Monday, May 08, 2023


All good things must come to an end, and yes that does include those super productive things that we call weekends. Now it is time to take the collective noses and stick them back onto that grindstone of life and get back to doing what we all do to make this a better rock to live on. 

I'm writing this and drinking a glass of diet cran grape as O was in a lot of pain Saturday evening and into yesterday. Thinking it may have been a pulled muscle but remember years ago that something very similar to this happened years ago when I used to lift weights two hours a day when I was at NETL. I went to Med Express and they wrote me two prescriptions for pain (that I never took) and said I had a kidney infection. So Dr Wifey (Better known as Michelle) suggested drinking some cranberry juice to help flush the kidneys. I'm not a fan of cranberry juice, but this Ocean Spray Diet Cran Grape is actually quite tasty and I would drink it again. 

Wish me luck this morning, I have another interview for a job out west, but it is a remote role so I can work from home. This is one of those jobs that 30 different head hunters contacted me about this position, but the company that has actually placed people contacted me first, offered the most money and it was indicated I was their first and primary target for this role. Today I meet with the client and was asked if I was offered would I accept today. I thought this was a good sign, so I said yes and it's doing the part of GIS that I enjoy the most, editing. Getting down to the nuts and bolts and building the product. I actually managed a project for what they are asking on this one, but for the state of Virginia when I was with VARGIS, and had three guys working under me. So I think my chances may be favorable and it's more money (without overtime) than I was making contracting for Duquense Light. 

Speaking of Duquense Light, I have to go to Pittsburgh once again and test in for a GIS Position that they have. It's a Union Test and has absolutely nothing to do with GIS, it's more along the line of how well you understand physics and mathematical equations. I'm planning on going up Thursday, but plans could change. 

I need to charge my drone and the controller, I would like to get out and fly it sometime in the near future. Weather has not been too cooperative but hopefully that will all change in the very near future. 

Have yourselves a great day, make some memories. 

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