Sunday, May 06, 2012

We Had a Nice Day

Here I sit, early on a Sunday morning collecting my thoughts once again. This time I am the only one who is awake, as everyone else is fighting a losing battle with the sandman.

Chad is back from Cleveland, they finally finished up the contract that has been on again and off again for about six months. In the next few weeks he's going to go down and help his Cousin Amanda in the store as my Brother and Sister in Law head to will be heading to Hawaii.

Michelle and I took a nice trip to Wheeling Downs yesterday. I have to admit that this was the first time that I have been there in a number of years. Last time I was there the dog track was there and the poker machines were just being installed for the first time in a couple of smaller rooms. Wow I have to say that place has changed. It's a full blown hotel and Casino now and has grown by leaps and bounds since the last time I was there.

Michelle has never gambled on any kind of dog or horse racing, we watched the first couple of races and then she ventured on trying a wager on the third races. She bet a Quinella on her first attempt at wagering. Somebody had a little bit of luck yesterday as beginners luck struck with her on her first race when she hit. Maybe I should have been asking her how to gamble instead of teaching here since she is the only one of us who actually won money. I wanted to take her to the meadows, but they do not race horses on Saturday afternoons, hence our trip to Wheeling. Maybe some Friday evening in the future will consist of us taking an evening and enjoying a little bit of harness racing at it's finest.

Hayley has finally taken her GED yesterday, judging by her pre-tests she should have passed with flying colors. We're both glad she finally has this behind her. She really is a very bright young girl, she was just bored in High School and tended to skip a great deal. She had no problem with any classes that she wanted to do, she would just get bored and sidetracked a little bit, like I said she is very intelligent.

Have a great day.

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