Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hump Day

OK we have made it, all we need to do is get up and over this noon time hump and it's going to be all downhill as we work towards another fun filled weekend.

I really have to start concentrating on next week at work, I'm going to have to write a few "absentee" blogs as I am going to be in Washington DC next week for a conference and don't know how much time I am going to have to be on the computer as I will be tied up at the conference or traveling for the most part of next week, so I may have to pre-write next weeks blogs this weekend to keep them going. I'll be staying in Arlington, VA, right across the Potomac and the Metro is right outside my hotel.

I will be traveling again, but I got my dates wrong as I will be flying out of Morgantown on the 17th and returning late night on the 24th. I will be staying at the Millennium Hotel in Durham, for a week training for the new part time job.

Other than that not too much going on in this mid-week. Michelle has been very busy at work being short handed, but she'll get through it I just need to make sure that she does not over do it.

Have yourselves a Great Day and enjoy it.

Hi ho hi ho

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