Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Comcast Feature

Yesterday I started getting my new service with Comcast, but not everyone will have it available to them at this time. Here in Morgantown Free On Demand Movies are now available on channel 298. There are Many Free Movies that can be played, all you need is a digital cable box. It works like a DVR, even though I don't have a DVR. I also have HBO so I get Free Movies on Demand plus HBO on Demand.

If you do not have this service yet, you will have it probably by the end of the week. It is now here and I have it, it's just not completely set up yet.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Sometimes you do things or things are said that may have a very big impact on your life, but you just don't realize it at the moment. Mine was realized with this old beat up key chain that you see. It was given to me roughly 20+ years ago by a very dear friend, and it was on my key ring up until the last years of my college career when the hole just basically wore out on this solid piece of brass. It was a sad day for me when I finally had to remove it from my key chain or risk having it falling off and losing it.

Recently that very dear friend and my lives have crossed again. I have usually been a very skeptical person, one not putting too much faith in predetermined destiny's or fate. With events over the past few weeks, I have to take a very serious look at my previous viewpoint on fate.

When Diane and I first started speaking, I immediately remembered this key chain. I searched my apartment frantically to find it, but to no avail. This morning I noticed something in my sock drawer that I hadn't seen in a few years and was actually looking to find, except not in my sock drawer.

Sometimes things happen for a reason and we may not know why at that time. Sometimes...

What a wind storm

What a windstorm we had last night, it actually knocked out power for many, plus knocked out comcast and their services for some time. Everything is back to normal now.

A couple things I heard this morning.

First for those of us who live in Northern WV, we will be getting a new area code. The old 304 will remain in the southern part of the state, but with the recent additions of cell phones and fax machines, the numbers available were running shorter. West Virginia will split into two different areas, with those of us in Northern WV being affected by the change.

WVU is going to try to sell out the spring game this spring. Pretty big accomplishment considering 10,000 is usually a very good number, but the stadium hold 60,000. In an attempt to draw more people, there will be an announcement later this week that there will be a Major Musical Act concert at the Stadium the night before the game. The artist is signed, but they are not going to announce who it is until later this year. If they are talking about 60,000 people in stadium, this is probably going to be a very big announcement. Think about it, the size of the venue and how many they want in the stands. Something tells me the largest concert to ever come to the State of West Virginia is a few days from being made public.

On a really good note, I found the old keychain Diane gave me 20 years ago this morning.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some news I found out yesterday.

Yesterday evening Pam called me to talk. I guess she had just found out that Moke has volunteered for and will be getting deployed to Iraq as early as this June. I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it just yet, but Pam just found out yesterday. I'll try to fill everyone in as soon as I get any more information about the situation, I'm sure everyone as well as me is curious to find out more information on this.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Finally got Ubuntu installed and installed right

After setting my machine up again right Saturday Night, I wanted to explore a little deeper and see if I really wanted to install Ubuntu onto my system, since I had had a few problems getting ti configured right.

Well, let's just say that the third time in the charm and I just had the drives inverted the first time I installed it. I was actually sizing Windows to 40 GB and Ubuntu to 400+GB. This time I got them right and installed properly.

I left a 50 GB exchange partition so that both operating systems could share a file. I reduced Windows to I think 365 GB, which is still quite huge and I used a 45 GB partition for Ubuntu. Finally got it right.

Now all I have to do is learn Linux a little better. The reason I decided to install it was because there are a couple open source GIS Programs I wanted to try.

Slow day so far

It's been a slow day at work so far, still just waiting on a set of procedures more than anything else. Hopefully they will come in pretty soon, I don;t mind the break, but it does get a little boring.

I have promised Diane that I will participate in lent this year and give something up. She asked me to participate and suggested giving up soda for it would be nice. I agreed because I have started drinking it again recently and need to quit again. Softball is a few months away and it's about time to start getting ready.

