Sunday, August 24, 2014


Here I sit once again on a quiet Sunday Morning, I'm once again the first to recover from that knockout blow I suffered from that dreaded Sandman yesterday evening and I'm up collecting my thoughts once again. I just got done watching the movie Dodgeball on HBO and am thinking about going back to bed for a while to be honest with you.

We didn't get into a whole lot yesterday, we did go buy a new bathroom scale  yesterday since the one we had was starting to go on the fritz, so I did my research and did one that was a little more accurate and provided a lot more information. This one calculates your BMI, Fat Weight, Water Weight and Bone Mass. It's a nice little indicator of how much farther we can go in our weight loss.

Speaking of weight loss, we stopped by JC Penney's yesterday to try on some new clothes and see how we are doing with our weight loss. I used to wear a 54" jacket and a 46" was almost comfortable yesterday. Jeans which I did buy a new pair were a size I haven't fit into since the 1980's or at least early 1990's. I've went as high as a 46" waist and an now down to a 38" waist as I have now passed another 10 pound increment in my weight loss.

Today's plans are pretty simple, we're heading to the grocery store this morning and doing our normal Sunday Grocery shopping for the week although I did go to Krogers yesterday morning and get all of the vegetables for the week. Laundry is the other thing we have to do today before we return to work tomorrow. The good thing is tomorrow will be my last Monday until September 22nd as the following Monday is Labor Day and the next two Mondays we'll be on and finishing up our vacation which includes our cruise.

A bit of good news, as of yesterday the ALS Foundation due to the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised $62.5 Million  compared to the $2.4 Million during the same time period as last year. I took the challenge earlier this week and Michelle took it yesterday  after being challenged by her Sister Chris.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

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