Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Well what do you know about that, we are going to cross that noon time hump to pass the halfway point as we work towards another fun filled weekend. Yep I'm doing a second written blog in a row now for a Wednesday, simply because I feel like it.

Well I guess my listing this quarter is once again not completed. I will be traveling to the western part of the state probably next week to list two new segments that have been assigned to me. I'll go down and knock them both out, but that will require that I stay there overnight for at least one night most likely next week. This time it will actually be in a sizable city area with a lot of amenities.

I gave the old Air Conditioner that we replaced last week to my nephew Bub. It's larger than the one he has in his house and he thinks it will be a simple repair and he thinks has the parts needed to do it. I dropped it off to him yesterday afternoon, if it gets hot again he's going to love that one.

Keep your fingers crossed, I have a second interview next week with an opportunity I have a good feeling about. This is the second of what would be three interviews before a formal offer were to be made. Not saying much yet, hopefully more details to come in a few weeks.

Have yourselves a great day today, make it a special one.

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