Monday, May 15, 2023


All good things must come to an end, and yes that does include those super productive things that we call weekends. Now it is time to take the collective noses and stick them back onto that grindstone of life and get back to doing what we all do to make this a better rock to live on.

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day, we invited Mom and Gerald over to Chris's for a cookout and to enjoy Mother's Day. Lucy was in tow and got a chance to spend some time and visit her previous Mother who I don't think has seen her since Amy and Ralph's cookout last summer. It was a nice day. 

It was 7 years ago yesterday that that cute little adorable Cat on the left moved in with us. Seven Years ago we adopted Peanut, back when she was a cute little rambunctious thing, now she's a 7-year-old cat that only likes 2 humans, 1 other cat, and 1 bird named Kiwi. Anyone and everyone else she either tries to kill or hides from as she is far from a socialite. We do love her and appreciate her and have enjoyed the last seven years. 

I swear I am going to charge my drone this week and attempt to find someplace to fly it. I have time now and the weather has been cooperative, I just need to find someplace that I have not flown and have some fun with it. I'm out of practice with it, so Coopers Rock would be too much of a risk for me to fly it. 

Have yourselves a great day, go out and make this a better world to live in. 

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