To those of you who may have wondered about the goal tending call at the end of Saturday Nights game, notice the ball is starting to come down then Ewing blocks the shot. Goal tending, 2 points to WVU and game over as the clock expired after the shot. However we did not get the call and we ended up losing, although this image clearly shows we should have won.

Talking to Amy a little bit yesterday, she is targeting a June 28th wedding date and she wants to have the wedding at the reception at her new place. It has a big front and back yard, and should be able to accommodate quite nicely.

Still thinking about adding Ubuntu again to my computer as a dual boot system. I am however 0 for 2 in getting it installed how I want it installed. I'll get it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Ole NON Hairy Sunday.

Like that title, I just had to use it for my sister Kim.

Yesterday WVU played Georgetown in basketball, and it came down to a controversial last second shot that should have been goal tending that WVU was on the wrong end of. WVU was on he losing end of a 57-58 loss.

Yesterday before the game I did install Ubuntu on my computer and messed up the installation. Somehow I turned a 500 GB HD into a 40 GB hard drive that I could not seem to recover. When I cam beck from the game I reformatted my hard drive and did a full install of Ubuntu, only this time it wiped out Windows. Needless to say at 2:30 this morning I was reformatting a 500 GB HD for the second, really third, time yesterday and getting my system back up and running. I guess I am getting too much practice at this because it was a quick procedure one it formatted. Everything is up and running and I'm re-examining if I am going to install Ubuntu, and if I do how it will be installed with the patricians and their sizes.

This afternoon I stopped by to see Terri and we all went up to see Amy and Ralphie. They just purchased his brothers trailer and were getting ready to move in. It's actually a really nice set up they have and will have a big front and back yard.

Looks like my Spring, Summer and beyond is starting to get planned out a little bit already. Diane and I are getting along very well and plan on seeing a lot of each other. The funny thing is I carried of piece of her with me daily for roughly 20 years in a keychain she once bought me (It broke a few years ago towards the end of my time in college). I would say our future looks pretty good, but we are taking it slow and letting it build and trying not to rush into anything. Right now I know that I am very happy and thankful that our paths crossed again.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Considering a dual boot system

As many of you know, I had some computer problems a little over a week ago where I crashed my system by spilling a glass of water right onto the top of the hard drive. Of course I blogged about this while my hard drive was down and the obvious question came up. How?

I used a Live CD and ran a temporary Linux based operating system called KNOPPIX. It boots from your cd or dvd drive and is a fully functional and operational operating system.

When I was putting my next hard drive together, I briefly considered a dual boot system using a Macintosh OS called Leopard. Unfortunately, it is easier to put windows on a mac machine than to put MAC on a windows machine and that idea quickly went by the wayside.

However I have always liked Linux and there are numerous versions out there of it. I briefly messaged one the most educated Linux users I know and asked him what version of Linux did he think would make a nice system for a dual boot. He recommended Ubuntu, which ironically Dell Computers sells systems with this operating system already installed on it. This doesn't mean much, other than the fact I have a Dell and know the motherboard and all it's components would be compatible.

So this morning I downloaded Ubuntu (Free Operating System) and burned image to a CD. An image is an .iso file that a CD knows to read and could be a bootable CD or DVD. I was quick to find out, that Ubuntu initially boots to a live CD like knoppix or unlike knoppix can be installed as part of a permanent primary or secondary bootable operating system.

I am currently using ubuntu and familiarizing myself with it as I blog this, and am probably going to install it as a bootable secondary operating system in the near future.

It is more stripped down than Knoppix (It runs from a DVD in it's larger version which I also have) and does not have all the extra stuff that I probably wouldn't use to begin with. It does however have most if not all of the knoppix features that I do use and like, such as a fully functional 2.3 version of Open Office and a few other programs I use. It is a much more stripped down version of Linux, but the stuff it doesn't have is the stuff I wouldn't use. No C++ emacs programing software or network administrator tools like knoppix has contained within it.

Friday, January 25, 2008


It's another Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes it is once again that time of the week when work ceases and the time for us to enjoy the fruits of our labors begins, it is another Big Ole Hairy Friday and the dawn of yet another relaxing weekend.

