Sunday, May 13, 2012

Regular Sunday Morning Blog

Yeah yeah yeah, you know the routine by now, I'm up and everyone else is sleeping yadda yadda yadda. This is my fourth blog of the day, and one that I use to close a few loose ends of my morning blogging. The other three blogs that I have written this morning, have all been events that warranted their own space.

 Got a call from Pam last night, she was a couple of days out from getting me this news but has informed me that Calvin had sprained his ankle. Not sure what he did, but I know ankle sprains can be very painful and in some cases it would have been better to break it. Here's to hoping Calvin has a speedy recovery.

 My High School reunion has finally set a couple of dates aside. August 17th and 18t this year with two events. Friday's events are yet to be determined, but Saturday we are going to meet at Coopers Rock for a pic nic and later than evening head to Archies for a little bit of Karaoke. This will actually be the first one that I have actually attended. This works out well for me, we will be in Cleveland the weekend before for her cousin Ronnie's wedding.

Have a great day, have all the graduates left yet???

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