Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let's Go Gowling

Here I sit in a quiet household this morning, we have a couple of house guests for a while as Rocky and Lilly are here visiting us for a while as Mommy enjoys a European vacation. I'm up early watching something or another on  HBO and collecting my thoughts for the day.

One of my new years resolutions and pretty much the theme for 2016 is spending more time with family. Family is a very important thing to both Michelle and I, so today we're going to have a little bit of a get together and fun as everyone is going to go and have a little old fashioned fun by going bowling this afternoon at Suburban Lanes.

I think we are going to have a pretty good turnout today and I will be bringing my camera along with me. It'll also be a good day to possibly discuss the Friends and Family Picnic coming up July 3rd this summer.

Bowling is an event that I think can be enjoyed by all, we will have all skill levels there including a few beginners all the way up to someone with multiple 300 game under his belt in my brother in law Robert. There can be friendly competitions or just taking a little bit of time to watch others and see how they are doing.

I was thinking something else we could do when the weather gets nicer and if we can get enough participants is maybe a family kickball game. Draft up a couple of teams and go find a field and have a little bit of fun.

Of course this summer we can all target possibly an event where running or walking is the objective and all participate. I think I would start with the 5K walk as would many members from my side of the family, I know Michelle's sister and that side of the family runs a number of events every year. I think it would be great for everyones health to train for one even us walkers, as well as support some of the people who want to compete on the running side. These are just a couple of ideas in the near future that we can all think about doing.

Have yourselves a great day, we intend to.

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