakfast and their lunch buffet. Needless to say I give it two thumbs up.

Afterwards we headed to the Meadowbrook Mall, Jean wanted to stop and do some shopping. We initially went up to the East Point shopping plaza because the new Sam's Club was supposed to open up, but that's not until tomorrow.

I did manage to stop by Cell One and talk to them about my Cell Phone, it seems to cut out after about fifteen minutes of conversation, I had an upgrade done to it to enable it to read the new towers, we'll see if that solves the problem.

Then we headed to Sam's in Fairmont, they are getting ready to close that one when the new one opens up.

This evening we are going to take a trip up to Big Bear Lake Campground. Patty has a double lot on the lake with a cabin on it and Mickey has done some renovations this season to the place, so I'm going up for the evening. I think jean may be staying, but I have to come home so I can do my normal Sunday routine tomorrow.

I'll be sure to grab a few pics. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.