Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's Thursday and you know what that means!

Yeppers Survivor fans, it is Thursday and it's SURVIVOR NIGHT!!!!!!!! Woo Hooo The one regular show that I love to watch. Funny story, two weeks ago I managed to fall asleep and miss most of the show. Last week I saw the show but slept right through my alarm. Josh, the guy who rides to Frostburg with me was pounding on my door, calling me on my cell phone and my alarm was going off....for nearly 2 hours. Hopefully this will be a little simpler tomorrow morning.

Ok, where to start. Oh, you may want to check out the Survivor Blog to see what some of the former players are having to say. Stephenie LaGrossa is winning the fan poll as the most popular survivor with Bobby Jon coming in second place in the Voting.

This week started off real quick with a rewards challenge, it was a challenge to build a tent, butt hey had to build it blindfolded. The reward was a lot of comfort items such as pillow and blankets that could be used back at their respective camps. The Yaxha and the Nakum tribes battled it out. Nakum came from behind and won the race in front of a temple that looks like the one used in the movie Beastmaster. I wonder if it the basis for the movie prop.

At the Nakum tribe Judd Sergeant had the nerve to disrespect WVU Grad Margaret Bobonich. I'm not for certain but I think it is a long standing law in Guatemala that if you disrespect someone educated at a fine institution like WVU, that executed. I'm pretty sure that this is a law, so get him the heck out of there so Margaret can keep playing.

For the immunity challenge there was a tree mail that mentioned human sacrifice, hmmm, how ironic. Maybe Nakum can lose the challenge and put Judd's head on the tribal chopping block. The Challenge was a game of cork ball, it's like an elevated game of soccer, but you have to pass the ball around and can not move with it. The object is to get the ball through a hoop. The first tribe with 5 goals wins the immunity challenge. During the basketball/soccer type game, Jeff gave a temperature update of 114 degrees. Nakum managed to win 5-3, sending Yahxa back to tribal council for the second time this game. This will leave them 1 survivor down for the game. Poor Steph, she can't seem to avoid Tribal Councils with the exception of the first round of this seasons game.

At Yaxha's second tribal council (they have lost 5 out of 6 overall challenges, I wonder if Steph feels like she's back in the old Ulong tribe from last round) the members discussed on who they were going to vote out. Brianna Varela was the one who the buzz said was the one going home. She didn't really give much of an effort in the immunity challenge.

After all of the votes were counted and at a 5-1 margin, Brianna ws sent back to shopping in the malls and off the island.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Bit's O' Tid

Yes loyal readers it's time for another tidbits post. I know how you guys love reading this stuff.

* It was a semi decent football weekend for me. Morgantown High managed to extend their undefeated record to 19 games this weekend when they traveled to Wheeling Park and escaped with a 21-18 victory.

* WVU kind of let me down this weekend, they did manage to win 20-15 against an East Carolina team that they should have beaten by 4 touchdowns. #3 Ranked Virginia Tech in next on the agenda. The Turkey hunt is now officially one.

* The Steelers lost their first game of the year against the pathetic defending Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots 20-23. That's OK, we are kicking their collective asses this January and going to the Super Bowl.

* Congrats to my Sister Kim for finally making it back to work after a couple months of turmoil. I'm sure she enjoyed the time off, but I think she enjoyed getting things back to normal more though.

* This past Saturday I worked again, that's the last two that I have woke up early in the Morning and Traveled to Frostburg to work by myself basically. If those who decide my salary are reading this, think BIG PAY RAISE. I've more than earned it.

A congratulations to my Nephew Moke, he has now passed his drivers test and is now a licensed driver. He also is studying to take his ACT in the month of October, he has shown a lot of interest and a lot of drive and I thinkt he sky is the limit for him. He's wanting to go and study engineering, hopefully he will go to WVU, but that's going to be up to him.

* Some good news on my Nephew Randy, he has decided to continue his education even beyond his graduation and is study auto repair at the Vo Tech center. I got a chance to talk to him briefly last week and see seems to be excited doing what he is doing. I think he has a real interest in the subject.

