Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit in a semi quiet household, Phin and I are up watching Tosh.O on Comedy Central and we're both collaborating on our thoughts for the day.

Yesterday was an eventful day to say the very least. First of all they pushed the time back to start buying Jimmy Buffett tickets back two hours really screwing with my availability time to be able to purchase them and still get done with my part time job in time to do what I needed to do and get home in time to feed the cats and go out to dinner with Michelle. Michelle stepped up and managed to secure all of our tickets for August. This will be my tenth and Michelle's ninth time of tailgating with fellow Parrot Heads. I was trying to do it from my phone, but it was limiting me in what I needed to do so I had to get Michelle to do it from a PC.

We put Pearl into the garage yesterday morning, it was making a strange sound Thursday, almost as if we were going to have to replace the entire exhaust system. We got lucky and this has been something that the Subaru garage has seen a lot of recently. I guess a lot of ice got up under the exhaust manifold and the axle and sits there and builds up. The mechanic said there has been a lot of this recently for some reason, I'm just thankful that was all it was. We also had a few minor repairs done as well as we had 4 bulbs go out that affected our front parking lights. Thinking it was either a fuse or a short I had no idea, but turns out they all just burned out at the same time.

Last night we went out to Dickies for dinner, Morgantown was becoming absolute gridlock again with the snowfall we were receiving. Strange though that it had nothing to do with any cars being stuck or hung up, just an excess amount of traffic for some reason.

Have yourselves a great Saturday, the WVU Men's Basketball team will take on TCU today at Noon at the WVU Coliseum and the Women travel to Oklahoma State to take on the 20th Ranked OSU Cowboys in a battle of two Top 25 Ranked teams at 6:00.

Have yourselves a great day.

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