Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Monday is completed and another fun filled week of working has started, great time to do a tidbits.

* It has been 20,691 days since I first entered this world as we know it. I've love every day of being here and I hope I have made a few of you happy with knowing me.

* It has been 5,917 days since I graduated from WVU with a Degree in Geography, specifically GIS.

* 4,518 days ago Michelle and I had our first date together, seems like just yesterday.

* 3,742 days ago I proposed to Michelle, 4:00 in the morning in the back yard.

* It was 4,170 days ago in front of our closest friends and family, Michelle and I tied the knot with the help of a co-worker of hers.

* I have now lived 905 days longer than my Dad did and I'm still going. It was 21 years ago yesterday that he passed.

* I have 4,186 days to go until I retire, give or take a few hundred days here or there.

* The next Backyard Brawl where we beat Pitt's ass in Football is only 765 days away unless some kind of a deal is worked out this year due to COVID.

* There are 374 days until Michelle and I head to Pittsburgh to see Reba in concert. It was postponed this March to July and now they are pushing the tour until next year. It'll be mine and Michelle's 10th wedding anniversary.

* There are only 327 days until the start Spring 2021!!!!!

* 189 more days until Phil steps to center stage again for Groundhogs Day. Phil, his wife Philamina and their kid Phillip Jr have all been hanging in our back yard.

* 173 more days to go until my Goodbye 2020 Blog is posted, this should be an interesting one.

* There are 149 more shopping days left until Christmas 2020.

* My next Anniversary of my 21st Birthday will be in 124 more days.

* There are 6 more days to go until Michelle and I celebrate our Ninth Wedding Anniversary together.

* I have written 6,098 blogs in the now 15 3/4 years since I started blogging.

* No drone flights this weekend, but that has pretty much been my recurring theme this year with that. I do have a plan to fly Hayley's wedding venue sometime this spring for her.

* Hayley took her Cricut home on friday, she really wan't getting much use for it down here as there are too many distractions.

* Michelle will be visiting the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for a followup for her wrist.

* Furloughed WVU workers were all called back to work and restarted yesterday, so traffic is going to be a little heavier now.

* Still putting in for jobs left and right, there are some jobs opening up and I'm hoping to hear something from one of them. I may have something in play north of Pittsburgh, we'll have to wait and see. If this works out we would be relocating, but within an hours drive of here. Keep your fingers crossed.

* Corona Virus, you can still track it but it's losing it's steam a little.

* They STILL have not found Mountie Python, the 15' snake that escaped in Sabraton last summer. He is becoming a Morgantown legend now.

* I'm STILL converting some old VHS tapes to Digital Format for Trish. I really need to get back on this as I am such a procrastinator.

* Hi hi hi ho

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