Friday, May 26, 2023

Big Ole Hairy Memorial Day Weekend Friday

Yes, it is once again that time of the week that we all look forward to when we can take time to cease the labors for the week and take a little bit of needed time out to enjoy the fruits of those labors. It is again the dawn of another weekend and a Big Ole Hairy Memorial Day Weekend Friday.

Here is the funny part of all of this, I have a three-day weekend so to speak, as I report to work for the Parsons Contract on Tuesday (remote role, work from home), but Michelle is going to be off on Tuesday so she gets a four day weekend. She was originally going to take today off, but some co-workers had to take this day for very good reasons that take priority so Michelle decided to take off Tuesday instead. 

Today I will be doing a laundry run as well as a trip to WalMart and Sams Club. I'll have everything done by the time Michelle gets off of work and starts her four-day weekend. It's going to be a busy one, with all the High School Graduations and parties this weekend. Erica's will be graduating from Morgantown High (my alma mater) and her part will be at Amy's place since she has a huge yard, and plenty of parking and they are away enough that all the kids will be safe so they can have fun. 

Paige, will also be graduating this weekend from University High and we got an invitation, I think Michelle said they are celebrating it on Sunday. 

Her cousin Julie's daughter Meghan is also graduating, but her party will be in a couple of weeks back up in East Liverpool. 

I will also be making my yearly run to three graveyards this weekend to place some flags on the graves of family members who served our country and are no longer with us. 

Havre a great day and the start to a greater weekend and we'll getback to the hi ho hi ho's next week. 

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