Wednesday, July 08, 2020


Well that is two days down, we have a couple more ahead of us until the weekend, that must mean that today is Hump Day.

I decided to do a real blog today rather than just posting a funny Youtube clip like I have done in the past. A couple things I wanted to say, so you get a real blog for a change in the middle of the week.

Michelle will be in the Clarksburg Office today, they are still remodeling it and I think she is really starting to get cabin fever. Her boss will be at the Clarksburg site as well so there will be a reason to go there other than to just look to see how the remodel is progressing.

In my life, I will be speaking with someone this afternoon. It's a job that when I applied for it I felt pretty good about. Not going to say anything, but I'll say I have my fingers crossed on this one. No it would not be in Morgantown or even West Virginia. It wouldn't be me heading east but instead north to an area that Michelle and I both have a little bit of familiarity with. I need a challenge and this could be one that I would embrace.

It looks like I'm not done listing for RTI just yet, I've got another segment coming but other than the one I did here, would be the closest one I will have listed. Just one county south and just a simple hop skip and a jump from here. The segment I worked for two days last week and one this week I am so glad to have finished and have that one off of my plate. It was a pain in the butt and it took a couple of hours to get there. About an hour and a half by interstate and then another half an hour after I got off of the highway. Nice area, but very rural, there is actually a state park right in the middle of it

Have yourselves a great day today, if you're lucky you can do something to change the world.

Wear a mask.

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