Friday, May 18, 2012

Big Ole Hairy Friday

Yes it is once again that time of the week that we all look foreword to, when we can take time to cease the labors for the week and take a little bit of needed time out to enjoy the fruits of those labors. It is once again the dawn of another weekend, and a Big Ole Hairy Friday.

I have to say that this was a rather quick week for me, even if I do have to say so myself. I went out yesterday and paid our taxes and got the license renewed on the Taurus, I tried to get it inspected yesterday but it was getting late and no one wanted to do it that late in the day.

In case anyone hasn't noticed, I have shut down my hosting account for I have three domains there and two of them were pretty much undeveloped, for the time being I am going to use the free hosting account, they still give you 10 GB of space, but a whole lot less options. It just didn't seem worth $100.00 a year for domain space that I really was not utilizing at all. The only thing really lost is my pictures, but I'll start looking for another host to host them, one that is significantly less costly. It wasn't really the money, but I had a hard time justifying paying $100.00 a year for something I really wasn't using anymore. I still own the domain names, but I may only keep the one that I use.

West Virginia University got one heck of a gift recently. A gift to the tune of $425 Million donation to the University from Siemens Corporation. It is the largest single gift ever given to West Virginia University, and not by just a little bit. The next largest donation was $35 Million. It was a great day to be a Mountaineer.

Speaking of the Mountaineers, we will kick off the 2014 season in Atlanta against the current defending National Champions lead by Monongah native Nick Saban. I'm eagerly anticipating that game.

Lifting and cardio day.

Hi ho hi ho

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