Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well that dreaded thing that we refer to as Monday is now behind us and we are looking straight ahead to another Tuesday. Other than if edible arrangements would bring me a bouquet full of Reese Cups I cant't for the life of me think of a better reason than that to do a tidbits.

* It's been 18,510 days that this earth has been blessed with my presence, as this is how many days old I am.

* 3,733 days ago I fulfilled a lifetime dream and Graduated from West Virginia University. Started later in life, but I did finish and that was the important thing.

* 2,334 days ago I had the opportunity to take a very lovely young lady out for a date. It was Pizza and a horrible Movie, but I think it all worked out pretty good for the both of us.

* 1,558 days ago I decided she had waited long enough and I put a ring on that finger and asked her to marry me.

* 1,095 days ago in front of our closest family and friends, she said "I do" and we became Husband and Wife.

* I have one day to go with my Doctor Appointment filled for the both of us Third Wedding Anniversary. To celebrate we are going to a Pirates game this Saturday night as we both are working all week when we are not at the Doctors.

* We are but a mere 25 days away from when the 2014 edition of the West Virginia University College Football season opens up against Alabama. I predict a very long year for us, maybe even worse than our 4-8 last season.

* Only 33 more days to go until we set sail once again to the Caribbean on our third cruise in three years. Once again we shall board the Carnival Pride and head to my favorite places in the world.

* If you are paying attention, there are 142 more shopping days left to go until Christmas.

* I have 148 more days of blogging to go this year until my infamous Goodbye 2014 is published.

* I have around 6,327 more days to go until I retire, give or take a few hundred here or there and depending on how I feel.

* This my 3,736th blog that I have written for George's Journal since I started writing it almost ten years ago. Ten of my life are wrapped up and available for all to see and share in this blog.

* The week ahead looks like it is going to be a nice weather week, hopefully we will have good weather Saturday Night in Pittsburgh at the Pirates game. Fireworks will follow the game and it looks like it is going to be a good night.

* Searching for some new and exciting and healthy recipes, Pintrest is always my friend lol.

* Confucius say… two wrongs not make right, three lefts do.

* Anyone have any input or ideas for Christmas 2014? Who is hosting or ideas for a big get together? Ideas from 2014 Christmas Bulbs for Mom's Tree this year?

* There is a Farmers Market today in Westover from 4:00-7:00 at the old Shop and Save.

* I just found out that they are opening a Hobby Lobby in Washington, PA in October. That's going to be awesome, the closest one is in Robinson Township. Although that is where Michelle is from and we do go up there a good bit, it'll be nice to have one closer.

* In two weeks, classes at WVU will once again start, meaning this is probably your last weekend of peace and serenity in Morgantown before the students start to move back in and create traffic headaches everywhere. Yikes.

* I don't think my vacation can get here quick enough with that last tidbit, can't we do a 4th of July weekend rewind?

* We test drove a New Car yesterday and I left work a little early anticipating buying it, however there is no option for Satellite Radio and even though it is a 6 speed, it just did not have the power that our Forrester has. It did have a bunch of bells and whistles, but the lack of power and no satellite was a deal killer for us. I don't think our radio has been off Satellite since we bought it 3 years ago.

* Hi ho hi ho

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