Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Monday is behind us, can't think of a better reason to do everyone's favorite blog post of the week. 

* It has been 21,677 days since I was born, that is 21 years using my new,  new, and improved 1,000-day Calender. I do have to say I start to feel my age or older than 21.  

* It has been 6,937 days since I graduated from WVU with a Degree in Geography. A field that I am still passionate about. 

* 5,525 days ago Michelle and I had our first date together, the pizza hut is gone, the movie was 10,000 BC and it sucked to high heaven. 

* 4,728 days ago I proposed to Michelle in the backyard at 4:00 in the morning. 

* It was 4,273 days ago in front of our closest friends and family, for the most part, Michelle and I became husband and wife at the Marilla Center, we poured sand into a vase and said our I do's and we were hitched. 

* I have now lived 1,909 days longer than my Dad did and I'm still going strong. It's almost two years according to my birthday age calendar. 

* My older Brother Jonathan lived 21,266 days, I've now outlived him by 432 days making me Senior Supreme Sibling once again! To my younger siblings, bow down to my age seniority. =)

* I have 3,163 days to go until I retire, give or take a few hundred days here or there, but I love doing what I do. Who knows though, doing what I do I may never retire. 

* 270 more days until Phil steps to center stage again for Groundhogs Day, I'm loving the springtime. 

* 236 more days to go until my Goodbye 2023 Blog is posted, I'm just now getting started on content for that one. 

* There are 230 more shopping days left until Christmas 2023. You still have plenty of time to prepare and get ready. =)

* There are 206 days until I hit the age of 60. Yeah I know, I'm really older than 21. 

* There are 129 more days until the Pitt Panthers bring their butts to Morgantown so we can get some revenge on our game this year. 

* There are 123 more days to go until the Mountaineers travel to Happy Valley and get another shot at an old-time Rival, Penn State. It's a game that will be at nighttime on NBC so it's going to have a big audience. 

* There are 87 more days to go until Michelle and I celebrate our Twelfth Wedding Anniversary together.  

* There are 43 days until my second favorite season, the Summer of 2023.

* I have written 7,170 blogs in the now 18 1/2 years plus a couple of days of being a blogger. 

* Older Drone still needs to be sent out for repairs, not a big priority at this time. My little drone is awesome and I really like it....when I take time out to fly it. 

* No Drone flights this weekend, I'm seriously a slacker. It's getting to be that time of the year though. 

* Speaking of drones, I have a little free time on my hands, providing the weather is nice it is time to fly. 

* I think I pulled a back muscle this past weekend, it's still rather sore and agitated. 

* How about I start doing my favorite Tic Tok of the week? This is this weeks Tic Tok, asking Jon Bon Jovi who he thinks the best guitarist is of all time. Anser might surprise you. 

* I'm looking I'm looking

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