The only thing I have planned for the weekend is to go to the WVU-Georgetown basketball game Saturday evening at 7:00. Chris gave me his tickets for the game and I was planning on taking Diane, but her brother bought tickets and is taking her son, so she has no one to watch her daughter. A little bit of sadness on my part, but if anyone wants to go I have a (that is one) spare ticket.

I have tried to generate a human interest story in the Dominion Post. Bob Gill, someone who attempted a World Record Motorcycle jump in Preston County in 1974 in which he came up short and left him as paralyzed from the waist down is going to attempt another jump in Las Vegas later this year. I sent his contact information to the Dominion Post. So, if in the future you read a human interest story about some old daredevil, it was me who sent them the idea.

Rich Rodriguez has officially dropped his "Bombshell" that he and his agent were talking about. Rich, if you are reading this take my advice and write out the check today before this ends up costing you way more than four million. You're listening to an idiot for an agent and you have already screwed yourself in my opinion, you are going to get schooled.

Is it softball yet? I'm ready to get rid of these 10 degree temps and see it in the 80's anytime now.

Update on the 2008 Family Christmas fund.

Beginning Balance $112.00
Interest $0.01 (woo hoo we're rich)
Jean contribution $20.00

New Balance for 2008 $132.01Donations for the 2008 Christmas are appreciated and recommend.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

OK, I stole this from Mark

But this is a very effective screen cleaner.



Yesterday afternoon, Jean and I took a trip to Clarksburg to work on a couple of Mick's Computers. He wanted some software installed on his laptop and their entire network was unable to connect to the internet.

I installed Business Plan Pro and Office for Mick, then addressed and repaired the connection problems for both their PC and the laptop.

They are up and running and up to speed now. I was treated to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants when we all took a trip to Ryans Steakhouse in Bridgeport.

On the trip back, I was listening to WVU beating Marshall 66-64. Both the WVU Men's won and the WVU women won 58-51 for the sweep.

I stopped by the bar for a few minutes to say hello to Terri.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Morgantown to Dulles

The Morgantown airport now no longer offers trips to Pittsburgh, and now are flying daily trips to Dulles International Airport in Washington DC.

This could be a special interest to many international Students coming to WVU, as they can now get a flight here from Dulles.

For me, it means my local airport now flies exclusively to an airport within 5 minutes of my office.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Monday Tidbits

* First off, I had a great weekend. It's been a while since I have had a weekend this good, despite the weather.

* Yesterday Diane and I ended up making it to the movie we missed Saturday Night, when we went and seen I am Legend with Will Smith. It's a good movie, but it was a little hard to follow at first, but like I said it was a good movie.

* Super Bowl XXXXII is set. It will be the undefeated New England Patriots trying to do what has never been done in the NFL before and finish the season with a 19-0 record. The Miami Dolphins in 1972 were 17-0, but that was before the NFL went to 16 game seasons as opposed to the old 14 game seasons. The Patriots will attempt to make history against the New York Giants, a team that they have already beaten 20-10 earlier this season.

* Heard an interesting tidbit this morning on the Eric and Kevin Show. Thye play a game called "Are you smarter than Eric" which is a series of head to head trivia questions delivered by a show guest named Ernie. Today there was a question about the Iran Hostage Situation years ago. Ernie asked a question like where were the hostages housed or something along those lines. Contest was over and Eric won, and one of those 52 Hostages from the State Department called and said Ernie was incorrect with his question and answer.
Funny thing is, the guy claimed to be Ernie's brother, so Kevin and Eric didn't know how respond not knowing if it was a prank. Well, turns out Ernie calls back in and it was his brother, he still works for the State Department and he was one of the 52 American Hostages. They talked a little about what it was like for Ernie and his family to go through what they did knowing his brother was a Hostage. Pretty interesting little tidbit and conversation.

* Today is Martin Luther King day and is a holiday for many, but not me.