* I really haven't spoke with anyone lately except for Jean for a couple minutes this weekend and Kim for a couple minutes this morning. I've been real busy driving home a project at work. That particular one shoudl be winding up this week. I designed it from scratch with no predefined methodology and had a comment from the client that the data was remarkably clean. Makes you feel pretty good considering whot he client is telling this to.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Survivor Night

Alright, last weeks post was a little bit under written. I fell asleep and really had nothing to go on so I tried to just say something.

Like all the previous versions of Survivor, Jeff broke all the contestants into two equal tribes. Yaxha who will be wearing the buffs and Nakum who will be wearing the yellow buffs.

As everyone knows there are two previous survivors from last season returning to play this round, Steph and Bobby Jon. Steph mananged to avoid her first ever tribal council, last round she was the lone standing member of her tribe that never one a single challenge.

I did catch a little about last weeks show that I missed, I noticed that former NFL QB Gary Hogeboom wasn't going to let anyone know who he was. I wonder if anyone will figure it out. Damn Dallas Cowboy players, you got to hate them.

The rewards challenge was an obstacle course and you could tell that the survivors going four days without any water was really taking its toll on the survivors. Nakum did managed to win a very close race where the survivors needed to climb a spider web type obstacle and untie a bag and drop it into the water and return it to the starting point. Of course Nakum won because they were led by WVU Grad Margaret Bobonich.

During the commercial break, I did notice a Survivors type BLOG where some of the old players had a chance to discuss the game at hand. Johnny Fairplay (Big Asshole who faked grandmother's death) is one of the posters.

When the show came back, you could really see that the lack of water and proper food was really taking a toll on some members of both the Yaxha and the Nakum tribes.

For the immunity challenge the two tribes matched up for a tug of war in the mud where it turns out to be a free for all where you can attack members of the other team. Maybe it's just me, but I love watching women wrestle around in the mud. After 15 minutes, they had a stalemate and it came down to a series of one on one rounds with tribe members. Best if five series, Nakum beat Yaxha three to nothing. Gary Hogeboom was one of the guys who went for Yaxha, but he lost in the individual challenge. One of the girls knows who he is and happened to mention that he was a Quarterback, so his identity that he wanted to hide was blown. He'ss till denying it, but Danni Boatwright from the other tribe was a sports caster and knew him. It'll cost him in the long run though.

Losing the immunity challenge sends Yaxha to Tribal council for their first time. The pre-vote came down and led you believe that Lydia Morales was going to be the first member of the Yaxa tribe to be voted off. When it came down to the vote, it was that Morgan McDevitt was voted out with a 5-1 read vote.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Calvin's Birthday Party

I went to Calvin's 10th birthday party today. Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time. I got a chance to talk to Val and Amy, amy had confirmed that Tucker has never returned, so my initial premise is probably correct.

George did somethign unique while designing his new kitchen, he designed and made his counter tops out of concrete. Yes, all the counter tops are solid concrete that George and Moke designed, formed, stained and sealed.

Blowing out his candles

Calvin Finding the good stuff.

Someone say party?

Woo Hoo...ICE CREAM!!!!

I'm all Partied out.

Concrete Counter tops George designed.

Pam and George's new Kitchen


Hey, I actually have a few things that I can write about and do a decent tidbits.

* Last Thursday Night my Survivor post was rather short and insignificant. Truth be told I get up at 3:00 AM and I laid down early and set one of my Alarms to 7:45, a good 15 minutes before survivor started. I woke up around 8:35 and it took me a couple minutes to get my bearings. I'll do better this week.

Happy Birthday to my Nephew Calvin. Today, September 18th is his 10th birthday. I talked a little bit with Jean this mornign and her and I will be going up yo Pam and George's for his Birthday Party and she told me that he stayed down here with her last night. Needless to say this has me starting to wonder "Where did the Last 10 years go?" I'm feeling older and older. Anyways, I'm sure Calvin will eb having some fun today beating a Video Game or two.

