Sunday, May 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day

Here I am on a Quiet Mother's Day Morning, Kiwi and I are up discussing his Mother and how she used to fly around all over the place. I reminded the little peckerhead that Michelle was his Mother and then it dawned on him, oh yeah, I forgot. Brid brain and he wants me to take him seriously when it comes to issues. Expert my butt. 

It is Mother's Day here and everywhere else. Here is has a little more special meaning as it is a Holiday that was founded in Grafton, in an adjacent county. Anna Jarvis is credited with founding the Holiday that is now internationally recognized. 

So to all the mothers out there, including my own Mother, my wife, her mother Suzie and to all of my nieces who have given birth and to my daughter who stepped into that role and to all who have ever been thought of as Mom, I would like to wish you all a very happy Mother's Day. 

Our plans for the Day, Michelle's Sister Chris has invited us over for a cookout, and we have invited Mom and Gerald to come along and of course, bring Lucy so Suzane can get a chance to visit with her. Hopefully, the weather holds up for the day as it seemed to rain all day yesterday. 

Have yourselves a great day and make some memories. 

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