Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Foreward

Well here I sit, I was up at 1:59 AM and the next thing I know is the clock said 3:00. I think we have even tricked the animals as they are not up yet.

Anyways, if you did not set your non automatic clocks ahead an hour last night before going to bed, you're probably realizing the time just jumped ahead and hour and we lost an hour of sleep.

It is the start of Daylight Savings time which means all of our internal clocks are going to be screwed up for a few days as we adjust to the time change. It also means it is going to start getting dark later and later in the evening and the sun will come up a little bit later in the morning as our days will continue to get longer for the next three months. IOW it's starting to turn into my favorite time of the year.

No big plans for Michelle and I today, grocery shopping, probably mix in a nap as our bodies adjust and probably watching the NCAA March Madness selection show and preparing to fill out our brackets for the office pools.

We are through 11 of the 13 episodes this season of House of Cards and will probably finish up the season with the final two of the year today.

Have yourselves a great day and take a nap today.

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