* So far on the weekend, my football teams are 2-0. Morgantown High extended their winning streak to 18 games by crushing East Fairmont Friday Night. The WVU Mountianeers are starting to exceed my preseason expectations already. They manhandled the Maryland Terrapins 31-19 yesterday, but the score was much closer than the game. Maryland scored 14 quick points in the 4th quarter to make it close, but they could not stop the Mountaineer running attack.

I was talking to Mom yesterday and she told me that she had made the trip up with Kim to Linsley to pick up Brittany. She seemed to be very impresssed with the school and she also said that Brittany has adapted rather quickly to this type of dorm style school. I think this will also help to prevent any seperation anxiety should she choose to go to a school different than the one her favorite uncle highly recommends.

I called Kim this morning to see how she was doing, judging by this picture she is quickly recovering and on her way back to health. She and Robert are going away for a much needed vacationa dn also to celebrate their second wedding anniversary on Tuesday. I think both of them are looking foreward to the trip and she is actually a little excited to finally be going back to work NEXT monday. Slowly but surely her life is returning to normal.

* I said I was going to call Terri sometime this week, but I just haven't found a time where we both had a few free moments. Mom said she talked to her this past week, I need to get in touch with her to see how everything is going. She's not a phone person and we work 100 miles apart from each other and polar opposite times.

* I'll make sure to get a picture or two from Calvin's birthday so I can post it online. I got up and got motivated this morning. Getting everything done earlier and have a chance to enjoy the day.

* Kim said her and Brittany went out shopping for a Homecoming dress for Brittany. She didn't go into detail, but she said it's a nice dress. I'm loking foreward to seeing a picture or two of her in it.

* Sunday's are nice relaxing days, hopefully the Steelers will ring up win #2 on the season. Mohigans (4-0), Mountianeers (3-0) and the Steelers (1-0) have yet to let me down on the year yet! Wouldn't it be sweet if none of them lost this year!

* Have a good day and Go Steelers!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


The start of the new season started tonight. Not much to say yet, just getting a feel for the new crew. Margaret Bobonich is my favorite just because she's a WVU grad.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesdays Tidbits

* Hmm, not really a whole, lot to say, so I guess it's time for a tidbits.

* Just a little reminder to everyone, but this Thursday Survivor starts again.

* This past weekend was a good football weekend for me.
  1. Morgantown High School won their football game
  2. West Virginia University won their football game
  3. The Pittsburgh Steelers demolished the Tennesee Titans.
* I'm thinking about working this Saturday. Nothing definate, just considering going in.

* I started to do an audio BLOG this morning while I was waiting for the guy who rides with me to Frostburg, but he showed up before I thought about what I wanted to say.

* I haven't talked to Terri in a few weeks, I need to give her a ring sometime this week.

* I'm in a couple Fantasy Football leagues this year. My money leage with my buddies and a work league for fun. I won in both leagues this weekend. It really was a good fotball weekend for me.

* 4 or 5 months ago someone sent me a link on how to sign up for a free year of Maxim magazine so I did. Never thought it would ever amount to anything, but I was wrong. I received my first edition in the mail today. Maxim is my favorite magazine and I buy it on the newsstands anyways. Nice to get a year free.

* I see that the gas prices are continueing to drop. Not as far as I would like to see but they are getting there. I'm hoping that they will drop to FREE.

* I went and visited Jean yesterday, she had a minor printer problem I went and looked at for her. Nothing major, just needed to unload the Que.

* Have a good day

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A family reunion of sorts

Today was a retirement picnic for Bill Trevillian. He had been a member of the Morgantown Fire Department for 28 years and has finally decided to hang up his firefighting boots. I hadn't seen that part of the family for a few years, so I decided to go and try to see everyone and catch up on what has been happening. When I first got there I was greated by my Cousin Sharon. She was a little busy manning the BBQ area. The Burgers were cooked to absolute perfection needless to say. A little later I my Uncle Ralph showed up and I got a chance to talk to him for a little bit. He's been retired for thirteen years now and manages to keep himself busy doing a little handy man work around town. Just enough to keep him active and give him a chance to get out of the house a few hours a week. He looks just as healthy today as he did when I was growing up as a kid.

