Saturday, January 07, 2017

Saturday Morning and Back Home

Here I sit once again on a quiet Saturday Morning at home, I'm up early as usual collecting my thoughts for the day and watching the movie Friday on HBO. Other than that everything in the household is quiet.

St Louis was a great time, it was cold and windy and I was basically in the classroom the entire time, but Michelle was exploring the city and having a blast. She saw three Museums, the St Louis City Museum, The Budweiser Factory and we both toured the National Blues Museum and was pretty interesting. We also visited the Gateway Arch obviously, but we did that on our first day to the city.

We had some really good cuisine, we found some really good smoked BBQ at Sugarfire Smokehouse which I have to say was pretty phenomenal. If you like smoked meats and you are in St Louis, this place in an absolute must. They were on BBQ Pit Masters on the Food Network and beat Bobby Flay. We did talk to a few locals about local staples, and they pointed us to Imo Pizza which we ordered and loved. Our first night there we ate at a local bar and grille called Over Under which was right across the street from the hotel. So in short we had a great time in St Louis.

Michelle is now an experienced flyer with three flights under her belt now. She really liked the flight out on Southwest for her first flight, I upgraded everything at the airport so her first trip, the one she was nervous about was a memorable one.

Today, I'm back out in the field doing a little bit of field work now that I am re-certified for 2017 officially. This quarter my initial segments are much closer to home than they were last quarter. I'll actually be working in the Morgantown area and where my Dad and Jean used to live is probably about the center point of the segment.

Have yourselves a great day and stay warm.

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