Sunday, May 07, 2023


Here Kiwi and I sit yet once again, we're talking about how much fun that he had yesterday when we took him outside as we, (Mainly Michelle) cleaned the back patio up. Kiwi was out in the sun visiting his cousins and still can't stop talking about it. 

We had a raised garden that I put on the back deck years ago, it was an above-ground garden that was actually quite productive. We put it in years ago and we used it for a few years, but it has probably been 10 years since we last planted it and it was just time to get rid of it. Michelle wanted it gone, so what Michelle wants Michelle gets and we got it all cleaned up, disposed of, and hosed off. It was a lot of fun when we did have it, we took a lot of pride in it, but its time had come and gone and it was time for it to be gone. 

We did get a lot of running around done yesterday though, Michelle went to Sephora, Home Goods, and JC Penney and I went to Bass Pro Shops and Harbor Freight and didn't buy a single toy...I mean tool. I did get a number of things done in and around the man cave (garage), bought some new garden hoses, and a new hard-bristled broom for outside, and got a bunch of tools back up into the garage. 

Today we are grocery shopping and I would imagine that there will be a nap associated with the day since it is due to Thunderstorm. I was going to cut grass yesterday, but it's not really high enough yet. 

Have yourselves a great day, make it memorable. 

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