Tuesday, May 09, 2017

No tidbits this week.

I kind of dropped the ball on writing a tidbits blog for this morning, I had a few things going on yesterday and that kind of side tracked me. So, rather than rush one out I'll just write a regular blog for the day.

Well our softball season started with a boom last night. We ended up beating IDK 11-5 to open the season up 1-0. We lost a few guys from last year and we've picked up a few guys or should I say guys who were on the roster last year but were never able to make it, made it out. We played very well last night and we looked in mid-season form from the very get go of the season. We had a practice last weekend, but only three guys showed up and no one else made it.

Wish me luck today, not saying what yet, but just asking everyone to wish me luck.

Have a great day.

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