Friday, March 18, 2016

Training Day 1

As I am out of the area on business travel for the next week or so, I will be writing a series of absentee blogs like I do when we take our cruises. I may attempt to write a live blog or two, but no promises as I am going to be swamped the next seven days training for the new job.

Let me once again say that I am not leaving my job at NETL with Sextant, I love my job there and have the best boss anyone could ever ask for, I'm just here as a secondary income just to clear everything up and clarify everything.

Our schedule during training is going to be starting at 8:15 and we'll run to 5:00, then we will have labs every evening up until the time that we depart next week. This is just the start of my training after a long interview and examination process.

Well today is Friday and you are used to seeing Big Ole Hairy Fridays from me, but this week my blogs will be altered due to my absence and I'm not sure how much internet access I am going to have during the upcoming week.

Let's get this training started!

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