Friday, July 20, 2018

Nineteen Years Ago

It was Nineteen years ago today, that this man in the picture with his six offspring passed away. He would be 73 years old if he were still with us and probably still preparing large family dinners for everyone.

So much has happened in the nineteen years since he has passed. Val, Kim, Amy, Moke, Myself and Calvin myself had all got married. We found our lost sibling just a few months ago, and we find out he not only has a Daughter (Granddaughter) Sarah but also a Granddaughter (Great Grand daughter).

We saw Erica, Kaiden, Josh, Kynlea and Ryleigh all enter into the family as the next generation all entered presented themselves as additions to the family.

This man touched and inspired a number of people, people who knew him or had the chance to experience one of his feasts he called a cookout always remember him for his food, the abundance and the great quality of it. He was a coal miner by trade, a great cook by choice and an inspiration to all.

We miss you Dad.

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