Monday, May 15, 2017


Well here we are once again at the start of another fun filled work week. Michelle made it home yesterday evening and brought me a few samples of the delicious cookie treats that will be featured in the cookie room this coming weekend. I understand young Maddie took my place this weekend as the QAQC tester.

The girls and I had a good time this weekend, but they were all happy to see Michelle come home as was I. I held down the fort while Michelle was gone. I think May is the most happiest as she usually sleeps with Michelle and stayed on the couch since she left.

We had a Mother's Day Breakfast yesterday at Golden Coral for my Mom. I think that she had a pretty good time, but someone who shall remain the nameless blogger forgot to take any pictures at all of the mornings festivities.

I think I am going to brush up on my Python programming today, something tells me that this will be a big asset in the very near future.

Have a great day.

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