Friday, January 06, 2017

We're Coming Home

Well St Louis, it has been a lot of fun but we are leaving today to head back home. Hopefully we will take a peace of you home with us as we have left a peace of us with you. We got to spend an extra night here as to not put us back in Pittsburgh during the middle of the night, so we are leaving this morning.

We will be leaving St Louis at 8:45 St Louis Time (9:45 EST) and flying to Dulles International Airport in Washington DC aboard United Airline Flight 4669 where we should land there at 11:45 (we will cross back over the time zone). From there we will have an hour and ten minute layover as we head towards our next flight to Pittsburgh at 12:55 aboard United Airlines Flight 6191 where we should arrive back in Pittsburgh around 2:00 this afternoon.

It was a direct flight out, but the return flight is a little wacky to say the least. No complaints though, we should be back at the homestead later this afternoon as we drive back from Pittsburgh.

Have a great day, we'll be traveling.

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