Sunday, October 18, 2015


Here I sit once again on a quiet Sunday Morning, only me and the Cats are up, Michelle is still sound asleep. I'm up with the TV on HBO, I think Amy Schumer is on but I'm not really paying attention, and I'm licking my wounds from yesterday and collecting my thoughts for the day.

Well I did hear from very tragic news yesterday from two loved ones. First it was my niece Val and later my sister Kim and they had both confirmed the tragedy. That it was actually snowing in Preston County yesterday afternoon and evening.

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned it before on this blog, but I Hate Snow. I don't care for the cold stuff, give me shorts and sandals and I'm happy not frozen white burden that falls from the skies and impedes everyone's ability to navigate to their desired destinations. I know it's pretty to look at, but no I don't want to build a snowman and if I worked for Disney I would have come come up with the sequel to Frozen....MELTED.

The weather was the least of my worries yesterday, the Mountaineers traveled to Baylor yesterday and had our butts handed to us 62-38 by the number 2 team in the country. Could have been worse though, did anyone see the ending of the Michigan and Michigan State game? One of the most exciting finishes in College Football history, that was epic to say the least.

No big plans for us today, grocery shopping will be the highlight of our day along with the Steelers Game this afternoon. Maybe the Steelers can help me lick my wounds from yesterday with a win against Arizona this afternoon.

Have a great day.

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