* I did have a nice three day weekend even though my computer crashed last week.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Last Night

Last night I had a date with an old and dear friend. We had a chance to rekindle a friendship from years ago. I got to see a picture of myself from some years ago that I never saw before. The picture was actually of Me, Diane, Marian and Greg my old room mate at a dinner we had way back when I was a few pounds thinner and actually had hair.

The evening started out at Texas Roadhouse, but a 1 1/2 to 2 hour wait turned into a trip to Puglioni's for dinner. We had intentionally planned to go see I am Legend, but there were a few mixed signals and we misunderstood the show time. This was at Hollywood Theaters, so we tried to run the the mall and see we could catch a showing there and once again to no avail. What we did end up seeing was the Bucket List. It was an awesome movie, I loved it.

We had to alternate our plans on where we ate, what movie we were going to see and what theater we were going to be sitting in. Overall, it was a great evening with an old and dear friend.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Back up and running

Wow what a day, the computer for the most part is back up and running. Still have things to do to it, but it is operational.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Computer Fried

I went to the WVU basketball game tonight and came home and poured myself a glass of iced tea and sat down at the computer. The iced tea spilled hitting the front bottom of my computer. On my computer, that is where the hard drive is located. I think I fired my computer, I can't read Raid 0 on boot up. I'm screwed to say the least.

I have put knoppix in and it will not even recognize that hard drive. I don't know if I have fried my bios, or fried the hard drive. Either problem is major. If just the hard drive is fried, I'm going to be busy finding a Serial ATA hard drive and reinstalling EVERYTHING on my computer. If it is the bios, well I have to buy a new computer.

Not a good night.


I've been sitting around for the last week waiting for the client to decide how certain features are to be compiled and how to QAQC the databases. It's been a nice relaxing break, but I'm ready to stop being bored. Sheesh.

On the WVU front, Rich Fraud has finally broken his silence and made a statement. I guess having his friends and Mommy make statements for him were getting old. Of course he owes WVU $1,333,333.33 tomorrow, so you knew he was going to say something soon. Funny how Rich thinks WVU is a person and not an entity and he also refers to himself in third person in the article. Talk about someone who needs a touch of reality.

On a side note, the Hillbilly Gypsies will be playing at Nick and Terri's this weekend. It's Nick's birthday and my suggestion is if you plan on going, get there early.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The lost notes from Rich Rod's Computer

They have been recovered. Here they are:

I saw this and just HAD to repost it.

American Idol

I usually don't watch American Idol once the competition starts, but I love to watch when the auditions are taking place. This is where the fun is, when you see the William Hung's and people with, well even less singing talent than I do and that is making a statement.

There were a few good human interest stories last night, and we even got to see a soft side of Simon on a few of them. He needs to knock that crap off, people expect him to be a butthead.

It is on again tonight and I can't miss it. This and the finals are usually the only shows I watch, the finals to see who wins and the auditions because they are basically the most entertaining.

I'll be watching again tonight.

You never know what you are going to see on talent shows. You could see another Paul Potts or Bianca Ryan, people in a matter of seconds you know they were going to walk away with the competition. Of course these were different shows, but shows Simon created just as well.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesdays Tidbits

* I am long overdue to do a tidbits, and after talking with Kim yesterday I thought that maybe it's time for a tidbits.

* As I mentioned this weekend, Trish will be going in to have her baby on the 25th of this month. It is going to be a girl, but I forgot to ask her if she had a name picked out.

* I went out this morning to get a morning paper and it is cold and snowing. Is it groundhogs day yet? Phil, can we work out some kind of a deal this year so softball season can get here a little sooner?

* Last week BOPARC put out it's summer schedule for the year, I have a copy of it and will post the under the stars schedule in the future as a reminder. Movies that will be shown this year include: Shrek the Third, Surf's Up, TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nancy Drew, Unaccompanied Minors, Evan Almighty, Bee Movie, Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (which is currently playing in local theaters)and Mr. bean's Holiday. Should be a good season to take a blanket or a lawn chair to Hazel Ruby McQuain Park.

