Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Thank You Phil

I lost the feed from Groundhog.org on my phone, my guess is too many people were wanting to watch the great Groundhog and weather forecaster to let us know what our weather is going to be like for the next six weeks.

Phil came out of his hole and DID NOT see any shadow which means Spring is right around the corner!!!!!!

I thought I may have sent the Vodka that was meant for Phil to his Canadian Counterpart, Woodchuck Willow, who just died this past week. Maybe Phil knew we were serious about no more snow and sent the vodka to Willow, if that be the case I plead the Fifth...lol

With the exception of one major storm, it has been a pretty mild winter and if we can escape with just one or two storms I'll be quite happy.

Thank You Phil, now enjoy your day of praise and get ready to take the next year off, you have earned it!

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