Wednesday, May 03, 2023


Hey what do you know about that, two days are down and you have two more ahead of you and today is the day we get up and over that noontime hump and see the dawn of another weekend off in the Horizon once again. 

Well wish me a little luck today, with the job search. I have an interview this afternoon with the parent company itself, ESRI. I put in for a couple of jobs from them a few weeks ago and they are finally getting around to me. Not sure if anything will come of this, as it would be a job a little out of my skillset but my area of expertise if that makes any sense. I've really got my fingers crossed and I think this would be the cherry on top of my career if it comes to fruition. 

I'm glad we got the grass cut on Saturday, plus the bent blade experience, simply because it has been kind of cold and wet all week. Not the most pleasurable time of the year, but the WVU students are halfway through their finals and starting to clear their ways out of town. Less traffic will be such a pleasure, now if we can just get past all the road construction, especially on the Mileground. 

Have yourselves a great day, make it memorable. 

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