* Data has been slow the last few days, I have been waiting on a set of QAQC guidelines at work before I can do any quality control checks at work. I don't mind the break, but it makes the day drag on forever.

* I have been fortunate to come into contact with an old friend that to be honest I have thought about through the years. She was someone I considered a pretty good friend years ago and we just lost touch when our lives took different paths. I'm actually pretty excited about having a chance to talk with her.

* I see Mom is now an iPoding podcast listener. Kim loaned her one of hers and set it up for her to download and listen to a few podcasts that they have similar interests on and can talk about with each other.

* Speaking of Podcasting, my old neighbor who is teaching GIS at Southeastern Community College may be getting involved with the College and iPodU to do a Remote Sensing class on iTunes. I just may have to give that podcast a listen.

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.-- Aristotle

Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a small world

It's nice to find long lost friends, even if it was some strange circumstance that made it happen.

I'm just in a good mood and decided to post that.

It's a back to work kind of Monday

Another week of work us upon us and the dull drums are apon us once again. Remembering the weekend and dreading the next four to five days and what we may have to deal with and come upon.

On the WVU coaching search front, Charlie Taaffe has announced he will stay as the Head Coach at Hamilton in the Candian Football League rather than accepting a job as the Offensive Coordinator at West Virginia University.

Steve Slaton has announced that he is deciding to forgo his Senior Year and enter the NFL draft this April. He will always be remembered as one of my favorites to ever wear the Blue and Gold. WVU will replace him with Noel Devine next season.

The Men's Basketball team defeated Syracuse 81-61 yesterday, ironically it was the first win against the Orange since Feb 17, 2001 when Gale Catlett was our head coach. Syracuse was a team John Beilein never beat.

Speaking of basketball, the Women's team ran their record to 12-3 with a 56-50 win against Big East rival Notre Dame.

Is it Softball yet?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Went out to dinner last night.

I was getting ready to go out and get something to eat last night and I started thinking that I hadn't spoken to Trish in a few months, so I decided to give her a call and invite her out for dinner. Like I said it has been a few months since I had talked to her and she is about due, so I thought I would call.

I took her out to Garfield's and we had a nice dinner and BS session. She is going to have a girl and she is going in on the 25th of this month and they are going to induce labor. She had some really neat 3d ultrasound images that look like the DR went into the womb and took a photograph. Amazing what the new technology is like today.

I tried calamari (squid) for the first time last night, it's not bad. Tasted like popcorn shrimp to tell you the truth.

It was a good catch up type of evening.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Doc Holiday Officially announced

Bill Stewart officially named Doc Holiday as the Associate Head Coach today at a teleconference at 11:00 this morning. He has reportedly signed a 5 year, $2 Million contract ($400,000 a Year). Surprisingly, this contract is about equal to Rich Rodriguez's first contract at WVU, as a head coach.

Bill Stewart is making about $1 Million less a year than Rich Rod was, but unlike his predecessor, he is about WE (meaning his assistants and taking care of them) than he is I (like Rich was, big pay raised for himself rather than his assistants). This staff is really starting to shape up as a first class staff. There will be two more hires for the staff plus and Strength and Conditioning Coach. Stewart is interviewing people in all levels, from the pro's to High Schools to find the best candidates for Offensive Line Coach and Offensive Coordinator. A couple names that have surfaced are Dave Johnson for Offensive Line Coach and Charlie Taaffe for Offensive Coordinator. There are other names being thrown around such as Bill Legg, Herb Hand and Chip Kelly. These are just the names that are being thrown around, nothing offered officially yet.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Official Hiring News

Ok, earlier today there were three official hires named for the WVU coaching staff.

Steve Dunlap was the first new coach named. It is believed he will be coaching the linebackers. He was the Defensive Coordinator in 1996 when WVU had the #1 ranked defense in the country.

Dave Lockwood
was also named as an assistant coach. He played for Don Nehlen in the late 80's and was on Rich Fraudriguez's first staff in 2001.

