Monday, May 29, 2023

Memorial Day

As many of us extend our weekends one more day, let's take some time out and remember and honor those who served our Nation in Uniform that are no longer with us. It's Memorial Day.

Yesterday Michelle and I made our yearly trip to three graveyards around town to honor my Grandfathers and Father who all served. Our first stop was Arnettesville Cemetary where we stopped by my Grandpa Newbraugh's tombstone and took a little time to visit the many relatives on my Mom's side of the family buried there. 

I have to be honest, after that we made a trip to Petsmart to get more birdcage cleaner. That and some Popcorn on a cob meant for birds. It was neat, you microwaved it in small increments and let it cool. Not sure how finicky of an eater Kiwi is, however, we'll have to wait and see. 

From there it was off to East Oak Grove Cemetary where replaced the flower holders in Dad and Jean's flower pots and put new vibrant flowers in and decorated it up a little bit. Replaced Dad's Flag and cleaned off all the grass clippings that had built up around and on it. I think I may spray their tombstone next as it could use a good cleaning. The stuff we used did a miraculous job on Grandma and Grandpa Hall's graves. 

We had one final cemetery to visit and we went to Mount Union Cemetary and visited Grandma and Grandpa Halls gravesite. His Brother Lincoln's grave which we treated with the cleaner also came up looking very nice. 

The final grave we visited for the day was my Dad's sister Glenna Mae's gravestone, which was looking pretty rough last year. We sprayed it down pretty good a couple of months ago and as we were working on Grandma and Grandpa Halls. As you can see these three tombstones which had a black soot on them last year have all cleaned up very nicely. 

A Big Thank You to my wonderful wife Michelle as she did a lot of spraying, observing and some scrubbing to make all of these markers look loved and cared for. 

Have yourselves a great day and enjoy yourselves, also take a little bit of time out to honor and remember those who this day is dedicated to. 

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