Saturday, May 06, 2017


Here I sit on a quiet Saturday Morning, I'm up early collecting my thoughts and watching old reruns of Threes Company on some TV channel.

My weekend will be spent working once again for RTI, I'll be out doing field work both today and tomorrow as requested from the National Director, they want everyone out the next couple of days as they just haven't gotten the numbers this quarter. Me personally I have had a very productive quarter, if it is not my best quarter yet it's close to being there.

Michelle is going to be doing a little bit of Baby sitting this morning. She will be spending a little time with Baby Declan (I hope I spelled that right) as Mommy and Daddy can go out and see a movie together and get a chance to unwind a little bit. She  jumped at the chance when it was offered.

Karma is a bitch as I read on Facebook last night. Michelle's former employer who had it in for Michelle from the very beginning and managed to remove a very large asset to the company, just found out yesterday how much of an asset that asset was as she was terminated. We have come to learn that Michelle's situation was the final nail in her coffin as she was shown to be pretty incompetent and it caught up to her. Michelle has moved on and is very happy with MEPCO and is in a much better employment situation. They did her a big favor, but it did make her day to learn the events that transpired. She's got a permasmile on her face right now that is probably going to be there a while.

Have a great day.

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