Tuesday, May 16, 2017

40 Years Ago

There are days that you encounter in the time that we spend on this rock that were turning points in your life. Possibly a single event that changed your destiny either for the good or the bad or was a point that you remember back for inspiration. For me that day is today, a day that I will never forget and always look to as a turning point in my life.

It was May 16, 1977 and about the time that this blog posts. I was a 13 year old kid who was being raised by my Dad's Parents, my Grandmother was the Motherly figure in my life at that time and my Grandfather was pretty much my Father. I still referred to them as my Grandmother and Grandfather, but they were much more than that. I was woke up with some of news that absolutely devastated me, for the first time in my life, someone very close to me had passed away.

It was a day when the man I knew to be my Father, despite my real Dad being alive but not really involved in my life those first 13 years, had passed away and my childhood changed forever. It was just me and my Grandmother and I had to assume a role that I maybe wasn't ready for yet, but it helped me grow up pretty quickly.

27 years after his passing, I accomplished a goal that he had had for me when I graduated College and fulfilled his dream. That day was 13 years ago today as well, but that was for him. I did stop by his and Grandma's gravesite yesterday to take a little bit of time to reflect upon the first 13 years of my life and what he has inspired me to do.

I miss them both to this day.

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