Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hump Day

Well that is two days in and two more ahead of us, now all we have to do is get up and over this noon time hump and it'll be all downhill working towards another fun filled weekend.

OK I can't emphasize it enough, we are going to have a lot of two wheeled visitors here in my city and in the surrounding area this weekend. WVMountainfest is starting meaning that there are going to be a lot of bikers here the rest of this week through Sunday. Although I am not personally a biker, I have many family members who are and will be out on their bikes this weekend. Please and I can't emphasize that enough, please allow yourself a little extra time for traveling around town and be prepared for all kinds of motorcycle traffic.

Funny little story, back in 2000 I went to the Music City Bowl in Nashville Tennessee. It was Don Nehlen's last game and we were introduced to Eli Manning in the process. The halftime show was two country acts, one I was pretty favorable of who were Ole Miss fans and one up and comer who was a WVU fan. Montgomery Gentry was in their hay day and put on a great show, they will be headlining Mountainfest this weekend. The relative unknown WVU fan? Country Music Superstar Brad Paisley. Game, set match WVU!!!!!!

Stay safe and have a great day.

Hi ho hi ho

Happy Birthday Daniel Bell

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my nephew Daniel Bell a very Happy Birthday today.

Daniel lives in Kentucky with his lovely wife Kamey. They just recently took a vacation trip to Myrtle Beach and seemed to have a great time while they were there.

Daniel has lived in Kentucky now for probably about 20 years (guestimate) now, ever since he and his Dad Danny moved there for Danny's Job.

I'm not sure what Kamey or anyone has planned for him today, I'm sure there will be a whole lot of fun involved would be my guess for these two re-newlyweds.

If you happen to see Daniel today, make sure that you taker a little bit of time out and wish him the happiest of  Birthdays.

Happy Birthday Daniel Bell.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well Monday is done and we are now looking towards a better Tuesday, I still can't think of a better reason to do a tidbits despite this wonderful weather we have been having.

* It has been 19,231 days since I first set foot on this planet, now using my math and my new and improved 905 days calendar, which I should trademark, that makes me just 21 years old.

* 4,454 day ago I fulfilled a lifetime dream and graduated from West Virginia University, my hometown University and Alma Mater. Speaking of my Alma Mater, those damn students will be returning in a few weeks.

* 3,055 days ago I was fortunate enough to take a very special lady out for a night on the town, we did Pizza and a movie that was horrible and that was the start of the rest of my life.

* 2,279 days ago I proposed marriage to Michelle, I had made her wait until a certain number of days, but she knew it was coming and said yes.

* 1,816 days ago in front of our closest friends and family at the Marilla Center, Michelle and I exchanged our marital vows and became husband and wife. We then feasted on a great meal prepared by some very special ladies.

* I have around 5,605 days to go until I retire, give or take a few hundred here or there depending on how I feel.

* We are 2,244 days away from the Backyard Brawl being renewed when WVU and Pitt will once again take the field and the Mountaineers will once again whip that pathetic ACC rear end into the ground.

* My nephew Calvin and his GF Jeanetta will be getting married in 333 days from now. They have their wedding website up and running.

* My favorite season of the year is Spring, which were are just a mere 237 days away from =)

* Phil the Groundhog takes center stage in 191 more days where he will predict our next 6 weeks worth of weather. I see he was on Facebook this past week getting hammered.

* My Goodbye 2016 blog where I relive everything that was posted in my blog over the last year will appear here in just 158 more days.

* I still haven't seen WalMart put up Christmas stuff just yet, but it's getting closer as there are only 152 more days to go until Christmas.

* The next anniversary of my 21st Birthday will be in just another 128 more days.

* We tried to make it to the Springs Festival last year but the weather was not cooperative, we'll try it again in 74 more days. It's a great place to go and see if you have never been there.

* Our fifth Sea Cruise will take place in 47 more days when we set sail out of Baltimore once again. Everything is already booked, paid for including out hotel room and we're just counting the days down until we head east. Here is the AFT Deck cam of what is going on right now

* The WVU Football team will take the field and open their 2016 campaign in 39 more days when they take on Missouri.

* We are 28 days away from all of us Parrot Heads uniting once again in Pittsburgh, that is just four weeks and we'll be hearing Jimmy sing.

* There are 11 days to go until Michelle and my Fifth Wedding Anniversary.

* This is my 4,541st blog that I have written for George's Journal. I'm going on 12 years as a blogger here in less than couple of months.

* I have moved to the next step with the Brother Search, I have submitted my DNA sample and it has been accepted at the Ancestry site. I will let everyone know when it is completed.

* The Hall Family Tree is still up and running with 370 members in the database and that will continue to grow this fall.

* If anyone is wanting to go see Jimmy Buffett this year, I have six tickets up for sale. We were going as a group of 8 last year with another couple bringing two other couples. Yours truly bought all of the tickets as I have in years past and now they have split up and leaving me with six tickets that need to have the cost recovered from. They are all lawn seats and will sell them at just under my cost of the ticket plus fees of a little over $52 per ticket. I'll sell them for $50 each to anyone who wants them.

* After last night we have two more games left to play this season and they will both be played in a double header next Monday night. We will be the first team to finish the regular season as we will have a Bye the following week. it's been a great year and I have had a lot of fun. Update, we were rained out last night.

