Sunday, July 26, 2020


Here I sit once again co-authorless as Peanut is still curled up sleeping with Mommy. I'm up streaming Galaxyquest and attempting to collect my thoughts for the day.

Typical Sunday for us today, go grocery shopping and then come home to do a few chores and pay a few bills. Nothing out of our normal Sunday Routine.

Michelle is still studying for her test from that intensive 9 days of course work for iSolved. She still has a ways to go for her certification, but she has been diligently working towards it this entire month and probably has another month until she sees the end of the tunnel. This is all in addition to her normal job functions so to say she has been busy and focused is an understatement.

Looking at my week ahead, I actually will not have anything to list this week for RTI due to us moving into the second phase of listing. They have a number of segments that they have me targeted for still, but none of them assigned have been assigned yet. For this phase, I am allowed to actually get out of my car as I was not for the previous phase. They've sent me masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, a thermometer, paperwork saying I am essential and need to be out for this Government study and a bunch of other things to list with.

Oh well I'm going to continue to awaken and try to get motivated this morning before we start our running around for the day.

Have a great Sunday and make it memorable.

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