The biggest surprise came when I got to see Lynne for the first time in probably twenty years. We mananged to work on the same hill together for four years and never did get around to having lunch or anything before I left the NRAC.

Let's see if I can summarize this.

* Sharon and Bill Sharon retired a few years ago after working for Jim Prete and Bill just retired from the Fire Department.

* Ralph and Kathy Are still happily married and have a wonderful young daughter named Katie.

* Lynne and Jimmy. Jimmy is still working at Mylan and Lynne is at the University and has been there for sixteen years now. They have twin boys who are going to be Sr's this year.

I did manage to talk to Sharon a little about maybe getting some old family pictures scanned. I don't know what anyone has, but I would like to get what ever I can scanned for the next generation to be able to see the years that have passed.

It was a great day and I'm very happy I had the chance to see everyone.

Bottled Water

This is a clip from Penn and Teller's Showtime show Bullshit.

Bottled Water

I have always thought this was funny, now I have found the file on the net.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The 2005 Prime Thyme Softball Team

What a great group of guys to have been associated with. Let's not forget we also had the best and most dedicated fans at BOPARC. It will be a year I will never forget. Let's do it again!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Audio Post Test

this is an audio post - click to play


OK, minus the title it posts itself to your BLOG which is rather neat. It's free and simple, all you have to do is Sign Up

End of a four day weekend.

Wow, talk about a nice and relaxing weekend and this was it. I really didn't go anywhere or do anything other than stay home and play on the internet and watch a few DVD's. Not including going out this morning and paying my property taxes do I could get my tags renewed on my car before October 1.

It's been a pretty slow weekend, nothing exciting happened other than the WVU game on Sunday and Morgantown High running their record to 2-0 on the season by beating Elkins Friday Night.

I see by my Sister Kim's BLOG that she is doing much better. She called me Sunday morning and I was attempting to talk to her and put groceries away simultaneously, I managed to do both at the same time.

I did make a slight change to BLOGGER over the weekend, I'm seeing a growing trend in spammers in the comments to BLOG's. I noticed my Nephew's Wife Kamey started getting spam and then I got one that I deleted and now I'm starting to see it pop up more and more. So, me not wanting to cooperate with the spammers made it where when you want to leave a comment on my BLOG you have to type out a word before it submits. It's a nice little distraction for the evil spammers.

* I did hear some insider information on my favorite show Survivor Guatemala, the 11th round of survivor starts on September 15th (Next Thursday) and I have already learned that there is a WVU connection for the first time to the show. Margaret Bobonich is a former WVU student of Nursing. She has to be my early sentimental favorite as for now. The most hated survivor has to be Gary Hogeboom. He played Quarterback in the NFL for ten years, six for the Dallas Cowboys. I hope he gets voted off first.

The insider information that I have heard is that two former survivors will join the cast of Survivor Guatemala. CBS is trying to keep it a surprise as to who the two former survivors are that will be playing this round but I found out already. They are Bobby Jon Drinkard and one of last rounds sentimental favorites Stephenie LaGrossa of the pathetic Ulong tribe. the only tribe that NEVER won a challenge in the history of survivor.

I'm anticipating the start of a new round.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

WVU gets first win of season.

The West Virginia Mountaineer Football team started out their 2005 campaign against co-defending Big East Champions Syracuse and mananged to walk away with a 15-7 win despite turning the ball over five times.

The Offense looked a little rusty, but show some serious promise for the future. We some big time game experiance for two of our young Quarterbacks and our Heralded True Freshman running back.

The defense played a solid game all the way through.

We are now 1-0 and 1-0 in the Big East. This could very well have been our toughest in conference road game for 2005.