* WV MountainFest starts tomorrow. This means that there will be a lot of bike traffic in town and a lot of people on the roads. Give yourself a few extra minutes to get to where you are going and please drive safely, we don't need any accidents.

* Well Michelle and I will once again no longer be empty nesters, Hayley and Josh will be moving back in temporarily at the beginning of the month. Their lease ran out and they did not renew it and will need a place to stay until they find one.

* We still need a family event for August, anyone have any suggestions for a family get together? I'm not opposed to grabbing some picnic table somewhere and doing a small cookout or even just a kickball game someplace.

* I love these warm temperatures, and just in cast anyone has forgotten. I Hate Snow.

* The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.-- Helen Keller

* Hi ho hi ho

Monday, July 25, 2016


Well all that fun that we had this past weekend had to come to an end, now it's time to take our collective noses and stick them back on that ever running grindstone for another week of doing what it is we do for a living. It's time to start another week of work.

Just like this past weekend, the weather looks to be filled with 90° days all week long. I will have to be in my office rather than out enjoying this wonderful weather, so if you happen to be off work today, think of me and everyone else who is working today as you enjoy this beautiful weather.

I have another Softball game this evening, we play one game tonight at 7:00 and are hoping to pull our record back even at .500 after losing last weeks hard fought game. It should cool down a little by the time we play this evening, so it won't be as bad. The team we play this evening has a double header this evening, so that could possibly work to our advantage as they are going to be worn out a little in the heat. Go Whitetail!!!

Have yourselves a super fantabulous day and do your best to stay cool and hydrated if you are working outside today.

Hi ho hi ho

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Smoking Sunday

Well here I sit yet once again on a quiet Sunday Morning, I'm the first one in the household to recover from the butt kicking I took last night from that dreaded Sandman. I'm up early watching something or another on HBO and collecting my thoughts for the day.

Well if you thought yesterday was a hot one, today is going to be a little hotter and we are looking at a week filled with 90° days this week. If you are going to be out in the heat, make sure that you stay hydrated and don't over exert yourself. Enjoy the sun but stay cool.

I think Michelle and I are going to do a little smoking this afternoon, we sat out some pork ribs yesterday from the deep freeze and they are still thawing getting ready to be placed in our smoker a little later this morning. Not sure what flavor of wood we are going to use, that will depend on how we season them, but we are prepared any route we go.

Have yourselves a great day and try to stay cool, it is going to be a warm one.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Morning Rumblings

Here I sit once again on a very early Saturday Morning, non one else is up and I'm up too early watching Comedy Central and collecting my thoughts for the day before I take my butt back to bed for a few hours. 2:20 in the AM is just waaay too early to wake up for the day, even the cats are asleep.

Now what are our plans for today, well I have to go out and work later this morning for RTI, this quarter is starting to wind down but I'm hoping to nail down a couple of interviews this morning. I've had a great quarter and exceeded last quarters numbers, now I just want to drive it home with a few more.

Michelle has an eye appointment this morning, she has put it off and put it off, but she needs a new prescription and it's getting time to order her new contacts. She'll actually leave the house this morning before I do.

There are no major plans afterwards, it may just be a relaxing weekend before life gets busy again. It's calling for it to be in the mid 90's both today and tomorrow, so staying in in the cool weather may just be our biggest priority for the day. If you are out today stay hydrated to help avoid heat exhaustion.

Have yourselves a great day and enjoy the sun.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes it is once again that time of the week that we all look foreword to, when we can take time to cease the labors for the week and take a little bit of needed time out to enjoy the fruits of those labors. It is once again the dawn of another weekend, and a Big Ole Hairy Friday.

What to do what to do. Well I would get out and around town this week if you want, next week we will be invaded for WV Mountainfest so enjoy peaceful travel around town for a few more days, it's about to get pretty crazy around this town with a significant increase in traffic around town.

Michelle and I actually have no set in stone plans for this weekend, I'm going out and working tomorrow morning for RTI, but after that we have no real plans for the first time in a while. I'm sure we won't be bored as there will always something for us to do or go and see.

I know that we are going to have to get together with Jim and Chris (Michelle's sister) and talk to them about cruising. They have a cruise coming up next month (before ours) and they will be first time cruisers and we will give them a few tips for their trip.

Have yourselves a great day.

Hi ho hi ho

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Photo Flashback Thursday

Once a week I like to take a little bit of time out, time to reflect on days gone by that I have captured in pictures. Little lost moments in time that we are allowed to relive once again because someone had a camera handy and captured the moment. I like to select one of those lost moments in time and write a little something about it, briefly reliving a time and maybe stirring a few memories of some of my readers of yesteryear. Sometimes these are really easy pictures to find, it just jumps out at you saying pick me pick me. Sometimes it seems like you have looked at all the pictures over and over and it's hard to make a decision. One thing that always stands true though is that I always enjoy myself looking through the pictures.

This weeks picture is one that goes back to the mid 1980's. I would guess that since I am wearing a sweater that this is around Christmas or Thanksgiving time. The picture was taken up at Dad's before they remodeled the house. If I would have to guess, being that I still had a full head of hair back then that it would be around the 1985 to 1987 time frame but that would just be my best guestimation.

I was a few pounds thinner back then and did have a full head of hair on my head, I was just a sexy man whore posing for a Speaking of my Dad, yesterday was the 17th Anniversary of his passing. I sure do miss the days of yesteryear sometimes.

Have a great day

Hi ho hi ho