Thursday, July 19, 2018

Photo Flashback Thursday

Once a week I like to take a little bit of time out and look through some of the pictures that I have either taken, scanned or stolen off of the internet through the years and find one special picture that stands out. Little lost moments in time from yesterday caught with a Cameras lens and relived right here in my blog. Sometimes it's pretty easy to find that one special picture and sometimes it's not that easy, one thing it consistently is however is a whole lot of fun.

OK a little change of pace this week, this is a picture of the WalMart Supercenter up on 4H Camp Road  here in Morgantown. When this image was taken we only had one operational WalMart and that was at the old Mountaineer Mall, then a day after this picture was taken that WalMart closed down and Morgantown had two brand new stores opening up.

It's been hard to imagine that it has been going on 12 years since these two stores opened up, it just goes to show you how fast time just flies by when you get to a certain point in your life. I was working at Home, but my Office was either in Frostburg or Sterling Virginia (depending on when we shut down the Frostburg Office), I had drove over after work to grab a picture before all the chaos of everyone wanting to go to the newer stores started. Before these stores opened, I drove to Grafton every Sunday to Grocery Shop at their Super WalMart.

Have yourselves a great day.

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