Chris Beatty is the third coach officially named today. He is a young Running Back's coach from Northern Illinois who was a very successful High School coach in Virginia. This hire intrigues me considering that Bill Stewart gave Mike Tomlin his start. Something tell me this is a gem of a hire, one that will be a household name in a few years.

There is one other announcement that will take place at 11:00 tomorrow when Doc Holiday will officially be announced as the associate head coach. Doc has been the recruiting coordinator and associate head coach at the University of Florida. Up until last week, U of F were the defending National Champions and have the current Heisman trophy winner.

There will be a few more hires to come, no rumors at this time. We still need to name an Offensive Coordinator, an Offensive Line Coach and a Strength and Conditioning coach.

All three positions that need filled have solid candidates, but nothing confirmed yet. This staff may be stronger than the one that just left.

Happy Birthday Sandra Irene Bell

Today is January 11, and today is my Mother's birthday and I would like to extend to her a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

WVU coaching search update.

Bill Stewart said he would shock the nation with his hires, and it looks like he may just have done that so far. None of these are official until they clear background checks, so WVU will not make any official announcements until then.

Starting off will be the hiring of an Associate Head Coach. Doc Holiday has been hired as the associate Head Coach, a position he held with the former reining NCAA Champion Florida Gators. Florida also has the current Heisman Trophy winner. Doc will be coordinating recruiting and coaching the Wide Receivers. Doc is, was and always has been a very aggressive recruiter in the nations hotbed for recruits. Now, he's coming home.

Coming home to help Jeff Casteel with the defense and coaching the linebackers will be Steve Dunlap. When he was previously at WVU and coaching the defense, WVU had the #1 ranked defense in the country in 1996.

Coaching the Defensive backs and also returning home will be Dave Lockwood. Dave played at WVU in the late 80's and was an assistant coach here for one year in 2001 before leaving to go to Notre Dame.

A couple previous coaches will remain, Jeff Casteel and Bill Kirelawich were already on the staff and did not follow traitor Fraudriguez to Michigan.

There will be other announcements in the next few days, but these are the first confirmed but not officially announced hires. Stay tuned.

Mom's wireless internet

I went over yesterday and hooked up Mom's wireless internet and moved her computer station into the living room. Of course Window's Vista was not cooperating initially and caused me a few headaches. We eventually got it configured and left it as an open signal. There are only two others who can steal her signal, one being upstairs and the other being next door. I could have secured it, but it would have more problems down the road for me. Mom wanted it opened up also, that way there are two signals in the house and can be used in two locations.

I stopped down at the bar after that to drop off a few more print outs for Contracts Nick has to do for his work.

This morning I have data, but I have to transfer 1.2 Gigabytes of data to my local computer for the Mosiac to work on so I can do a proper QAQC check on a Major World City. This should be interesting once I get everything transfered. I will arguably have the worlds most complete and up to date datasets of a Major World City on my computer if I would add a previous set of data with it. If you know me you probably know the city, it's just best I don't name it on a BLOG.

It is Thursday and since I worked this past weekend, I'm looking forward to having a couple of days away from the computer.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some new WVU coaching rumors.

I have been scanning the globe trying to find out any potential replacements for the WVU Football staff, and this is what I have come up with.

The Strength and Conditioning coach may be Marcus Kinney. Rumor has it he wants the job and has ties to the program.

There is a string rumor that we may have an associate head coach with that position being offered to Doc Holiday. He was one of the early favorites to be named the head coach, and there was a rumor he was one of the early favorites in the search and it was believed he may have even been offered the job initially. This could be big.

I have heard two names for the Offensive Coordinator's position, Herb Hand and Bill Legg are two names that keep popping up.

this coaching staff might shape up quite nicely, Stewart has already been given the "Go Get Them" from the administration.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday again

Where did my weekend go? Oh, I forgot there wasn't one this week. It's thrown my schedule off a little, usually I do my laundry first thing on Monday morning while I'm setting up things to do at work, I was an hour into the day before I realized, "Oh, it's Monday".

