Thursday, March 24, 2016

Training Day 7

As I am out of the area on business travel for the next week or so, I will be writing a series of absentee blogs like I do when we take our cruises. I may attempt to write a live blog or two, but no promises as I am going to be swamped the next seven days training for the new job.

Well today is my last day of training, I will be leaving the Durham, North Carolina area this evening and heading to Raleigh to the airport to fly to Dulles. I will leave at 7:50 tonight on  United Airlines 6203 to Dulles. The at 10:05 PM I'll leave Dulles to fly to Morgantown on United Airlines 3142 arriving in Morgantown at 11:11 tonight. You can track my flights if you want on United Airline's Flight Tracker.

I will be home late late tonight and will be very happy to see my lovely wife and spend some time with her. I have missed her that is for sure.

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