Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Enjoy your extended weekend today, but please take a little bit of time out and remember those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice to allow us the freedoms we enjoy.

Thank you to my Father George Hall Sr as he served in the US Army in the 1960's and pre-vietnam war era. I was actually born on a Military Base due to him serving at the time.

Thank You to my Mothers Father Donald Newbraugh who was a Veteran of three US conflicts. World War II, Korea and Vietnam. 

Last but certainly not least a special thank you to my Father's Father and the man who raised my Ellis Hall who fought for our Country during what was called the Great War, or better known to modern historians as World War I.

Take a little time out from you BBQ's and cookouts today to remember those who served to protect us but are no longer with us. Take a little time to visit a grave yard today.

Have a great day,

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