Some potentially very sad news

I heard some potentially very sad news yesterday. Tucker, my sister's dog of some 17 years has disappeared. I guess he was let out Thursday Night and he would scratch to get back in, but never did.

Tucker has been the family pet for a long period of time, ever since Terri first got him in the 1980's. We weren't sure of Tucker's age, but I'm thinking at least 18 Human years (That's 126 in dog years). I had a bond with Tucker and I think everyone in this family did. He was very excited to see anyone, and he was also quick to defend his family. I place his first appearance somewhere after the time of Amy's birth and before Randy's.

His health has faded over the past year or so, he had lost his sight, couldn't hear and was eaten up with arthritis and had trouble getting around. He was scratching at walls thinking he was scratching to go outside.

It's potentially a very sad end to an animal who will be so embedded into our memories forever.

RIP old friend

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Started cleaning up my BLOG

There were way too many BLOG's on my sidebar of people who BLOG's who were not posting or had just seemed to had given up on the BLOG's. I have deleted my brother Gary's Sup Nute Blog since it had been a year since he had said anything at all on it past his test message.

A guy I used to work at the NRAC with (Kumanan), also had a BLOG that I had linked, but he had only had two posts withing the past six months.

I'm leaving Daniels up for now considering the circumstances and Mom's up for now also. However people want soemthing new to read every once in a while. Youhave to continue to post and add new and refreshing ideas, that will hopefully keep your readers interest up. After months of seeing the exact same thing with nothing new and refreshing to read, people stop visiting.

So, in an effort to maybe put some intersting reading up, I've added the City Of Legends BLOG to my sidebar. This is William Devault, Mark's brother, and he seems to keep a very active and interesting BLOG. He is listed in the list of Famous West Virginians and is a Published Poet, I'm hoping that this will give soem people some interesting BLOG's to read that are linked from mine.

I'm also may be adding Thornton Melon BLOG. This is a guy I post with at Blue and Gold News, some of his content may be questionable, but it is always VERY active. Maybe I'll address BLOG's like this with another sidebar menu.

Friday, September 02, 2005

The week in review

The highlight of the week was the drafting of the 2005 Fantasy Football draft Tuesday night at the Jerry West Lounge of the WVU Coliseum. I'm looking foreword to finishing this season in the top 10 in my money league, good thing there are only ten teams in the league. These are some very knowledgeable football fans who also by chance I play softball with. I always tend to really get my butt kicked against these guys. This year however I think I'm just going to throw a monkey wrench into the whole situation and win the league.

We owe a debt of Gratitude to Michael Toth and Cool Ride for supplying two free oil changes to a couple random owners.

Speaking of Cool Ride, Michael had his grand opening last Saturday. Jean and I went over to see how things are going, Mike and Mick were also having a BBQ to celebrate the opening of Cool Ride. Cool Ride is located at 1448 Van Voorhis Rd and the phone number is (304_598-COOL (2665). They have done an amazing amount of work on the old garage in remodeling it and getting it ready to open for business. Anyone needing an oil change, they are only $15.99. If you get a chance, stop in at Cool Ride and see what they have done with the place. They do everything from detailing to Super-charging a car. He has a Full detailing including the engine for $79.99.

This is the start of a holiday weekend plus one for me. Yeah you heard it, I'm taking Tuesday off as well to stretch the three day to a four day weekend. I can't say that it's not a long overdue break. I think the last time I had a four day weekend was last Christmas. I almost forgot what it was like to have a job with benefits.

Val has started working at Dairy Mart on Rt. 7. I guess she was worried about Neighbor Care shutting down that she decided to go find another job. Jean says she seems to like working there.

I need to finish Pam's resume this weekend. She's been calling a couple times this week and I have been sleeping. I'll get it wrapped up this weekend so she can use it.

Brittany is now home from Linsley. She stayed up there last weekend, and returned home this weekend. I'll have to call her or talk to her to see how she likes her new school. She seemed excited about it before she went.

How about Gas Prices? Sheesh are they getting ridiculous. I have found Gas Buddy to be very up to date and informational to me in this time of crisis.