Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit in a semi-quiet household, Phin woke me up to let me know it was either time for her to eat to it was just time to get up as she wanted to play. I'm up with One Flew Over the Cockcoos Nest playing on HBO and collecting my thoughts for the day.

I picked up Michelle's Apple Watch yesterday, she played around with it a little last night but was basically letting it charge to get its first full charge. It took a while to set it up and to learn where everything was and how to navigate around everything. I did find a pretty good tutorial on how to use it for her, so that will make it a lot easier.

There is a big basketball game here in Morgantown this afternoon with a battle of a couple of top 10 teams. #3 Oklahoma comes into the Coliseum to take on the #10 WV Mountaineers at 4:00 with the game being televised on ESPN. This will be the 5th and probably final regular season match up against a Top 10 team this year for the Mountaineers who are also in the Top 10. We still have 2 more top 25 match up's left, but neither appear that that will be on the top 10. Now Big XII Tournament and NCAA Tournament time we may once again start seeing top teams.

No plans on the agenda for Michelle and I today so far, probably finishing setting up her watch and some chores around the house. Traffic is going to be horrendous this afternoon.

Well with many new stores soon to be coming to Morgantown, it looks like Hobby Lobby will be coming to the Gateway Plaza in the near future. If you have never been to a Hobby lobby, you are really missing something. I call it Michaels on Steroids as there is just so much to choose from. It will definitely be a town favorite. There is also a Peace, Love and Little Donuts that will be opening in the University Towne Center in the very near future.

Have yourselves a great day and enjoy the day to the max.

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