Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Well before I start the week I just want to comment a little bit about yesterday. To say that I ran all over kingdom come is an understatement due to Mother's Day and Graduation an the Graduation party last night. My day started with me waking up at 3:00 AM and I knew would end sometime around 9:00 last night. I got lucky and everything was done by 8:30 last night.

Graduation was very nice, the school of Medicine did it right at the Morgantown events center. My brother in law Jim brought an air horn and as Amanda was called we all hollered and Jim let the air horn go. It was a great time..LOL

ANYWAYS, now that all the fun has been had for the weekend it's time to stick or noses back to the grindstone for the next five days to do our thing that allows us to enjoy the weekends like we do.

It's a lifting and a cardio day, so...

Hi ho hi ho

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