Thursday, May 11, 2023

Photo Flashback Thursday

Once a week I like to take a little bit of time out, time to look at some of the 30,000+ photos that I have stored on my computer. Little lost moments in time that I either captured with a lens, scanned or just stole from someplace on the internet. I like to find just one and post it up and recall or relive the picture to the best of my ability. Sometimes this is a pretty easy task and sometimes it's not that easy, one thing it has always been a whole lot of fun.

This weeks pic is an artistic one I took during COVID, it's one of my former blog co-author Peanut, she held out for a contract dispute and was replaced my the Green Cheek Conure Kiwi, out in the backyard sitting on a rock. I decided I was going to try to do some fun stuff with the camera's setting and chose the color picker. I think this was done with one of my older cameras, as the 35 MM I use now doesn't appear to haver those settings. 

Anyways I picked the color of Peanut's nametag and some of the colors on the back were in the same range of the filter to get picked up. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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