Monday, January 02, 2017


Well it is Monday, Michelle is doing her one day in the office this week and I'm off today and starting to pack for tomorrows trip.

I've pre-written blogs for all week so everyone can track our flights and know what we are up to. I'm sure Michelle is going to post a number of images from around the city as I'm in class.

Well the New Year started with a bang for us so to speak, I went out yesterday morning to get ready to go shopping and I noticed some moron ran over our mailbox and messed up his car pretty back from all the plastic laying around in the yard. It's amazing they didn't flip or hit the guardrail head on from the end head on and hurt someone. My guess is some drunken person woke up yesterday morning and realized they messed up their car.

Anyways we had our traditional pork and sour kraut yesterday, but we ended up throwing the sour kraut from Springs away as it seemed to be a little rancid.

Have yourselves a great day.

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