Other than that today shouldn't be that eventful, I know the weather is going to be really nice today so maybe if I get a chance I'll head down to rails to trails. Softball is just a few months away and it's time to get ready.

Speaking of Softball, we will have an interim coach this season, our coach has indicated that Michigan is offering him a lot more money than we are to coach their team. I guess he is following the lead of John Beilein and Rich Fraudriguez. Kevin is going to have to do another parody song if he comes back this season. He's talking about retiring, but he has been going to the HIT center, so maybe we'll retain our Third Baseman (if his wife lets him play)

Oh well, back to work on another Monday, enjoy your workweek.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend so far

I had to work yesterday and today to complete a project and provide data to our President by tomorrow. after working a good deal yesterday and wrapping it up with a few hours this morning, I delivered what they needed for his meeting with a client tomorrow. It's done and delivered.

I have managed to start filling up my iPod, even though I have a long way to go to actually fill it up. I have 671 songs, enough for 2 straight days of playback continuously without a repeat and I am still a long ways from halfway on capacity. I have used 3.1 GB and still have 4.2 GB to go. That is a lot of Music and a lot of computer time filling out metadata so that it can effectively use all of its features.

As many of you know, I am a poster at Blue and Gold News, and am actually one of the Top 10 all time posters for this site. Yesterday we were blessed (and it was confirmed) that Mr Ken Kendrick, the WVU alum who owns the Arizona Diamondbacks and has been bashing WVU the past month, decided to stop by and defend himself. Needless to say, he has enraged quite a few of the Mountaineer faithful and they have let him know it. We actually had a poster in the Athletic Department confirm it was Mr. Kendrick by calling him, and it was confirmed it it/was Ken Kendrick. The board has been entertaining to say the least.

The weather is starting to warm up a little bit, maybe I should start getting active again. Grocery shopping today I didn't buy any fall fatty type foods, I bought my spring fruits and vegetables. I've added quite a few pound and softball is right around the corner, so it is time to start getting ready.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

So much for a short weekend.

I thought this was going to be a typical two day weekend, but it looks like this is going to be a no day weekend for me. Our President needs some totals on datasets that I have been putting together on Monday. However this is a time consuming process, so I have the pleasure of volunteering to work this weekend.

Oh well, I have had a couple back to back four day weekends and I am at home, so it's not that bad. I'll still be able to watch the Steelers play today and I'm not really doing anything that I wouldn't be doing anyways.

We'll deliver what they need, make a few extra dollars in the process and not really do anything different than I would have normally done. I should eb working both days this weekend, although how much I work is up to me.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Big Ole Hairy Friday

It is once again that time of the week that we all look forward to, where the work ceases and the entertainment begins. It is once again the weekend!!! Of course this will seem like a short weekend for me being that is only going to be two days.

I don't have too much planned for this weekend. The Pittsburgh Steelers will start their post season this weekend with a playoff game against Jacksonville. This worries me as the Steelers have not traditionally matched up well against the Jaguars. It will be the first playoff game for first year Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

Ironically something I learned yesterday was that new WVU football coach Bill Stewart hired Mike Tomlin in his first coaching job while at VMI back in the mid 90's. Nice little tidbit of information.

I have been busy the past couple of days setting up music on my new iPod. I have had to clean up my collection and fill out quite a bit of metadata for the iPod to be able to use all of its capabilities. This has been done to take advantage of the coverflow feature of the new iPods. You look at the album covers and scroll through them until you find the album you are looking for. It's a nice little user friendly feature that makes it easy for even the worst of computer users. However like I said there is some prep work on my part to get it to work properly.

The good news for the weekend is that it is supposed to warm up a little.

Have a great weekend.

The Challenge for 2008

Last year I challenged quite a few BLOGGERS to a post challenge. Each one had a certain number of posts that they had to meet for the year. My Sister Kim openly accepted her challenge of 100 posts for the calender year 2007. She met and beat that challenge and asked me to raise the bar for 2008.

