Sunday, July 01, 2018

Peanut Scare

What a scare that we had this morning, our little fur baby Peanut, the one who is just full of life, had some serious health problems this morning.

Michelle looked at me and said something is not right with Peanut, I looked at her and she was the very definition of lethargic. She was throwing up on herself and was just sitting there is a complete daze. It broke our hearts as something was big time wrong with our baby.

Michelle rushed her to the NCWV Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Fairmont to have her looked at. She was dehydrated for one thing, and had some kind of crystals in her urine. She gets fresh wet food every day, but she doesn't ever want to seem to eat it opting for the dry food. I did a google search and came up with this, which could be the cause of it all.

She is home safe and resting, although still kind of out of it. Her Meowtside time is restricted until she gets better or at least starts to show signs of life again. Hopefully she will be OK in a couple of days, they gave her fluids and some anti-biotics to take.

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