Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Morning Rambling

Here I sit yet once again in a quiet household, Phin and I are up watching the Ladies Man on HBO and collecting our thoughts for the day and just starting to wake up.

Well yesterday Michelle and I went to Best Buy to buy a screen protector for Michelle's new Apple Watch and I debated and debated and decided to pick myself up one. I'm glad that I did because unknowing to me that special price if $100 off ended yesterday, they are back to full price today, so we saved $200 buying two watches. I'm glad I decided to do it yesterday, I would have been disappointed if I decided to buy it today.

Today's agenda include us doing a little bit of grocery shopping followed by us going to the Morgantown Mall. MSnap is giving away vouchers to have your dog or cat Payed or Neutered, Phin needs fixed before she gets too much older.

I'm probably going to write a weeks worth of blogs between today and tomorrow, I leave for DC on Tuesday and won't be back until Friday morning. Packing for that trip might also be on my agenda for today.

Have yourselves a great day today.

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