So, I was thinking in 2008 of where I could raise the bar to where she could still meet the challenge, but still have time to come up with quality content. It is hard sometimes coming up with new material all of the time. Last year I did in excess of 400 BLOG posts.

I see Kim is off to a solid start in 2008. I WAS going to double the challenge to 200 posts for 2008, but since her recent activity decided to raise the bar a little higher.

Kim, your challenge for 2008 is 225 Blog posts during the 2008 calender year. It is a number you can easily obtain, and if you meet it it will give you something to reflect on for 2008. This is an easy number to get, just be steady and don't get sidetracked.

You have your challenge.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bill Stewart Named WVU Football Coach

West Virginia University ended its coaching search earlier today when interim coach Bill Stewart was officially offered the Job as West Virginia's next football coach.

Coach Stewart has earned the job and had the complete support of all the players. Bill's contract is for $4 Million over five years. Ironically Rich Fraudriguez's buyout that he has to pay the University ALSO equals $4 Million. So, thank you Rich Fraud for leaving and paying for our coach for the next five years.

Coach Stewart is from New Martinsville and a native West Virginia, only this one has a little integrity unlike the classless idiot who just left.

I fully support this decision to hire Bill Stewart. Good Luck Coach and Thank You.

Fiesta Bowl Champions

WOW, What a game. West Virginia who came into the game as an 8 point underdog against arguably one of the hottest teams in the country BEAT Oklahoma 48-28 to Capture the BCS Fiesta Bowl Championship.

Interim Coach Bill Stewart had this team ready to play and play they did. This is arguably the biggest Bowl Win in School History. Patrick White was named the games Most Valuable Player.

With all the speculation the past few weeks about who should be the next WVU Football Head Coach, I think we already have him in Bill Stewart.

Congrats on an 11-2 Season and a Fiesta Bowl Championship.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Do you believe this crap

Have I ever mentioned that I hate snow. I wake up this morning and go out to get a newspaper and what do I see? SNOW!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!

I'm ready for the spring, bring on Phil and let's get this season over with. Give me warm weather, shorts and sandals. Keep your snow on the ground, heavy winter clothes and boots, keep your treacherous roads and driving conditions. Give me a softball friendly type of environment.

What a way to start 2008.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome to 2008.


We made it through 2007 and we have started a New Year, a year of new dreams and aspirations. A year to set forth new goals to accomplish and prove ourselves.

I don't make New Years resolutions, I am holding onto the one I made years ago to stop making them. I never seemed to carry them on for very long and they generally failed for me. What I did was started setting goals that I wanted to accomplish for the next 12 months. I seem to be able to do it when it's a goal to do something rather than a spur of the moment to stop doing something. This is just me, and my own personal experiences.

I have yet to set any goals for 2008 for myself, but I am starting to think of a few that I would like to accomplish.

I spent last night at home, I had a few invitations to go out, but just wanted to stay home this year. Too many intoxicated people on the roads and maybe I was just trying to be safe from their stupidity last night.

I did spend yesterday trying to make a decision and I almost bought an iPhone. However after I thought about it logically, I decided I wanted my Cell Phones Primary use to be a Cell Phone. If I wanted a new iPod, go buy one. I have an iPod Shuffle that is screwed up so that the computer no longer will recognize it. It was an older type that was also a jump drive, and not really compatible with most iPod products.

So, I bought myself a new 8 Gigabyte Green iPod Nano. I actually cleared out my old iTunes and started a new one for the new iPod. I'll keep the integrity of this music intact rather than rushing to add music like I did with the old one.

That is how I spent my New Years Eve. Actually when the clock struck 12:00, I was actually catching some Z's.

On a side note, I have seen at least two family members that have resolutions to stop smoking. From someone who has quit more than once and done it successfully, I'll help anyone who is trying to quit with education and my personal experiences as to what you and your body is going to go through. Good luck to those attempting to quit, it is the best choice you could ever make in your life. Cigarettes are a drain on your wallet, your health and your expectations for quality of life.

Have a very Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and memory filled 2008.